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Earth Unicorn

I've been working on a series of elemental unicorns for the past year, and this is my Earth Unicorn! 

Wind Unicorn:…
Water Unicorn:…

I'd love constructive criticism. My art blog can be found here:
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oh this one is cool,good use of varying earth tones and having the horn as a vine sprouting from the head was a great touch to detail.

my only crtizism is the background does not seem to have as much detail and prominence as the unicorn.

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Thanks! The reason I made the background that way was to make the unicorn stand out, but it was probably a little much difference between the two.
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Was This digital art? The background looks like it could pass as an oil painting.

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Yes! Depending how you use your brushes, you can make it look like ink, oil, watercolor, etc. I was once disqualified from an art competition because I made my digital painting look too much like oil, then printed it on canvas, and they thought I stole it. I mean yay that they thought it was that good, but boo because I spent like $60 to get it printed, and they didn’t even hang it in the show and let me get exposure.
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I once tried painting...didnt have the disciplined hand for what you call a "heavy handed" artist.

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beautiful stance

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Beautiful and enchanting - gorgeous pose. Amazing detail and color design. Exquisite work. Come take a look at my page.
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Oh that is amaaaaaaazing! =) FAVOURITE!

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Super cool. I wonder what an air unicorn looks like 🤔
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Maybe we’ll find out…
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Luv this!! Will you be representing all of the elementals?? 1 can hope... & I surely do!! Hoppy Easter :Only at Easter: !

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Yeah that’s the plan!
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VERY C O O L! Can't wait to see them all! Grass Icon [F2U] Drop Bullet Phoenix Award dream catcher f2u

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