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Hey everyone!

I was alerted that someone was using my work on Wattpad to give away my adopts.
Upon further digging, I found a lot of other artists' OCs and Adoptables being given away.…

Please report this user.

I filed a report reasoning why she may be underage for the site, due to not understanding basic rules and being an art thief. 
Hopefully this will get the account some attention from the mods and they can help remove the stolen art.

There is also a million more stolen pictures which I would appreciate help reporting the users who uploaded them.…

Thanks so much everyone!
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say a big 
to everyone who has watched me, 
I don't come to profiles to thank anyone anymore as most people don't like being thanked there, so I thought I'd save you all hassle and thank you collectively. I mean it with all my heart, you guys inspire me! Thank you all once again!
Wow, now that my Core has run out, the journal looks so plain!

Offical Tumblr

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 20, 2015, 9:16 AM
Hi there!

I've been debating and pondering about making an account on tumblr to share my adoptables.

I've finally made one and got it running yesterday!

I'm very inexperienced with tumblr, so if you have any helpful hints or tips, I'd love to hear from you below. ^^

Thanks so much!

Blatant Trace

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 21, 2015, 4:10 AM
Hey everyone!

After a long silence, suddenly a trace comes out from nowhere.

Trace by MonkFishyAdopts

They want to sell the altered trace for 40:points: which is completely wrong.

If it's not already obvious, look at the pose and the cutie mark.

I thought this petty theft was over, )=

Help A Friend!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 19, 2015, 12:11 PM
Hey there everyone.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when it comes to pets in need, I can't help but spread the word.

A very talented artist, A-Psycho-Banana has a huge vet bill to pay and needs your help. Grab a fabulous commission or donate to help her out. She deserves it.

PLEASE Click here to help out!

Lookie Lookie!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 2:06 AM
Hey everyone!

Look at this wonderful new Universe Pony journal by the ever-so-talented 

You should totally go commission her! 
I use a few journals made by her on my SJArt117 account, and they never fail to please!

Hey there!

EDIT: I made it! Thank you so much for the help!
EDIT 2: Removed the link as it turns out it can give you a virus!

For those waiting on commissions and gifts, don't think I've forgotten about you, comment below and we can chat. I'm just so busy with Uni and what not. ^^

Universe Pony Rules!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 19, 2015, 5:18 AM
Hi everyone!

This week I started University. And I know that free time isn't something I'll have a lot of any more, so, I've decided that you can now make your own Universe Ponies.

Before you make your own; PLEASE read this: The Universe Ponies
There's a small guide here: Universe Pony Guide

But please please please, follow the rules.

You can have up to 3 Universe Ponies maximum.
Do not copy any one else's Universe Ponies.
•Please don't make adoptables or giveaways for them.
•There are no Alicorn Universe Ponies. They don't exist.
You must credit the race to me when uploading any artwork of your Universe Pony. (EG. "Race belongs to MonkFishyAdopts")
•You must link to The Universe Ponies Journal in the descriptions.
Submit all your Universe Pony work to the TheUniversePonies group. Become a member!
Let me know if you're planning on making one!
•If you miss any of the rules, I'll let you know.
•The Universe Ponies are a race, not a species.
•If you see someone not obeying the rules, please tell me!
•If you have any more questions, please ask below.

Thanks you guys!

Report This Deviant

Mon Sep 14, 2015, 9:20 AM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Hi there!

I bring some bad news.

There's a deviant; PancakeShogun who thinks it's great to post links to p*rn on newly submitted deviations.
They've uploaded other people's artwork and animated p*rn gifs.

If you're young, please avoid this page! Block the deviant's name immediately.

For the older audience, please go and report their awful 'deviations'.
And spread the word, if you can. The more reports the better.

People like this make me sick.

Hi everyone!

I also take Paypal commissions, so check out the points converter here:
DeviantArt Point Calculator

1 Normal Pony = 130:points: (Extra character = 80:points:)
1 Crystal/Universe Pony = 200:points: (Extra crystal/Universe pony character = 120:points:)

Extra features = 40:points: each
(Eg: Gradients, complicated detail, accessories, unusual body parts. Excludes Crystal and Universe Ponies)
Complicated Major Details = 80:points:
(Eg. Detailed manestyles, hair accessories. Includes Crystal and Universe Ponies)

1 Normal Equestria Girl = 200:points: (Extra character = 150:points:)
1 Universe Pony Equestria Girl = 370:points: (Extra crystal/Universe pony character = 130:points:)


Crystal pony -earth: 150Points
Crystal pony -pegasus: 160Points
Crystal pony -unicorn: 160Points
Crystal pony -alicorn: 200Points

Normal pony -earth: 80Points
Normal pony -pegasus: 90Points
Normal pony -unicorn: 90Points
Normal pony -alicorn: 100Points

Universe Pony/Crystal Pony - 300Points
Changeling: 80Points
Bat Pony: 150Points
Cutie Mark: 30Points
Equestria Girl: 300Points
Per Accessory: 50Points

Extra Gradients: 100Points (Mane and Tail, Hooves, Wings)

The commission will be your pony, ponies, person or people on a transparent background. You'll also be linked to the original file in, if you ask. Please check out the rules below. ^^

Rules and Guide:

•Send me a link to a base you'd like me to use.
•Use manners when placing + receiving your commission.
•Comment what you'd like with links to the character(s).

•Send 1 pixel lined bases.
•Be impatient. Commissions will be complete within a week.
•Send stylised bases. Show accurate bases only!

If there's anything you need to ask, or if there's something I may have missed, please don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments below. Thank you!

I'm Not Deactivating

Wed Sep 9, 2015, 1:16 AM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

This is my first time making something like this, I put in so much time and work, and I've upset someone BADLY. )=…

EDIT: I was over-reacting, as I do. But the 'species' tag is now a 'race' kinda like Crystal Ponies. They have different traits but are still pones. 
It's my first time creating a project like this, so please understand I'm still learning, especially as I go. 

Thanks to those who left me inspiring comments. :hug:

You make dA worthwhile.

Art Theft on Google+

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 1:54 PM
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Hi everyone.

Upon browsing my dA name incase of art theft, I found this on Google+…

It's a blatant edit of this BOUGHT adoptable:
Starfall Shine - Universe Pony Adopt - SOLD by MonkFishyAdopts

If you know of any more art theft on Google+, let me know and I can add it to the journal. ^^

Pinterest Theft AGAIN

Sat Aug 22, 2015, 6:57 AM
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Hey there!

Just found people selling my sold adopts and even some of my own OCs on Pinterest. I've seen other people's OCs are on there, so look out for yours.…

This is one of many.

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Hey there!

The time has come to do the raffle for the Universe Pony giveaway!

Here is all the names written down...

Ga1 by MonkFishyAdopts

All the names in the hat...

G2 by MonkFishyAdopts

And the winner is...

Ga3 by MonkFishyAdopts

And the winner is;

Thank you to artiermis and RoilbyStarWarrior for donating some points for the extra chances. For that, you have extra chances in the next upcoming raffle too! And remember, I'm often open for trades if you fancy that at some point in the future.

Thank you all so much for joining in with my fun!

I hope to host another Universe Pony giveaway very very soon!

Thanks again!

The Universe Pony Raffle!

Mon Jul 13, 2015, 12:00 PM
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Hello there!

I've decided that it's about time I hosted a raffle for a chance for one of you guys to win your own Universe Pony for free!

All Information on The Universe Ponies Here!

All The Universe Ponies So Far!

To enter:
You must watch MonkFishyAdopts - New watchers welcome!
Link this journal in a journal of your own and comment here with it.

For an extra chance to win, you can make a points donation of any amount. The more points, the bigger the chance of winning.

If you win, you'll get a custom OC made by yours truly!

In your comment, fill out the form below. This helps me design the pony for you.
If you don't win, please don't be upset, there'll be more chances soon.
You can only enter once.
You must post a new journal with the link to this one.
You must read the journal linked above and understand all the rules.
Universe Ponies are a personal exclusive species, only to be made by MonkFishyAdopts
You can enter if you already have a Universe Pony.
You must be polite and use manners.
If you have any questions, ask below.
To prove you've read through the rules, include the words "All You Need Is Love" somewhere in your submission comment.
Giveaway ends on the 1st August.
Have fun!

It's optional to join :icontheuniverseponies:, but please join if you ever get one!

Submission form: 
Gender: (Male or Female)
Colours: (Link me a palette from here!)
Race: (Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus)
Accessories: (If any. Necklaces, Bows or Scarves etc...)

The Universe Ponies

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 16, 2015, 2:01 AM
Here's some rules and information for future reference, so here's everything you need to know.

Please ask any questions in the comments or note me!

Universe Pony Information!

A Universe Pony is a space themed character with two to three different gradients in their mane; which also is home to a plethora of twinkling stars. Their hooves share the same trait, a star sprinkled gradient, which merges with her cold-to-the-touch coat. They also have fine and wild streaks of hair which feature a colour present elsewhere in their design. The Universe Ponies have no leader, no alicorns or royalty, they are pretty self maintained and barely communicate with one another. Males are very rare to come by.

Although they aren't lead by anypony, there is however, said to be a wise-pony, named Equanimity Nova.

Some Universe Ponies have an abundance of stars on them, but most only have a few. Regular ponies think the amount of stars represents their age in the thousands. Nopony knows how long they've been around, or if they even exist, maybe they're just an urban legend. But who knows?

All Universe Ponies Here!

The Universe Ponies Information Sheet and Guide!

Location and Habitat
  • The true existence of Universe Ponies is unknown.
  • Universe Ponies live in a tiny village-like island called Fedelwyn.
  • Universe Ponies live in similar houses to that of The Crystal Empire, though some houses are thatched wooden cottages.
  • Their land is fairly flat, but on the outskirts are hills and small mountains. 
  • Their land is usually frosted and cold, but rarely snowing. 
  • Pegasus Universe Ponies don't have a weather factory like in Cloudsdale.
  • Universe Ponies all live in a village-like community, but are well spread out. They're not too social, so only live near 3 or 4 others.
  • All Universe Ponies prefer to live somewhere cold and tranquil, usually out of the way of many other Universe Ponies. Mainly around hills or on small mountains.
  • Their ideal temperature is about 4 Degrees Celsius. (39 Fahrenheit.)
  • They cohabit with animals. Mainly farm animals and wildlife. Eg Cows for milk, Chickens for eggs, Sheep for wool. Mice, Birds and Snakes.
  • All Universe Ponies are very rare to come by in Equestria.

  • All Universe Ponies can mine for Tygonilite Quartz and Maritanite, if they want to, and have the effort. Both gemstones are found in the mountains in the outskirts of Fedelwyn, and can be achieved easily by digging by hoof.

  • Unicorn Universe Ponies have an advantage in finding gems as they can learn tracking spells, but they create maps for the pegasi and earth races to find clusters and pockets of gems.

Technology, Jobs and Hobbies
  • Universe Ponies are not overly advanced in terms of technology. 
  • They have metronomes, stethoscopes, thermometers, glasses, light bulbs, classic pianos, pocket watches, clocks, lamps, classic cameras, matches, magnets and suchlike. 
  • Their technology is from the 16th century up to the 18th century. Meaning, they're a little behind on the modern world!

  • Universe Ponies, in their village-like town; Fedelwyn, have very little shops. 

  • There are only a few shops, such as farm shops, and seed shops, but Universe Ponies pretty much grow their own food.

  • There is said to be a local wheatmill which is open to all public for the ponies to create their own bread. And local farm which is also tended to by all citizens of Fedelwyn. 

Romance and Love
  • Unlike most other animals, female Universe Ponies compete to win the love and affection of a male Universe Pony.
  • They show their adoration for others by collecting found objects and gifting them.
  • All Universe Ponies express love by gathering found objects and gifting them to others.

  • Most Universe Ponies barely communicate with one another, and aren't very social.But some are more social than others.
  • They usually only spend time with one or two friends at a time.
  • They do enjoy a little bit of fun, now and then.
  • To request a friendship, Universe Ponies send eachother shards of Tygonilite Quartz, a crystal which represents their home, Fedelwyn.

  • Universe Ponies can be friendly, but are very civilised and often high-class.

Currency, Minerals and Tradeable Goods 

  • Tygonilite Quartz isn't the only gemstone to be found in their homeland, Fedelwyn, there is also Maritanite.

  • Their coin currency is said to be called Trintts, which are small silver coins. But for those in Equestria, they use Bits.

  • Maritanite is sometimes known as the Mountain's-Heart gemstone and is found deep within the snow at the tip of the coldest mountains.

  • The crystal Maritanite is said to represent bravery, love, nature and admiration.

  • Maritanite is considered the most treasured gift to Universe Ponies. It is a very popular gemstone for rings and engagement proposals.

Population and Existence
  • There are no royalty or leaders. 
  • There are wiseponies who guide and help others, such as Equanimity Nova.

  • Universe ponies are kinda like Crystal Ponies. They're still ponies but with different traits and prefer to live in a community.

  • Any Universe Pony can visit Equestria, but are sworn into secrecy by anypony they meet. Anypony who meets them, must keep it secret!

Design and Traits
  • Universe Ponies barely alter their manestyles, it's usually one or two hairstyles in a lifetime.
  • Unicorn Universe Ponies have an average amount of magic. They have mainly studied mood spells and basics for living. 
  • Universe Ponies are considered more civilized than most usual ponies.
  • They are very intelligent, but not very social.
  • Universe Ponies are very expressive facially.
  • Ponies say the amount of stars on a Universe Pony represents her age in the thousands. This is debated.
  • They are self maintained, gathering their own food and necessities.

  • Their manes are said to feel weightless, as if made from air. 

  • Universe Pony coats are similar to that of usual ponies, yet is set to be a little more thermal due to their cold climates.

  • Young Universe ponies are rarely seen outside alone as parents keep them home until they're young adolescents. 

  • The reproduction of Universe Ponies is the same as regular ponies.

  • The Universe Ponies are mainly hetrosexual, but ponies tell of same sex couples.

  • Universe Ponies mainly study spells such as tracking spells, mood spells and basic spells such as telekinesis and cooking. 


:bulletred: You can now make your own Universe Pony/OC, Adoptables or Customs. Read:
:bulletorange: You can still commission, trade, offer, win or adopt to receive your own Universe Pony from me.
:bulletyellow: Owners of a Universe Pony, must credit me for the race.
:bulletgreen: Owners of a Universe Pony, please stick to the facts wrote above.
:bulletblue: Do not alter the lore or facts given about your Universe Pony. (Unless discussed with me.)
:bulletpurple: If you don't want your Universe Pony any more, note me.
:bulletblack: Please only upload your Universe Pony to deviantART. (No Facebook, Ponysquare, Twitter etc...)
:bulletwhite: If you have any questions about the rules or anything else, feel free to note me!

How Do I Get One?

:bulletred: You can make your own or commission a custom Universe Pony for a set price of 300:points:
:bulletorange: You can trade me! Character for a character!
:bulletyellow: You can make an offer to get a Universe Pony. (Points, Cash, Art, Characters Trades etc...)
:bulletgreen: You can win a custom Universe Pony by looking out for competitions on MonkFishyAdopts and SJArt117
:bulletblue: You can adopt an adoptable Universe Pony by keeping an eye on MonkFishyAdopts and offering a price!
:bulletpurple: Competitions and Giveaways will be hosted from time to time with MonkFishyAdopts and SJArt117
:bulletblack: All Universe Pony images will be hosted and featured in :icontheuniverseponies:
:bulletwhite: If there is anything else you need to know, comment or note me!

If I decline an offer, trade or commission, do not be alarmed. It will never be declined on your behalf.
I will only decline offers if I'm too busy, ill or unmotivated.
If you make your own Universe Pony and it isn't completely correct, I'll offer help to you. ^^

If you order a custom, please tell me the race and colours you want to see!
A Universe Pony custom never takes longer than 2 weeks to complete.

Hey everyone!

Here's a contest you can enter to win a big amount of points!…

Spread the word! ^^
Hello everyone!

I found a comment mentioning me on Facebook, but when I click to read more, the page doesn't seem to exist any more.

Did any of you comment this:

"Olla! Sorry, but you are copying MonkFishyAdopts on DA. Your OC don't belongs to you. So...I created a new OC for you and you can use it. But if you..."

If it was you, please let me know! I can't remember seeing any of my OCs/Adoptables on Facebook before!