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Roverandom Cover

A cover design for Tolkien's short story Roverandom. This is just a portfolio piece; it's not a published cover.

EDIT: So sorry for posting the wrong size! Here is the right one.

Click here to see the 3-D render!
Roverandom book cover design by MonocerosArts

I'd love constructive criticism.
My art blog can be found here:
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Such an underrated story from an excellent author <3

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It’s such an odd but cute little story
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It’s such an odd little story
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This is beautifully put together! I see that you asked for constructive criticism so all I can really see that's wrong is that one of the hind legs is missing. Maybe it's behind the collar though, I'm not sure. It looks like it should be on this side of the strap. Aside from that, perhaps the name tag could be sitting at an angle? That would seem more natural to me.

On the positive side, I love how you've used grass to frame the picture and the font for the title is excellent! Was that hand-drawn or did you use an existing font for it?
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Thanks! The hind leg is in shadow, but it's there. It's where it would fall if a dog was standing like that.
The lettering is based off of a font called "Magician," and I modified it to make it do what I want. :)
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This is so cute!! :love: Gorgeous work!! :clap: :heart:
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I'm with the previous commenters. This is really good! Almost professional!
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Thanks! I want my artwork to look actually professional, though. 🤣
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Gosh, this looks like it could be an actual cover! :D You could really make a career out of illustrating.
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Thank you! I hope to make a career in illustration or animal art, I’m just not sure how to get started. I’m trying to get my art out there where people will see and then maybe it will land in the right place one day.
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It looks like a professional cover to a kid's novel. I haven't read the book to judge the thematic fit though.
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Thank you! It’s about a dog who gets turned into a tiny dog and then goes on wacky adventures. It’s very much aimed at little kids and you can tell from the way it’s written, but it’s definitely Tolkien.
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