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By Monkeyshack
This picture is my first try at Wallpaper > Females. Hope you like it. It took me all of about 10 minutes to design. It's created in DAZ Studio and textured and rendered in bryce 5.5.

Let me know what you think.
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You are better than me, i'm jealous
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nah, compared to others i suck.
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I like the way to worked with the lights, im trying to learn how to.

Good pose and very good render.
nice pic!
very sexy panties!
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Incredible work. I love this wallpaper. I can't wait to see more from you like this.
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With such an endorsement, i'll make some more. Thanks.
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Very nice. I always like to see work from a fellow daz/poser user.
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thanks for the compliment. i've still got some work to do with this one. in the next version i'm going to add a background and change the lighting around along with some other stuff.
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Looks good.

But one very small thing. She is not in contact with the floor. I know this is a pain with 3D stuff, but what can we do.
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the bad part is that she is in contact with the floor. the soft lighting i was attempting to use, makes it look otherwise though. that's something i need to work on fixing when i add in a background and surroundings.
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I see, Daz studio does not have ambient oclusion, right? Because something like that can fix it, but I also remember from my experience that it eats a lot of resources. Sometimes it's easier to fix on photoshop or something.
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fortunately i've got tons of resources to spare. basically my goal for this series of images, is to add in a background scene and change the lighting around and then render it in daz studio as a flat anime looking image. i've found a guide to the lighting required for it. if it works, i'll be happy with the image.
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Thanks for the positive feedback guys.
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its hot, im liking this 1, 12/10
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Thanks, I made it for my wife....funny i know.
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Very impressive :-)
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