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Feel free to browse through my gallery folders! My "Featured" folder contains what I feel is my highest quality, but also non-controversial artwork. My other folders contain my other works. I enjoy working with many different styles, subject matter, and mediums.

I often deal with hard subjects in my stamps, journals, and comics, but I welcome respectful disagreements. I have a strong conviction that topics that are considered "taboo" by the general public are topics that most need being brought to light and discussed. I wish more people would be willing to talk about these such topics, although perhaps not around children. So while my paintings generally don't deal with taboo or gritty subjects, my writing definitely does.

Feel free to share my artwork on DA and other websites, but please credit me if you do so. Thank you!


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Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario ABOUT ME Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Christian, Female, INTJ - I'm an aspiring artist who specializes in animals and children’s illustration. My other studies include philosophy, hermeneutics, and environmental biology (emphasis in zoology.) I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes just like everyone else, but I try to put the past behind me. We can't change the bad things that have happened. Life stinks sometimes, so laugh at it! I aim to be a positive influence on others, but I won't deny the evil that exists in the world. I want to use my artwork to help spread love and joy.

I have a very tender heart, and I have and will stand up for the voiceless, be them human or animal. I have obsessive haters because of this, but haters gonna hate! I've been emotionally damaged to some extent growing up and have even received death threats from online bullies. If you've been bullied or emotionally scarred, I really sympathize with you. Words can hurt worse than anything, but don't give up! Always remember that there are people out there who care about you even if it looks like the entire world hates you. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me! You are not alone.

I also have a strong sense of justice and I value personal responsibility very highly. I think that's why I love unicorns so much, aside from the fact that they're happy, sparkly horses! They stand for many things I believe in: compassion on helpless creatures, sexual responsibility and restraint, and caring for the environment.

Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario ADOPTABLES / COMMISSIONS Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario I make creature adoptables (usually horses) that anyone is free to purchase, and I take commissions for art. I currently accept real currency/PayPal (prices:…). Because I'm usually working on several different projects at once, please don't expect your request to be finished overnight. If you have a deadline you need it for, please let me know ahead of time. Thanks!

Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario NLD Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario I have been professionally diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder (NLD), which means that I have difficulty picking up on social cues, reading between the lines/picking up on subtext, etc. I speak very literally. Sometimes I say things that may come across as angry or harsh when I don't mean them that way. I'm actually a very goofy, happy person by nature! Most of the time when someone gets offended by something I said, it's because they read something into it that I never said nor meant to say (remember, I speak literally). If I ever say something to you that hurts your feelings, please respectfully tell me. I acknowledge that I have difficulties in this area, and I don't want to hurt anyone.

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    A few months ago, I had a conversation with someone about Bill Potts from series 10 of Doctor Who, and (putting aside political orientations regarding LGBT subjects), I mentioned her as an example of an LGBT character being presented as a normal human being. Politics aside, I genuinely liked Bill. I thought she was friendly, empathetic, had a short but decent character arch, and I loved the professor-student dynamic between her and the Doctor. But apparently this guy didn't share my sentiment. The guy exploded, saying Bill only existed to be a token gay character, that she "brought up her sexuality every five minutes," that she was an unrealistic representation of a gay person, that she had no character development, etc., and then started making claims that I, an an American, was somehow "projecting American culture" onto British culture by saying that Bill was a decent human being. I was never able to figure out exactly what he meant by that last statement, but since he was dragging Brexit, Trump, and immigration into our discussion of Bill, I got the impression he was just a bit of a nut.

   Anyway, what really stuck out to me was that this guy claimed to support LGBT people, and yet he made statements that Bill shouldn't have been allowed to even mention she was gay, even after I pointed out that almost all other repeated characters brought up their sexuality so many times we've lost count.
   He said other characters merely "hinted" at their heterosexuality, which I have to disagree with, because there's been a LOT more than just "hinting" on Doctor Who. That's a snog box, I tell you what.

   I brought up that Bill mentioned her sexuality actually quite rarely, and that it was almost always when someone made the false assumption that she was straight. That's what every gay person I've ever met has been like. When you make the assumption that they're straight, they'll correct you if they feel safe doing so. I don't know if that's somehow "projecting my culture." I mean, do British people supposedly not correct you if you make a false assumption about them? That's not been my experience, for sure! So what's unrealistic about Bill politely correcting people who assume she's straight? I should also mention that I really appreciated how polite and respectful Bill was when she corrected other characters. That's something that (let's be real) a lot of LGBT folks could learn from. You can tell she's tired of saying the same thing over and over, but she's never rude about it. She just explains, knowing that while it's not the first time for her to say it, it's the first time for them to hear it.
   The guy I was talking to also made an interesting statement that a character's homosexuality should be a plot point, and I wondered why he didn't think the same applied to a character's heterosexuality.

   I know there are lots of different views on LGBT politics among my watchers, and I'm not claiming to support or not support or whatever have you, I just thought it was bizarre that this guy who claimed to support LGBT people would be saying things like this about Bill Potts, who to me seemed like a normal character who happened to be gay. I couldn't figure out why he was making these unsubstantiated claims and getting so riled up over a fictional character. Then today I stumbled across this video on YouTube which proposes that because homosexuality isn't the norm, it stands out to people when someone mentions that they're gay. So when a character like Bill mentions that they're gay a few times, it gets blown up in a person's mind to the point where it feels like the character is always bringing up that they're gay.

I think that might be what's going on here with Bill. People are unwittingly inflating how often she brought up her sexuality. I have a very literal and analytical mind, and I usually catch myself doing things like that (not always, but usually), and thus Bill didn't stick out to me the same way she stuck out to a lot of people. Apparently I sometimes don't even catch myself catching myself! Kind of an odd thing to write a journal about, but I find it fascinating that an awareness of how your mind works can affect how you view something as silly and mundane as a fictional character.
If Valentine's Day is about love, why not share some deviations about the purest form of love out there? Adoption is a huge passion of mine, and below I've posted 5 stamps that I think speak a great deal about it. Please check them out!

There are so many more out there, but these are some that caught my eye. Feel free to post more in the comments!

Adoption by StampsOfReason
Adoption by 2Timothy3-16
Pro-Adoption by justjukka
Adoption Stamp by Fhujmasterofhedgehog
DA Stamp - Consider Adoption by tppgraphics
Finally, a journal with accurate information on foster care!…

And if you haven't seen it already, this journal contains links to everything I've written on adoption, at least on here:
Adoption Resource PageThis page is not an argument in and of itself. It's merely a collection of links to arguments.
Adoption comics
These comics serve to display common excuses made against adoption and how their logic is faulty, or how some of them are just plain wrong. They also provide positive arguments for adoption, which I hope will be helpful if you're faced with someone who's arguing against adoption. To avoid straw man arguments, all of these comics are based off of real conversations I've had with people. Be sure to read their descriptions, as they contain more fully-articulated explanations and rebuttals than the comics alone can provide. If you're new to Deviantart and you're using a mobile device, you can access the descriptions by tapping on the small letter "i" under the image.
"Adoption is too expensive." ---> 
"Adoption is impossible because of all the red tape." ---> 

I feel like I should say something about the pro-abortion law recently passed in New York, as well as the Virginia governor's statements, but I honestly have no words.

For those who don't know, New York recently passed a law which, in essence, legalizes partial-birth abortions, decriminalizes the killing of unborn children for any reason, and also allows non-doctors to perform abortions at all stages of pregnancy. The excuse is "if the mother's health is in danger or the fetus is not 'viable,'" but the wording of the law is extremely vague, leaving the determination entirely up to the abortionist, who now doesn't even need to be a doctor. All a woman has to do to have her 9-month baby torn apart limb-from-limb is to say that her pregnancy upsets her. She could even be in labor, decide she doesn't want to go through with it, and have her child's head stabbed open with scissors and his/her brain suctioned out.

Not only does this obviously allow for the dismemberment of viable, pain-capable humans, but it also puts ignorant and/or underprivileged women in danger by allowing non-doctors to perform abortions at all stages of pregnancy. By decriminalizing the killing of unborn humans for any reason, killing a pregnant woman is no longer consoder a double-homocide, and a woman whose baby was killed while in utero cannot achieve justice against the person who killed it, because in the state’s eyes, no one was killed. How does this empower women?

New York is showing a  disturbing trend of states to arbitrarily sign Roe v. Wade into law without the vote of the people. And not only did politicians pass the law without our consent, but they celebrated it. Fortunately, late-term abortions currently make up for less than 1% of abortions, but removing restrictions on them will undoubtedly change that statistic.

Read my stamp and its sources for more information on abortion procedures, especially partial-birth and late-term abortions:
The Fetus Doesn't Just Happen to Die by MonocerosArts

On top of that, Virginia governor Ralph Northam recently made several comments, which, by all appearances, seem to be in support of infanticide. His words were that if a mother aborted her baby during birth or if she merely desired to abort, and the baby survived either scenario, then the baby would be resuscitated and "a discussion would ensue" about the baby's life. Again, he doesn't say it outright, but it's very clearly there. He's talking about discussing the fate of a born baby.

I really have no words for this. I feel like I should, but I don't. I'm burned out from saying the same things over and over again. As I've said before, I have yet to see a pro-abortion/pro-choice argument that doesn't boil down to selfishness and sex obsession. I think in this case at least, the horror speaks for itself.

Since I couldn't think of anything to say, I wanted to leave a positive note out there. This video is probably the best representation of what it means to be pro-life that I’ve ever seen:

Please note that it's difficult to figure out what's real and what's not when it comes to leaks. Hasbro are the only folks who know for sure what's going to happen. There is a lot of art going around being called concept art that may have been made by fans, but we can take a look at the commonalities to figure out what might be real. And as always when it comes to leaks: there really is no such thing as a reliable source unless you get it straight from Hasbro, so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. I could be completely wrong about all of this! And of course, I'll be expressing my personal opinions here and you don't have to agree with them.

If you're in the My Little Pony fandom, you have probably heard that Friendship is Magic (Generation 4) will be coming to an end soon. It looks like there will be 9 seasons in total, so we may only have one more year of FIM. A lot of people are very upset by this, and as much as I will miss FIM, I'm also super pumped for the next reboot of MLP, Generation 5!

UPDATE: Season 9 is confirmed to be the final season of MLP: Friendship is Magic. Here is the trailer:…

I've heard that G5 will be a little darker and more complex than FIM, and while I'm up for some more interesting plot lines, I really, really hope the show still remains safe for itty bitty kids to watch. Part of what I love so much about Friendship is Magic is that both older and younger generations can watch it. You can have an adult man, a seven-year-old, and a baby in diapers watching and enjoying the same show. I hope that doesn't go away. I also hope the wholesome messages don't go away in favor of adventure and drama themes. You can have plenty of adventure and still provide wholesome life lessons.

At the time of my writing this, we don't know what the series will be called other than "My Little Pony," so I'll be referring to it as G5. So far, the following calendar has proven to be accurate:

It looks like we'll be keeping the Mane Six.

From what we can tell so far, it appears that Hasbro has decided to keep the Mane 6 for G5, albeit with a few changes. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack look like they're going to remain a unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony, but Fluttershy looks like she'll be a unicorn, Pinkie Pie a pegasus, and Twilight Sparkle an earth pony. Personally, I adore the idea of Fluttershy as a unicorn and Pinkie Pie as a pegasus, and I'm curious how Twilight as an earth pony will work out.

Personally, I like the decision to keep the Mane 6. I think Hasbro is running a risk with picky fandoms wanting things just so, and making new characters with the same names and appearances as old characters is dangerous (we saw how fans reacted to Spirit: Riding Free). However, part of what made Friendship is Magic so popular was the way the characters' personalities played off of each other. I've also noticed that many popular stories often have a set of main characters with personalities relatively similar to the Mane 6, if not as extreme. Thus, I believe it's important for My Little Pony to keep those six personalities.

If I were Hasbro, I would keep the Mane 6's personalities and general interests, even their general appearances, but change their names. Even if it's just a slight change, like how Twilight Sparkle used to be Twilight Twinkle in old MLP, I think it would be a way to help smooth over the transition to new characters based on old ones. That way it's clear that these are new characters. After seeing the way fans are reacting to the news that the Mane 6 are staying, and after seeing how fans reacted to "changing Spirit" in Spirit: Riding Free, Hasbro needs to make it clear that these are not the same ponies. This is a reboot.

However, my overall opinion of keeping the Mane 6 is very positive. Feel free to politely disagree, but I love the idea of not losing these lovable personalities!

It looks like Twilight Sparkle and Applejack will have the most changes.

Fans of FIM have latched onto the ponies' interest: sports, fashion, books, animals, outdoors, parties, etc. The ones the fandom haven't seemed to latch onto as much are Applejack's interest in farming and Rarity's interest in fashion. Little girls like Rarity's fashion sense, so I think that will probably be staying, but little girls and Bronies alike didn't gravitate as much toward Applejack. I personally love Applejack as a farm pony with all her outdoorsy sense. I think we don't get enough of that in kids' shows unless it's strictly a nature show like Wild Kratts. But I also respect the fact that Hasbro needs to market its characters, and when one main character is so much less popular than the others, that character will get a makeover when the chance comes.

So far, we don't know much about what the new Applejack will be like. I've heard reports that she'll be a redeemed villain, that she'll be a city pony, etc. Her design also appears to be up in the air. I see some concept art where she still looks like a country gal, some where she's completely brown, some where she's a paint pony (my personal favorite), and some where she looks virtually the same. I'll miss our FIM Applejack, but I also look forward to what she will become.

What has most fans shook up about is Twilight Sparkle becoming an earth pony. It looks like G5 will focus more on earth ponies rather than unicorns/alicorns, so it makes sense that the main character would be an earth pony. I don't have an opinion to share on Twilight being an earth pony because I just don't know what that means other than the fact that she will probably no longer use traditional unicorn magic. Perhaps she will have a different form of magic, or her talent/interest will become something entirely different? Maybe she'll be a geek pony! All in all, I'm very curious what their plan is for Twilight and I trust the writers to come up with something that works.

It looks like Equestria will be getting a major re-write.

What has me most interested about G5 is their plan for Equestria. Instead of having all 3 (or 4 if you include alicorns) species of ponies in one land, there are reports that Equestria will become a tri-dimensional world with three separate planes of reality: the earth pony realm (which appears to be closest to our world), the pegasus realm (which looks like it will be a cloud-like world of some kind), and the unicorn realm (which I can't tell much about, but will probably have magic if I have to guess). I'm hearing that G5 will center around the earth ponies and their explorations into the different realms. Perhaps Twilight's bookishness leads her to discover the realms, and perhaps she isn't without magic or wings in those realms? Who knows? There are also reports that the show will focus on earth pony magic of some kind. This could all just be rumors at this point, but I find it very intriguing, and if this is true, I can't wait!

Hasbro will be using different animation techniques.

We don't know for sure what software(s) they'll be using, but I don't believe they'll be relying on Adobe Flash like they have with FIM. I've heard reports that the animators may be switching to ToonBoom, the software that was used in My Little Pony: The Movie. The animation was quite lovely in that movie, so if that's true, I think that's a good move. The animation of FIM is cute, but it is around ten years old, and I understand and approve if the animators want to move on and use some more modern techniques.

I've heard that the intro movie may be in 3-D, but that the show itself will be 2-D. Personally, I hope it stays 2-D. I honestly don't think I would have gotten into MLP if it was 3-D.

All of the concept art (real or not) shows the characters with more detail than FIM, and I love that! I also enjoy how the pegasus' wings appear to be a bit more realistic in shape even though they're still small, and I like how the unicorns in some of the artwork have lion's tails and cloven hooves like traditional unicorns. All these differences help stress the fact that these are different species of ponies from different realms.

There is s string of possible concept art (but it could also be fan art) that shows the ponies wearing jewelry and having an overload of markings. Rainbow Dash typically has massive neon wings and Pinkie Pie has spots in this series of artworks. I know this is just my personal opinion, but it looks like a bit much. I mean no offense, but I kind of think those designs are a little bit ugly... I hope the animators don't follow those particular designs.

But what makes me the most happy (and I'm honestly not sure why this makes me so happy) is that every single piece of concept art I've seen so far gives the ponies hooves! I don't know why ponies having hooves makes me so excited, but it does. The ponies look more like actual ponies! I LOVE that change, and I hope it doesn't go away.

^Whoever Erika Worthylake is, I adore your artwork!

At this point, that's all I know about G5. As sad as I am to see Friendship is Magic go, I'm also looking forward to the new reboot. I ask the fanbase to stay positive in the face of this change. There are actual people who make this show, and they deserve as much respect as anyone else. I haven't known any fandom to deal with change well, and the MLP fandom in particular can be a little inflammatory. Please let's try to be grown-ups, even if you don't like how this turns out. Even if you don't end up liking it as much as FIM, focus on what you do like about it. I personally am looking forward to this, and I hope you are, too!

^It's so beautiful! I would love it if the show looked like this.

The Dinosaur Guard by MonocerosArts North American Guard by MonocerosArts

All my Lion Guard continent guards on available to purchase on Redbubble! Now you can sport your favorite guard on T-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc.

I wasn't able to use any logos for copyright reasons, and since I made a good number of these guards before I had a Redbubble account, I had to completely remove backgrounds from a few if the logo was merged into the background layer. Such is the price of working with old artwork... On the upside, those guards might look better on stickers!

South America:…
North America:…

Unicornarama's Redbubble:…


They should make an animated kids’ television program of the Doctor, the Master, and the Rani having adventures and causing ruckus at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. Stealing TARDISes was just the beginning...

“We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.”
I know this is late, but if you haven't seen it yet, the new Lion King trailer is out, and it looks fantastic! The animation looks stunningly real, and if I'm not mistaken, isn't this one of the first hyper-realistic animated movies in theaters? The last time I remember a nearly-completely animated movie (as in the focus was on animation, not an actor) was The Polar Express, and that gave me some serious uncanny-valley vibes. I don't get any uncanny-valley from what we can see so far here. Animated movies are almost always stylized, but Lion King aims to look like a documentary. It's one of the first of its kind, and it's gorgeous!
It has a very different visual feel from the original, but I think that's okay. Why make an exact remake of the original when we already have the original? I always tried to picture what Lion King "really" looked like, and now we don't have to imagine. It looks like it will be more intense, darker, and more aimed at adults.
I like what they've done with Scar. I wish they made him paler, but he might be pale compared to the other lions. It's still hard to tell. Either way, I'm glad they dropped the "dark is evil" stereotype.
Baby Simba and Nala! They're so fuzzy! It makes me happy.
I almost put fish food in the coffee maker the other morning. I need more sleep.
I’m curious: can you all see the Lion King journal I just published? I wrote it in Eclipse, but I can’t see it on a mobile device. Did it come through the notification feed like normal or do you have to be using Eclipse to see it?
A friend and I were watching the Doctor Who episode "The Eleventh Hour," and there's a line where the Doctor says "six billion people live here; is that important?"
My friend piped up and said "seven billion people live here."
I said: "When this aired, there were six billion. That's how fast the population grows."
The Eleventh Hour aired in 2010. Can we take a moment to appreciate that the Earth's global population has increased by over a billion in less than a decade?
It's not my aim to be an alarmist, I just want to be realistic. It's easy to deny overpopulation when you live somewhere like the US, Japan, the UK, France, South Korea, etc. where the birth rates are lower than the replacement rates, but travel to sub-Saharan Africa where women give birth to an average of 6-8 surviving babies each. It's estimated that the continent of Africa alone will hold over 6 billion people in less than 50 years from now. Imagine almost the entire current world population living on one continent.
Or look at it this way: If we take our current growth rate of about a billion per decade and extrapolate that out over a few more decades, where will we be? Most people on DA are under 35 years old. Let's pick a round number and assume you're 30. 40 years from now, the global population will hit 11 billion. That's how many people we can feed if we use up every square foot of soil for housing and food production. Forget about wildlife, there'll be hungry people to feed. You'll be 70 years old when that happens. The average human life span is 79-85 years. Unless something changes, you are set to see human starvation on a global scale within your lifetime. Not to be an alarmist, but that's the simple truth of the matter.
Sorry this isn't a happy status post. This has been on my mind for a while now and thought I'd share it here with others who care. Doctor Who: putting things in perspective when it doesn't even mean to.
Here's the scene in case you're wondering. It's a fun scene:


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Dragonlord-Daegen Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist…

im so sick of all this anti wildlife legislation.
trump and congress are trying to weaken the laws and effectively dismantle the endangered species act.

im just sharing this info with anyone i think may want to know.
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I mistakenly believed it was already done on a case-by-case basis, but I can see how this will slow down critical protection for animals and plants when they need it.
Especially if said species is disliked by a significant number of people. Take wolves for example. Gray wolves currently aren't endangered, but with how popular they are to hunt, and how easy Trump has made it to hunt them, it's not unreasonable to think that they might become endangered again eventually. But anyone who pushes for protection for Gray Wolves will automatically be labeled a "wolfaboo" and disregarded.
Dragonlord-Daegen Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
this bullshit is getting out of hand...he keeps dismantling and trying to get rid of important laws and programs...without any adequate replacement.
i thought presidents were supposed to be limited to their executive orders...but hes signing them left and right.

between this and hi legalizing the importation of elephant and rhino parts,and yet NOTHER executive order to legalize the hunting of the American bald eagle.

this is the scariest anti-animal agenda ive seen since that bill PETA tried to push in Florida to the euthinization of all Pit Bulls.

yes i can see the wolves being a quick target,which as im sure you know,the disappearance of an Apex Predator will spell disaster for the ecosystem.
in a slightly off topic new,i heard from my mom that as of about a month ago,it is now finally Legal in 3 states to kill infants after they have been born.

this world i think has finally reached the breaking point of Sin and evil....its absolutely disgusting 
SweetieTreaties Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2019
Wow...I love all of ur horse art! You’re really talented! I hope someday you can make art that is even better than this!
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :hug:
jaalmo Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day
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