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Candy Bat

 Halloween Candy Corn So I'd intended to upload this at the beginning of October when I painted it, but I did that thing where you think you did something and then realize you actually hadn't. Lol so here is my super late Halloween painting for this year! I hope you all had fun on Halloween, whatever you chose to do! Pumpkin La 

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I'd love constructive criticism! My art blog can be found here:
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this picture is delightfull and has insoired me to finally continue wrighting the story i never finnished,,,hope this means you are on more often now.

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Aww yay! I am trying to be on here more regularly, but it's a struggle with all that's going on in day to day life.

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lol i hear that...the one good thing from my current unemployment is my newfoud freetime (thank god i payed my rent worth a few months in advanced,the best part about being pesimistic and suspecting the worst is that you usually prepare for bad things ahead of time lol)

i started writing again just last night,so far this being the 3 writing projects im working on,the first of which already started.

"Get set"

Synopsis: as Serah awaits her trial and right of passage,Soren asks Skarlet to accompany him to middle Earth in a quest of recovering a dangerous relic that may have gotten the spark.

along the way meeting an unlikely ally.

"a friend in the dark"

set in the pridelands,one week after "the underground adventure".Tifu in an attempt to face her fears journeys into the catacombs beneath the pridelands by herself...only to get lost,she soon finds herself in mysterious ruins deep beneath pride rock,and awakens Tayir,a friendly Torizo..unbeknownst to her, begining a chain of events that will eventually lead her to becoming a riftwalker.

"the silent word"

following humilation at the hands of a brutish dragon durring training...Kion delves deep into his training in the way of the voice,things take a dark turn when he learns and uses a forbidden word of power against that dragon...the shamefull act leading Paarthunax to sentance him to the trial of the silent...where he must overcome himself or loose the powers of both the Roar,and the gift of the thu'um forever.

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I switched to part time just to escape the toxicity. I'm worried because I don't know where to find healthcare now and sometimes I have to go to the doctor, you know? But I'm sure you understand that pain!!

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I in the mid stages of mouth rot,I was born with a calcium deficiency in my teeth,this combined with a few accidents and asullts involving my jaw has led to busted teeth and exposed nerves.

I've been in desperate need of dental work,I was SO close to qualifying where I worked but I was forced to quit before I got it

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Oh gosh! I'm fortunate enough to be generally healthy, but no one is perfect. I hate how healthcare is a privilege, not a right. I mean, it's one thing to pay for faster treatment or more comfort or stuff like that, but basic treatment should be available to everyone! My parents have always had healthcare because my dad was in the military, and their reasoning against universal healthcare is that they would have to wait longer. And I'm like "oh noooo, you might have to wait a few months because people who would literally die or have their teeth rot out would finally be able to access basic care?"

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Yeah it sucks...

Not only to I have severe dental problems but very embarrassing IBS issues as well..that combined with my enxiety and depression....its no wonder businesses want nothing to do with me.


And since I lost my computer,and There for spore and my art projects and writing I've only been withdrawing only confort as of late has been my phone and playing Skyrim and maneater on my friends xbox.

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I have some digestive troubles, too. I don’t know what it is because I haven’t been able to get to a doctor lately. My parents are concerned it could be gallbladder. IBS is no fun! I have a friend with Crohn’s, which can be similar, and it’s awful. :(

Did the computer just stop working? Because if you still have it but it’s not working, your writing would still be in its memory. Did you put any of it online in Staash while that was on here?
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