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[SFM DL] Steelhooves 2k17 V1.0 [FO:E]



DISCLAIMER: I am not making pony related content any more, but some people liked this model for some reason so I made it available.

(If the link doesn't work then refresh and click it again)

I return! A tribute to the awesome Steelhooves. I spent around a solid week making him so this is actually the fasted model I have done that's this complex. I did the textures in Substance Painter, that took me a while to do and I ripped my hair out several times over fucked UVs, I think the result is great though.

I'm gonna be away for two weeks after I post this so yeah... download it!

He might also work for GMod, I haven't tested that out yet.

>A fucking good model
>Fucking good Textures
>Some bodygroups (For the head and guns)
>Skin for outcast
>Doesn't come with a tragic backstory

Give credit where used and DO NOT decompile without my permission!

:iconponinnahka: For the original horse models
:iconlongsword97: For the Big Mac model that I used as a base
:iconkeethryn: For being the best girl ever and for bug testing him!

And an even greater thanks to Kkat for Fallout: Equestria!
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this needs to be 3d printed...