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While I enjoyed Raya and the Last Dragon, I can see some definite weaknesses, and one of them are the dragons’ designs. Almost all the character designs suffer from same-face-syndrome, which is sad considering that Disney has some of the world’s most talented and creative artists and animators working for them. There was concept art for Sisu that looked closer to a cross between traditional dragons and Phaya-Naga (Thai water serpents with horns in the middle of their foreheads), but Disney trashed it in favor of something reminiscent of Frozen’s Elsa. The final design for Sisu is cute and ready to be a plush toy, but not a dragon from any culture in the world. I find it a bit sad that the film aims to be representation for people from East Asia, and yet it butchers a creature so important to their mythology.
In this painting, I aimed to tweak elements to allow her to look like a dragon-Naga cross, but also to still look like Sisu.

I'd love constructive criticism! My art blog can be found here:
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Beautiful artwork! Absolutely love the way you made her scales to be fish like and her hairs fluid and wavy like seaweed. It's really correct for the symbolisms of fish and dragons of the actual mythology, it not being part of the actual Sisu design was really a letdown.

As for the actual movie I say it was decent, something you see once and doesn't give a strong impact on you. It follows a simple formula of Girl Power but nothing that others didn't do better already, this is like trying to bait that formula and not adding something good to it.

Also some pretty dumb decisions like playing as if Raya was wrong for not trusting everyone and her hiding Sisu for no reason.

Really a let down.

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Looks like you did a good job.

Thanks for the blog link too!

I didn't watch the movie; I read a review detailing a number of issues. Usually this critic is quite insightful.

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MM!! So gorgeous! If I'm being honest I WISHHH that disney took this route. Such a splendid redesign.