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Published: October 4, 2019
update dec 28 2019: price drop

These are swan-dragons

-comment with the number of the one u want to claim
-wait for me to confirm ur order and then u can send the points
-commercial use ok for character DESIGNS only and only the ones u buy, u may not sell the artwork i drew

my toyhouse is lophiusdragon

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3. Flamingo pink with white accents closed bought by :iconworld-of-zekira:
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I've got these written up, unfortunately I can't upload anything but I can post their info here :D I hope you enjoy it hehe I certainly did. They are befriended by a human with avian-controlling powers, named Javi Torres, who has helped set up the 'Tunnel of Love' ride on the stream where they reside with a bunch of the carnies and hippies (on 'The Coffee Grounds', it's a long story lol). I've taken the liberty of basically coming up with a species for them for my purposes. Dunno if you are familiar with the Half Life video game but some references to Xen are from it.

Dragons / All

Features: Swan Dragons, avian-based dragons with four legs and two wings, very long necks and very short feathered tails; they greatly resemble swans, pelicans, ibis, flamingo, and other such long-necked birds, including their attitude and personality; their neck is at least half their full body length, including tail. They spend much time in and near the water, their feet are webbed, and their beaks are geared toward fishing rather than other pursuits. They can hold their breath for varying amounts of time, but require air, their beaks have nostril holes at the end for this purpose, to stick out while under water and breathe with ease.

Their plumage is colored genetically, rather than relying on any food to produce. (So, Mingo's pink coloration is the result of her red and white parents, rather than from eating lots and lots of shrimp...)

They are omniverous but tend toward fish and water-based animal life, and will eagerly eat fruits and breads if offered or discovered - these dragons must be kept away from the orchards, for that reason; they have a large gullet which they can store things before they get digested - their digestive tract is actually more draconic than bird-like, and for this reason anything that they swallow can still be retrieved if done soon enough.

They are able to fly, but also able to swim fully submerged, their bones are hollow, and while they are quite aggressive, they can be damaged easily by any non-hollow-boned dragon or creature. They are egg-layers, obviously, and could breed with any avian-based type of dragon.

They tend toward honking and screeching, hissing, and other such noises but are fully capable of understanding Draconic and English speech - they just don't respond to anyone but Javi. They do not have any discernable Vortal presense, and can be equated between a Whiptail dragon and Pernese Green in terms of intellect and comprehension, they're better than animals and they can learn commands with ease, but they're not remarkably smart outright.

They do not have any form of elemental or other Vortal power, nor a 'breath weapon'.

Highly territorial though their territory is rather small, this family of dragons absolutely owns the stream. They understand that there are other water-dragons in the area, but they will chase even massive Mudwings off of this part of their waterway.

Parentage: Ruddy and Peli are a mated pair, and Mingo is their offspring, they may have future nests, but it's not clear how many eggs come at a time. It's also not known whether any future offspring will be run off or need to find their own spot to live, but then again the stream's long and there's plenty of room to expand here.

Origin: Adopted from Monkfishlover on Deviantart

-- Red one--

Name: Ruddy

Gender: Male

Size/Shoulder/Length: Small, 6' s / 25' l / 30' ws

Colors: Crimson red overall; wingtips, wing pattern, face and beak, lower legs graphite; beak tip and wattle bright red; eyes black, claws red

Powers: Winged Flight, Water Born Travel, As with his partner and offspring, Ruddy is rarely seen in the air, preferring to swim in the slow stream and occasionally root around in the deeper parts of the nearby lake. He can fly for short distances with great speed, but requires a long run-up to it, so... yeah, nah, just stay on the water it's easier. On the water, he can be very fast and much more agile than you'd expect a dragon to be on the surface, he can chase and catch ducks (and yes, eat them, he's not picky) even without stretching out his long neck. In deeper water, he can remain submerged for quite some time, up to an hour, though this would be ridiculously difficult, as he will also just bob to the surface with his hollow-ass bones and fluffy feathers keeping air by his skin.

Communication, though as above these dragons are less likely to 'speak', Ruddy is quite vocal with his honks and calls. He has been known to eat roosters: what are they, attempting to horn in on his territory? At this hour?

Other Info: He is absolutely the prettiest thing in the world, is he not? He thinks so. He thinks you should think so too. Of the three, he enjoys allowing families and children in particular on his back. And as long as there are no other obvious dragons in the area, he will never even imagine scooting off or doing tricks with them there.

-- White one--

Name: Peli

Gender: Female

Size/Shoulder/Length: Small, 5'8" s / 24' l / 28' ws

Colors: overall white; wingtips and markings, lower legs and wattle medium and darker grey; face, beak brilliant yellow-orange, eyes black, claws white

Powers: Winged Flight, Aquatic Adaptation, Peli is quicker into the air than her mate, and can take off from a standing start, but still prefers a good long run- or swim-up to it. She's surprisingly good with pulling things in the water, and is reliable enough with this task that she's the one who brings out any props or items from the Wheel House when they start their performance day. She likes to survey an area overhead before landing, so she's often the last of the trio to land as they make any move toward the lake or other waterways. On the water, she is stately and somewhat slow, sedate, and confident with where she puts her webbed feet. On the other hand, if something actively threatens her and her family, she will rise onto her hind legs, and do a remarkably fierce wing snap and forelimb slash combo that utterly terrifies most Mudwings. She can dive for about half an hour, and somehow manages to remain submerged without much difficulty. She can scoot around on the surface of a large lake with grace and style.

Communication, Peli honks and squawks, but mostly she is quiet unless it's time to call in the family and roost. She appears to like hearing Javi's voice, as well as laughter and clapping from humans nearby.

Other Info: She's built a nest near the Water House, so... yeah, there's that. Come near it at your own risk. That tunnel of love is one thing, but her nest is positively off limits.

--Pink one --

Name: Mingo

Gender: Female

Size/Shoulder/Length: Small 5'6" s / 25' l / 28' ws

Colors: overall medium carnation pink, wings brighter paler pink; wingtips and pattern, face white; lower legs pale red; claws, wattle and mid-beak red, beak tip and eyes black

Powers: Winged Flight, Aquatic, a hesitant flier, Mingo prefers to walk, however should she need to, she can spring high into the air and gain flight with the right conditions, if not given a good runway for it. In the air she is graceful, and can glide short distances without any effort, up higher however she can soar on stiff breezes with ease. On the water, she is adept and prefers shallows where she can reach the streambed and claw around for food. Of the trio, she also will walk the most often, striding around in the tall grasses and ferns near their stream, surprisingly well hidden even with her brilliant plumage. She likes picking around in the forest, as well, but will come to the Tunnel quickly when called. She doesn't mind remaining very still while on those 'of Love' trips, with a pair on her back. She won't allow them to topple into the water, promise. That's kind of why she likes the shallows, it offers her exceptional balance. She can swim under the surface very rapidly, but not for long durations, perhaps 5 minutes at a time, but then she often just sticks her beak up and breathes while entirely submerged. For whatever reason, she doesn't care for deeper water, even the center of the lake.

Communication, you'd think such a cute pink girl would be petite and tittery. Nope. She has the loudest honk and makes the weirdest noises, rivaling those found on Xen. Echoing, booming, chuffing, barks, calls, cries, you name it. She is very much the noisiest of the three. She responds to the birds as well as the humans and Vorts around, and it is clear she's trying to speak.

Other Info: She may be a lot smarter than her parents, and that might be because she was just a little one when they arrived to the Rookery. Perhaps something changed in her, when they came, maybe it's the Xenian water flowing through the place, ... or her exploration of said Xenian territory while mom and dad aren't watching...

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oooh cool im happy u made a story for them

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Question: would you take 200 points for the three of them?

In the dragonry I've got going, there's a location with a bunch of carnies and hippies living in it, all bonding to dragons (mostly WoF) but ... there's a lake, and wouldn't it be hilarious to have a 'swan boat ride' but they're actually dragons there? :D
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monkfishloverHobbyist Digital Artist


u can send me the points and i will upload the fullsized pics from stash

do u have toyhouse?

if u do i can transfer them to u on there

if u dont then i can delete the character pages

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world-of-zekiraHobbyist General Artist
I do have a toyhouse, it's Zekiran :) yay! if the TH are full sized you don't need to worry about the ones here.
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monkfishloverHobbyist Digital Artist

yay thank you for buying :la: :la: choir

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world-of-zekiraHobbyist General Artist
^_^ now if only I could update my website these are being built on. I have like... more than 250 dragons and riders, locations, and the like, on it already lol but I can't upload it because godaddy hosting is garbage. Ah well, when I do, I'll link back as always to artists! :D
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