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This is a tribute to the Mouse and Rhea, two characters that the amazing artist kingv has designed. I have thought long and hard about just how this story will play out, and I've gone over it about a dozen times to make sure I did all that I can do.

This is set after the Lunar Lotus Festival, so far only a demo game in kingv's gallery. I keep getting bloody stuck so I haven't seen how the Mouse/Rhea couple turns out in the end. Anyway, despite that, I've come to adore them and have made this very steamy romantic fanfiction ::heart::

Warnings – If you don't like the couple, don't read it. This is purely for those who DO like the couple. Also, this is full of mature content, read at your own risk.

Anyway, without further ado!

Moonlight Secrets

Mouse watched Rhea who was by his side as they walked through the forest. He had been surprised when she kept showing up at his post, but over time, he found he enjoyed her company. Several times a day, if not every day, she would stop by, and they would just talk. She had a chance to accept the invitations to the Lunar Festival given by Lucky, Okami, and hell, even Ryu.

Yet…here she was, walking along side him. Mouse felt his heart soar every time he thought about it. Right now he led the way to a place he had stumbled across a few days before. The fireflies kept coming from the bushes to buzz around her hair, and he marveled how her amethyst eyes glowed. His chest tightened and his breath caught in his throat at how beautiful she was. Even though her hair was done up fancy tonight, all the other days she had the barrettes he had given her to hold her hair in those innocent pigtails of hers. Those barrettes were everything to her, even after all these years. With the small glimpses into her room he knew she kept other things he had given her as well.

What made her want to be with him; Mouse, the usually rude and solitary rogue? Lucky was kinder, exotic, rather interesting, and he made Rhea smile. He was a Royal in his own right, too, from what he understood. Yet she had rejected the merman. Then there was Okami, who was smart, as equally exotic if not more, a traveler, and even though the wolf could've left at any time, Okami had prolonged his mission to spend time with Rhea.

Mouse was rather glad she had ditched both men. He supposed, now, it was because he didn't want to ever see her leave. She had become so much a part of his life; he honestly could not imagine it without her. Though…there was Ryu, as well. A native, a Royal, rich, and someone who could give Rhea everything she ever wanted. She would never know hardship again. Mouse was equally as happy Rhea didn't choose him, however. The guy was power-hungry, and if it weren't for her morals and her heart, Rhea could've been easily been overtaken. They were both lucky Ryu hadn't punished her for not accepting his offer for domination.

Mouse shook his head. He still didn't understand it. Why him? Why? What had he done to make her choose him? As far as he was concerned he had done nothing but be cruel to her and get her into thievery. The way he saw it, she deserved so much more, so much better. But…wasn't that what he had told her, in the bakery? That he wanted to be a better man? Yes, he would do anything for her, he realized. All that loyalty, faith, and - dare he say it - love was all very precious, and he swore right then in his mind, heart, and soul he would never let her down again.

"Mouse?" Rhea's voice rang through to him, "Are we supposed to be going off the path?"

Mouse smirked lightly as he focused his sights again. He had gone back and forth between his post and the place they were going so many times, and thankfully he had memorized the way like he had intended. Even though he had not been paying attention, his feet were going the right way, "Yeah. Don't worry, I've staked this place out plenty of times, we'll be alright." He slipped his arm around her waist, drawing her closer at the same time keeping her out of the path of the bushes. Last thing he wanted was her beautiful Sakura kimono to get ruined. He glanced between them and once again was struck by just how well their colors matched. As usual he wore green, and hers was a nifty pinkish-purple that brought out her eyes.  

Rhea blushed at the contact, "I trust you, Mouse. I know you won't let anything hurt me." She glanced up at him and watched his eyes brighten, their golden yellow glowing in the semi-darkness, the fireflies making them literally shimmer. He was just so exotic in his own way, it amazed her. Lucky, Okami, and Ryu had nothing on Mouse. His eyes alone made her heart pound, like they could look right through her. Yet, the way he seemed to see her very soul didn't frighten her. Okami and Ryu could do the same, and she felt so exposed, but when Mouse looked at her like that, it made her shiver and her body heat seemed to rise. This sense of exposure made her feel so very different, but she craved the feeling.

Mouse's gaze flickered as he saw her blush, and he felt a sense of accomplishment. He liked seeing her blush, and liked it even more that he had done so. Gently he rubbed her side through her obi and smiled, "You can hold me, too, you know," he murmured and looked ahead again, the fireflies guiding the way. He was not ignorant to the fact her temperature went up. The night was cool, so her heat was highly noticeable, but he didn't say anything. He wanted her to be comfortable.

Rhea took the invitation and slid her arm to wrap around his waist, then proceeded to rest her head on his shoulder as they walked. She enjoyed their half embrace, and she indeed felt comfortable. She loved this feeling of protection and care. Mouse always had that air about him. As she thought about it, she remembered all the times he had helped her. He complained about it, and said harsh things often, but he always was there to bail her out of trouble and keep her safe. Subconsciously she held him tighter and closed her eyes as she rubbed her cheek on his arm, enjoying the warmth radiating off him and the softness of his yukata, "This has been such a wonderful night, Mouse."

"It's not over yet," Mouse saw the steam up ahead and grinned triumphantly, "We're here." He felt her tense in surprise and he hid behind her squeal in order to draw in a deep breath. She obviously had no idea how her touch was affecting him. Oh well, he decided, it wasn't so bad so long as she was happy. He watched her dart forward and gasp in awe when she got through the thick line of trees. He joined her, resting his hands on his hips as he looked around, "It's not very big, but I figured, if it's only for two people, it has plenty of room."

Rhea laughed and clapped her hands together, "It's perfect, Mouse! This is so cool!" she spotted a naturally flat rock and walked over to it, then gripped the front of her kimono, "Um...are you sure?" she asked softly, suddenly feeling very shy. "I don't have a swimsuit. And...we don't have towels."

"Who needs towels? It's called drip dry. Your underclothes will do just as well as any swimsuit, it's just us," Mouse shrugged, taking another deep breath to calm his racing heart, but it was in vain. To show her it was alright, he shrugged off his yukata and folded it on the flat rock, and he kicked off his wooden shoes and shucked his socks. Now he was only clad in his black boxers. He turned to smile reassuringly but was stopped short by her flushed face.

Rhea bit her lip and shifted nervously. She'd seen Mouse in his boxers around the hideout all the time, it was nothing new! But...but...why then did she suddenly want to run her hands all over him? In the darkness, illuminated by the moon and fireflies, his physique was stunning. His chest and toned abs were delicious, his scar he had made him seem even more dangerous yet all the more alluring. Broad proud shoulders had her hands tightening on her kimono as she felt the urge to grip them and hold him tight. Then there were his muscles, which weren't bulky, but his training had made him buff in all the right places and in just the right amount. She had felt his raw power through both sets of clothing and just the thought of his arms around her made her tremble.

"Rhea?" Mouse asked gently, his golden eyes sweeping over her form quickly; "Are you alright?" He walked closer to her and stopped when she stiffened but thankfully didn't back away. The rogue didn't sense any danger, and he saw no fear in her eyes, so what was the matter? It didn't take long. When she blushed darker he knew, and a devious smirk played across his lips, "Do you like what you see?"

Rhea's eyes widened and her breath hitched. Was it her or did he actually growl when he asked her that? She wasn't shocked he had figured it out. Mouse was highly observant and she knew her blush must be rivaling the pink in her kimono. Wait a minute. She couldn't back down! She had to prove to Mouse she could be strong and brave. So, she straightened up and gave a daring smile, "What if I do?"

Mouse was taken aback by her change in demeanor, but then he laughed. Really laughed, feeling free for the first time in a while. He reached out and cupped her cheek, reviling in her shocked expression. Leaning down he kissed her lovingly, feeling most of the tension he had feeling melt away. She relaxed and when he wrapped his arm around her waist, she brought her arms up and encircled her neck. His hand on her cheek wound into her hair and he undid the fancy style easily. Her blond hair fell onto her dark tan skin in waves and he hummed in appreciation at its softness. Her perfume wafted to his nose. It was light but enough to tickle his senses.

Rhea tangled her own fingers into his dark blue hair, his white bangs sweeping over her cheeks. There was certainly no holding back here, in this little clearing of theirs. It was just them; she had nothing to worry about. His mouth moved sensually over hers and her chest tightened. Liquid fire spread through her veins and pooled at her belly. Unused to this feeling, she couldn't hold in the moan. That novel Mouse had given her at May's suggestion let her know exactly what was happening, now it all clicked into place. However, he had suddenly stilled in her grip and in concern she pulled away and looked at him, confused, "Why'd you stop?" she asked without thinking, shocked by how breathless and low her own voice sounded.

All the air in Mouse's lungs left him like he had been punched in the chest and he fared no better at keeping a groan from passing his lips. The question, her pleading eyes, her flushed skin, and her pouting lips all served to make his body feel like it was on fire. "Rhea..." he pulled her flush against him again and swallowed her squeak of surprise when he pressed his mouth over hers again. He was suddenly very aware of her state of dress and growled in frustration. He pulled away this time and an idea came to mind.

Smirking he kissed her a third time and undid the annoying obi first, the fabric sliding off of her and pooling around her feet. He slid the kimono from her shoulders and a rumble rippled from his chest, making her moan again. Mouse enjoyed that sound, and as the kimono finally hit the ground on top of the obi he led her willing body to the hot spring. Carefully he stepped into the water and when the action made him lower than her they were forced to break apart. He took her hands and coaxed her to join the water with him with his eyes, not trusting his voice.

Rhea followed and her whole body shook when the warm water surrounded her petite form. She threw her head back and took gasping breaths as it swallowed all but her head. Thankfully she could touch the bottom, but she couldn't shake the fear if she took a wrong step she'd fall under. She gripped Mouse's shoulders which were above water and clung to him, biting her lip, her brows furrowing.

"It's alright, Rhea, relax," Mouse soothed and gripped her waist by both hands and lifted her so her shoulders were above water as well, "Remind me to teach you how to swim," he smiled and chuckled when she pouted. He kissed her forehead when she relaxed a little. The rogue lightly pushed off the ground and skimmed across the water. He kept it up until he reached the other side where the natural ledge was. By the time he sat down Rhea was so relaxed she had rested her head on his shoulder and had her eyes closed.

Rhea hummed lightly. She felt water lower around her when he pulled her up with him and sat her on his lap. Then she shivered lightly when the cool breeze came through and gasped as it hardened her newly exposed nipples. She bit her lip this time and the moan came out as a whine. Blushing she looked at Mouse, his golden eyes dark with what she knew was desire, but she could tell he was holding back. "Are you okay, Mouse?" she rubbed his shoulder, something she had found on their dates he really enjoyed.

His eyes closed as he focused on her touch. Rhea smiled at his expression, and trailed her hand up his neck until she was tracing his lips, a bit swollen from their kissing on the embankment. Now, even though his gaze was half-lidded, she saw their fire burning bright, "You can tell me, if something's bothering you," she murmured caressing his cheek.

"I always thought," Mouse started, his voice husky, and he placed his hand over hers, "If someone knew the real me, they would turn away." He brought her fingers to his lips and kissed the tip of each one, "Why me, Rhea? What made you choose me?" he finally asked her the question that had been plaguing the back of his mind the whole night. When she smiled, it was so bright he was surprised it didn't blind him with its brilliance.

"I know you, Mouse," Rhea told him. She shifted so she was straddling him and she was able to grip his face in both her hands, "I don't know any of the others. They're all kind in their own way, and they make me feel special, but," she quickly added when he frowned, "They will never be you. You tell it to me how it is, you've never lied to me, you push me to be better, but most of all you let me be who I am. You've got your flaws, but everyone does. It's what makes you who you are. It's what makes you the man I treasure." She blushed, "If you'll accept it, even the man I love."

Mouse stared at her in disbelief, "I'm someone you treasure?" he blinked slowly, "" his throat felt constricted with emotion and he was barely able to get those last three words out. She nodded and for the second time that night all the oxygen in his lungs left him. Gripping her hand tightly his face softened and he leaned forward, giving her a gentle kiss. He couldn't speak. There were no words to express just how those words affected him, so he told her through actions.

Rhea sighed against his lips and ran her free hand through his hair. It was damp from the steam and swimming around. The hand on her hip moved to wrap around her back and pull her so tight against his body not even the water could pass between them. That feeling in her abdomen was back, reignited by his passion. They pulled apart for air only to crash back for more. She didn't have to ask if he loved her in return. The time they spent together was enough for her to know these actions were the only way he knew how to tell her.

Mouse felt her body temperature skyrocket again, and he moaned as her hands tugged his hair with just the right amount of pressure to make his skin tingle. It was time for the next step. Slowly he dragged his tongue across her bottom lip and her gasped allowed him to slide into her hot cavern. He groaned low and long but she swallowed it as she sealed her mouth over his.

He let her hand go and ran his fingers through her hair while her hands drifted down the back of his neck, over his shoulders, and then across his chest. Mouse hissed when her nails sent tingles to settle low in his abdomen. Her shifting made him throw his head back with a gasping whimper. When her nails passed over his hardened nipples, made so from the wind like hers, a growl rippled from him. That only seemed to be invitation for her to latch her mouth to his neck over his pulse, "Rhea!" he roared as she tightened her hold on him with her thighs and purposely grinded down on him.

Rhea sucked on his pulse, feeling it race under her tongue and she trailed kisses up his neck until she blew in his ear, a weakness she had been surprised made Mouse melt every single time, whether he expected it or not. His sounds of pleasure made her pant in his ear, "Mouse..." she purred and she was amazed when he arched into her, his mouth open in a silent shout. His hands gripped her arms and she watched in fascination as he panted heavily, his eyes staring unseeingly up at the sky.

Rhea felt how hard he was through the fabric of her underwear. She was wearing a lavender bra and panties, since the color matched her kimono. Rubbing her hands down and up his chest, she twisted his taught buds and he shivered. She wondered, briefly, just how far things would go tonight. Then, she smiled and nipped his earlobe, coming to the conclusion it didn't matter so long as she was with him.

When she nipped his ear and then proceeded to lick the way back down his neck; that was the last straw. Mouse turned them quickly and placed his knee on the ledge in order to lift her out of the water and onto the rock that made up the bank of the hot spring. Smirking down at her he kissed her again, rubbing their tongues together and dominating the kiss before he let her lead the dance. They kissed until their lips were bruised and glistening with their saliva. He couldn't get enough of her. She tasted so sweet, like chocolate. It sure fit her personality. Chocolate was addictive, and he soon found himself addicted to her. "You liked teasing me, didn't you, Rhea?" he smirked again at her dazed face.

Rhea played with his hair as confirmation. She smiled up at him, her eyes glowing brighter while his had grown darker. They kissed a bit more slowly this time, and she sighed against him as his peppermint tang made her body buzz.

It was time for a little payback. Mouse parted from her and used one arm to lift her up so he could snake his other arm around and unclasped her bra. He set her back down and pealed the straps down her shoulders. Finally he tossed the garment to the side and looked down at her. Her arms tried to shyly cover herself up and he frowned, capturing her wrists in one hand and then pinned them above her head.

"You're wonderful, Rhea. Don't hide from me." He brushed her bangs out of her eyes and smiled when she nodded. He brushed his lips over hers in thanks, and then he kissed her neck, leaving love bites and sucking until he knew she would have hickeys to match the ones on his own neck. Mouse's possessive side felt pride at marking her as his. Meanwhile, he had let go of her wrists and his hands were trailing up her stomach, ghosting along her sides until he eventually cupped her breasts in his hands.

"M-Mouse..." Rhea gasped and squirmed but he only molded his hands over her mounds and started to knead and roll them, "" she half whimpered half moaned as the stimulation made her shudder. She was startled when his mouth moved down from teasing her ear and teamed up with his hands. Suddenly she arched and gasped when he tweaked both nipples then his hot mouth engulfed a peak, "Mouse!" she couldn't form coherent sentences anymore, only give cries of her pleasure and call his name.

The confines of his boxers was growing unbearable, bordering on painful, but Mouse refused to get any pleasure out of this until she had had her fill. It was the least he could do for all the years he pushed her away. Now that one hand was free, he shifted and took the opportunity to slide it down her stomach and abdomen. He didn't even flinch when her nails dug into his biceps when he accidentally bit down too hard in order to keep back a groan. He had slid his hand over her panties in order to cup her center through them. Warmth and wetness that had nothing to do with the hot spring had floored him. He couldn't believe how much she was truly feeling, and he had been the one to create this.

"Mouse," Rhea moaned, "Don't…stop…please…" she said breathlessly. He snapped away from her instantly, and she whined at the feeling of loss, "No…that's not…what I…meant…" she wanted desperately to feel him pressed against her again. Tears formed as she tugged on him, silently pleading he return. When he hesitated and frowned she ran her hand down his arm and placed the hand that had been pleasuring her back at her center.

Mouse realized he had been so afraid of rejection at any given moment that he had misinterpreted her pleadings to be demands he let her go. He kissed away the tears, cursing himself for not paying better attention. "I'm sorry, Rhea, I didn't mean to make you cry," he let out a shaky breath and rested his head on her shoulder, kissing her jaw and neck, crossing back down to her breasts and he began his ministrations. Thankfully it didn't take long mood to be set again and he was more relaxed this time, despite his certain…discomfort.

Switching breasts, his first hand that had been rubbing her through the cloth was joined by the second. Mouse took the panties off slowly, but when she lifted her hips and legs to get rid of her underwear he relaxed fully. He was now fairly certain she wouldn't push him away. Another minute of sweet torture to her breasts he kissed, licked, and nipped down her stomach and bushed his nose through her blond pubic hair. He took a deep breath, groaning as the pure scent that was all Rhea flooded through his senses, "Fuck, Rhea, how are you able to torture me without even touching me?" he asked on a shuddering breath. He gripped her hips when she bucked; the vibrations from his voice made her squirm.

"I don't know," Rhea answered with a whine, "Mouse…please…keep going," she begged. It felt so good; she didn't want it to end. She rubbed his shoulders encouragingly.

Mouse swallowed thickly and gripped her hips. She was sure to have bruises tomorrow, "Who would I be to deny you?" he asked rhetorically and spread her legs farther apart with his knees, and he took one last breath before sweeping his tongue over her dripping core. Her cry of pleasure drowned out his possessive growl when she bucked again and he shifted her so her legs draped over his arms and he had complete access to her intimate lips. Honey was what she tasted like; he grew equally addicted to her even more so than when he had kissed her. Licking her sweet juices he also sucked on her clit and her screams increased.

"Oh god…Mouse, it's…so good…" Rhea panted and moaned, trembling and arching so high off the rock only her shoulders touched, "Mouse, please!"

Please? What was she pleading for? His glazed golden eyes scanned her features and it clicked. She was close, but needed to be pushed just a bit more towards the edge before she could fall. His hand slid down her thigh and stroked and teased her entrance with one finger, while he sucked her clit. Still she wreathed, whimpering and unsatisfied. Gently, he slid his finger into her, the process easy because his finger was coated in her essence. Dear god, Rhea was so tight and hot, it bordered on scorching. Her insides were trembling and contracting, sucking his finger deeper.

"More!" Rhea sobbed, "More, Mouse!" her tears streaked her face. His finger inside her was blissful, but it wasn't enough. She gripped his hair as he added a second, and he began to pump her slowly, his fingers curling but just barely missing her inner sweet spot. He picked up pace and she tugged his hair until he looked at her, "Deeper," she told him and without breaking eye contact he did as she commanded. She cried out and her eyes nearly rolled in the back of her head, but something in his yellow orbs told her to keep their eyes locked. His burning desire fueled by lust and love filled her up to the brim until it had nowhere else to go but out.

Mouse could only watch in fascination as she exploded in her first climax. His fingers felt like she would squeeze them off and he could only imagine that tightness around his aching shaft. The mere thought made him whimper under her screams and he pulled his fingers out in order to place his hands on her hips. Drawing her close to his body, he began rubbing her pulsing womanhood with his shaft still confined by his boxers. His head rested on her shoulder, his ragged breathing matching her own.

Rhea felt her body slowly come back to earth and she felt him shaking violently over her. It took another moment until she figured out just what was wrong. She skimmed her hands along his back and gripped the black fabric, sliding her hands under it until she could cup him in both hands. "Mouse…" she murmured in awe.

He was so hard, his skin burning hot to the touch. Mouse had gone completely still, save for the occasional tremble. Even is breathing stopped, "Mouse, I love you. I know you love me, too…don't do this to yourself. Please," Rhea ran her hand along the length of him and he jerked into her hand, a pained moan erupting from his lips. His bangs covered his face, and each breath he took hitched. She hooked her leg over his and pulled him closer, "If you need me…chances are I need you, too."

"I made you…climax, though," Mouse murmured, "Won't it be too much?"

Rhea smiled and brushed his bangs away to see his tortured eyes, "I'll be fine. So long as I'm with you. Come on, you need this, I need this…let's go all the way, Mouse." He searched her face for a moment, and apparently found whatever he had been looking for because he pulled away from her in order to strip off his boxers. Amazed, she shifted to sit up in order to grip his shaft in her hand like she had done before.

White beaded at the head and curiosity made her flick her tongue out and has a taste. Musk invaded her from all sides. Sight, how well made he was from head to toe. Sound, as he shouted in pure bliss. Smell, that was just completely male and all Mouse. The headiness of the taste was making her see stars and she was addicted to it instantly. Touch, of course, was last as his strong hands fisted into her hair.

"R-Rhea…don't. I won't make it if you do that," Mouse was barely holding on as it was. He watched her nod and lay back. How willing she was to help him made his heart lurch and he stroked her cheek. He coated himself in her entrance and she easily swallowed the head of him. He used all his strength and ability not to cum right there. Slowly, she gave way to all of him and he was eventually settled deep inside. They both let out a sigh of relief and pleasure at the feeling of being complete.

The rogue watched her carefully, taking in every way her muscled twitched, looking for any sign of pain, "Are you alright?" he asked gently, hearing from gossip how the first time always hurt or was uncomfortable.

Rhea pulled him down into a heated kiss and wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles at the small of his back, "Not all girls are the same, Mouse, love. All my training made my…made my hymen dissolve. I'm alright. No one else has touched me," she ran her hands through his snow white bangs.

He trusted she was telling the truth, and in all honesty he was glad she wasn't in any pain. He wouldn't know what to do if she had. "I'm not a dog, you know," Mouse said after a moment, irritated by her petting.

"No, you're not," Rhea agree sweetly and reached up, nipping his earlobe and breathing hotly, "But you're like the lion of the group. Besides, you're hair is so soft, I love it," she petted his hair again, tangling her fingers in his blue locks, "If it bothers you that much, though, I won't do it."

Silence fell between them for only a brief second, but then Mouse shrugged, "If it makes you happy," he said softly.

Rhea chuckled and rocked her hips, reminding him of just where he was. She delighted in his gasp and the way he grit his teeth, "Now, where were we?"

"God damn it, Rhea!" Mouse hissed. The pause in movements had made things a bit easier to control, but if she kept teasing him he wouldn't last. In order to prevent it, he withdrew his hips and shuddered while she moaned. Then, for a little payback, he snapped his hips forward. She arched and cried out, making him smirk and lean down, kissing her jaw line, "That feel good, Rhea?" he breathed hotly in her ear even as he pulled back and this time slowly worked his way inside.

"Yesss!" Rhea keened and arched up into him. His skin slid along hers and they both groaned in pleasure. Her hands roamed over his body and she traced his scar. The muscles in his stomach contracted and he flinched at first, before he relaxed and he hummed in content. Smiling she continued to trace his abs and chest, her fingers dancing along his skin. Feeling devious, she flicked her thumbs over his nipples and then twisted them.

Mouse let out a strangled moan and grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. Her touch made him burn and ache for so much more, it was slowly driving him insane. A good insane, he was sure, but insane. He shifted so he could hold her down better, but he did not expect her to suddenly arch into him and scream. "Rhea?" he asked uncertainly, stopping his movements.

", Mouse, please," Rhea whimpered and she tugged her wrists, "Please, I don't know...what you did, but...but that felt so good..." she brought her legs up and crossed her ankles behind his back, using her heel to push him deeper, urging him to keep going.

Mouse's breath hitched and he bit his lip. He let her go and gripped her hips while her arms wound around his neck, pulling him into a hot and passionate kiss. He moaned softly and pulled back before he picked his pace back up, snapping his hips forward. She arched and her chest collided with his, but this time he didn't stop. He kept going, moving a little bit harder each time, swallowing her cries of pleasure with the kiss.

Rhea really did have no idea what it was he kept stroking against, but it kept sending shots of liquid fire through her veins. She whimpered, feeling something in her abdomen begin to tighten, "M-More, Mouse! I...I need more," she begged breathlessly, raking her nails along his skin. He growled, then followed her neck, dragging his mouth along her neck and suckled at the juncture between her neck and shoulder. She shuddered and tilted her head in a submissive gesture, giving him more room.

Mouse panted, his hot breath coating her skin and he grunted in exertion, but he complied to her request. He felt it, deep inside, his orgasm getting closer and closer to exploding. He reached down between them, groaning when he felt himself disappear into her depths. He felt a swollen little nub just above her scorching center, and he rubbed it, "Come on, Rhea," he growled and nipped her skin, "Just let go..."

Whimpering, Rhea wrapped her arms around him tightly, pressing herself closer to him, throwing her head back and cried out. Whatever had been coiling finally snapped and everything just disappeared for a long moment as she felt pure bliss surround her, taking her high into the sky.

With a loud curse and a shout, Mouse's body seized up and he gripped onto Rhea just as tightly, his nails biting into her skin like hers bit his. Her walls had collapsed around him, squeezing him mercilessly and he just couldn't hold on any longer. He followed her off of that cliff into euphoria, just completely losing himself within her and what they had just shared.

He felt exposed, vulnerable, but that was okay. It was all okay because he was with the most precious person in his life. She had stolen his heart, but he trusted her to keep it safe. Why? Because he had stolen hers in turn, and he would never let anything happen to it.

The once lone rogue realized quickly, that he would never let her go. Not now...or ever.
This is a tribute to the Mouse and Rhea, two characters that the amazing artist :iconkingv: has designed. I have thought long and hard about just how this story will play out, and Iíve gone over it about a dozen times to make sure I did all that I can do.

This is set after the Lunar Lotus Festival, so far only a demo game in kingvís gallery. I keep getting bloody stuck so I havenít seen how the Mouse/Rhea couple turns out in the end. Anyway, despite that, Iíve come to adore them and have made this very steamy romantic fanfiction ::heart::

Warnings Ė If you donít like the couple, donít read it. This is purely for those who DO like the couple. Also, this is full of mature content, read at your own risk.

Anyway, without further ado!

Moonlight Secrets
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:blush: thank you!!!!!! I am always so flattered when people compliment me on my writing skills! I have low self confidence so I don't usually think I'm that good
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You're very welcome! Being a good writer is a gift you can use anywhere. Definitely a talent that needs more appreciation!
And I know what you mean. I tend to second guess myself a lot too. I always fiddle with my art to get it just right because sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough is there, you know? But they say you're always your worst critic so perhaps it'll help us both improve over the long run.
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
quite right! Anyway, thank you so very much!
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