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'To Infinity and Beyond'
    Star Trek: Cayuga
    By Jack D. Elmlinger
    Even the most reverent man could grow indifferent at the majesty of space.
    Ed Riley hopped past his star-filled window, struggling to pull on his boxers. A pair of discarded pajamas tripped him onto the bed and he lay squished against the sheets before he gingerly rolled onto his back. There was still time before his sift so he relaxed against the mattress. His gaze drifted over to the opposite wall, across the crucifix and down to the collection of medals that he had framed.
    He had fought against the Borg in the Battle of Sector Zero-Zero-One, and d
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Captain Weynik by monkeysuncle30 Captain Weynik :iconmonkeysuncle30:monkeysuncle30 5 0 Vice-Admiral Tattok by monkeysuncle30 Vice-Admiral Tattok :iconmonkeysuncle30:monkeysuncle30 3 0 Vice-Admiral Tattok by monkeysuncle30 Vice-Admiral Tattok :iconmonkeysuncle30:monkeysuncle30 4 0 USS Starsong by monkeysuncle30 USS Starsong :iconmonkeysuncle30:monkeysuncle30 43 5 CA-07, a space frigate of my imagination. by monkeysuncle30 CA-07, a space frigate of my imagination. :iconmonkeysuncle30:monkeysuncle30 1 0
Star Trek: Hokkaido 'First Strike'
Before the Four Years War... there was Captain Annette Hildebrand, Travis Beaumont, and the crew of the Baton Rouge class starship, USS Hokkaido, NCC-1306. I was inspired by DarKush's recent FYW stories that I wanted to try my own hand at one of them. I pray that my amateurish attempts fare well in the eyes of the better authors here at TrekBBS. 
Enjoy! And please comment!
Star Trek: Hokkaido
‘First Strike’
By Jack Elmlinger
[Author’s Notes]: ‘First Strike’ takes place before the Four Years War. This is one of those encounters that lead to the beginning of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.
USS Hokkaido, NCC-1306, Baton Rouge class starship
Earth orbit over San Francisco
The transporter beam dissolved around Beaumont after he materialized in the transporter room. His friend, Peter Mayweather, stood beside him and both men were in a
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by PDSmith

I loved this. It went well with the other stories. Some spelling and punctuation errors but that's bound to happen with anyone. I've ev...


Approaching Sweetwater
Captain’s Log, stardate 49237.0;

After receiving a distress call, the Starsong has arrived at the Caitian world of Sweetwater which is known for its relaxing pools of healing water. With Sweetwater close to the Klingon border, I’m surprised that the Caitians haven’t send a ship of their own. Lieutenant Commanders Hrelle believes that one could ge on its way.

Captain Weynik deactivated his log recorder and rubbed his chin, thoughtfully. He was tempted to place a subspace call to Esek Hrelle for advice. However, the hulking Caitian Captain of the USS Surefoot would insist on coming himself.

Getting up from the chair in his Ready Room, the Roylan made his way onto the bridge. Walking toward some the command area, his first officer rose from the command chair.

“We’ve achieved orbit and we’re approaching M’Tahn Station,” Commander Hideo Namachi reported to him. The Japanese officer from the New Kyoto colony moved over to the first officer’s station and sat down.

“No returns on our hails,” reported Lieutenant Commander Sorek from the forward Ops console. The Vulcan’s attention was centered on husband instruments. “M’Tahn Station appears to be operating under radio silence.”

“You would think that they’d open a channel. Even a coded one once a starship appeared on their sensors.” This observation came from behind Weynik. The Starsong’s yellow-furred Security Chief, Lieutenant Commander Calli Hrelle stood at the tactical console, ready for anything.

“I agree.” Weynik’s eyestalks moved towards the viewscreen as he turned towards it. Sitting down in his chair, he watched as M’Tahn station came into view.

“What happened here?”

Artwork made by Jetfreak-7 upon request.
What would be a good class of Starfleet vessel for a name like Yukikaze?
This is the colored version of my earlier drawing.
I haven’t shared my own art here in a while. Enjoy.

I started this during Pastor Steve’s sermon on David today. I’m ready to add ink and color to it. What do you think?

At first, I was calling it “God’s Light”.

Now, I think I’m going to call it “The Wonder of God’s Creation”.


Jack Elmlinger
United States
Well, I'm not sure what to write here. I try to write Star Trek. I think my favorite Trek is TOS and TNG. I also like superheroes, mostly from DC but I do admit to enjoying Marvel as well.
I've played the Classic Marvel RPG in the past as well as Mutants and Masterminds. Other than that, I can't really think of anything else to tell about myself. I like Science Fiction and I've been known to read a few Westerns and maybe an occasional Romance.
I have this idea for a Star Trek fan fiction in the back of my head. I think I have the photo manipulations done for the crew since I went through my old files the other day. Now I just wish I knew anything about ship rendering and all that jazz. If I had the money, I'd definitely see if I could pay for a commission. Sadly, I'm as broke as the rest of this great nation of ours.

If anyone would be willing to help, I would really appreciate it. I'd even give anyone willing free rein to use any of the art that I've posted over time...


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