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? Please, read the rules carefully before asking. Most of the information needed to proceed will be already posted here. If you can't find answers, ask via note.
 ! These rules are written to grant both client and artist a succesfull journey.
  • I will only take 1 commission at a time to grant I'm completely avaliable to work on it
  • There will also be a waiting list. Only 2 spots avaliable.
  • The payment will take place beforehand ONCE your commission has been accepted.
  • You CAN upload my commissions to your social medias or share it with friends online. You CAN also gift the commission to a friend, print ir for personal use only or use it as a reference of your character.
  • You CANNOT modify my art or distribute it in any way w/o permission.
  • Paypal only.
  • If, for some reason, I've taken too long and you haven't recieved the commission:
    • Ask for a refund.
    • Ask for some extra drawing for FREE as a compensation and give me extra time.

I can draw:

  •  People
  •  Gore
  •  Sexy
  •  Nude
  •  Animals
  •  Food
  •  Pokemon

I cannot draw:

  • Sex
  • Furry

Recommendations & Contact info:

! Following these recommendations will make the experience much easier and safe.
  1. Always provide another way of communication aside from DeviantArt. An E-mail or your Discord ID would be appreciated and you will recieve updates on how is your artwork going.

  2. When you ask for a commission, try to be descriptive and tell me what you'd like to see in the final piece so I can approach that idea you have in mind.

  3. If you ask for multiple commissions or if you've asked for a number of commissions, a discount may apply. Make sure to always use the same account or name so I can keep track of it.

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