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Commission for :iconkingv:

Continuation of Dance by the Waterfall

WARNING - sexual content!
This time, Rhea takes control.

Lantern Shadows

Surely it wouldn't do anything…

At least, that's what he thought.


Rhea watched the cot land on the floor with a soft plop and she sighed. Going over to a corner she unfolded the sheets and a single blanket to cover up with. It was way too late at night to go back to the hide out and she didn't want to wake anybody. Mouse knew where she was and would come and check on her in the morning when he discovered she hadn't come back. It still warmed her heart to know he had opened up to her a great deal before the festival, and he was very understanding when she admitted she had feelings for Lucky. He did like her, but he had agreed to just be friends. Well, he was more than a friend, she considered him more like a protective big brother.

It was quite funny, the way the two had had a "man to man" talk. Mouse had found her at the festival and gave Lucky a firm warning that he would hunt the koi down and gut him if he ever hurt her. The merprince had responded in kind, telling the rogue that he would rather die first before he ever hurt her in any way, shape, or form. Her big brother of sorts had stared Lucky down, but then gave a please smirk before walking off and leaving them to enjoy their time at the party.

Knowing Mouse had her back was such a great relief. She had been afraid he wouldn't approve, but thoughts like those no longer plagued her after that night. What would she ever do if she hadn't met him all those years ago? Heh, she would probably be lying in a gutter somewhere, rotting away.

Rhea hummed to herself, but she had turned off her music quite a while ago and it was sitting against the cave wall along with the other trinkets. She had exchanged her swimsuit for a simple but pretty pink sleeveless nightgown that flowed down to her knees. Bringing her hair up out of her eyes she bound it in a loose ponytail and then shook out the blanket, settling it over the cot. There was one of the red lanterns Mouse had given her only an arm's length away, and she was about to snuff it out and go to sleep when she heard a thud and a groan.

Snapping around to look at what caused the noise, she gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. On the ground at the entrance, was a black haired beauty she could recognize anywhere. "Oh god, Lucky!" she ran over to the man, kneeling down, "Lucky, are you okay? Are you hurt?" She examined him closely, checking for injuries, and breathed a sigh of relief when she found none.

Taisho groaned again, hissing as her hands ran over his skin. Hot. He was way too hot, and her touch only seemed to make him burn even more. "Rhea…" he panted and felt her shift him so he was sitting up, and gripped his head.

Rhea bit her lip and watched him. He was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and his hair was sticking to his face, "Lucky…it's okay, I'm right here. What's the matter?"

God, she sounded so concerned, and he felt terrible for making her worry about him. "I'm…I'm fine," he murmured.

"Well, you sure don't look it. Come on, let me get you to the bed," she coaxed and tried to get him to his feet, but his hand smacked the ground, his nails scraping against the stone floor, "Lucky?"

"No! No, please, just leave me right here," Taisho begged, his hand covering his face.

What was the matter with him? He never shouted at her. Rhea moved away and grabbed the lantern so she could examine him more closely. Once back at his side, understanding crossed her mind. His body was flushed and not only did he have sweat running down his skin, she took the time to realize he was also burning to the touch. She wasn't naïve. Glancing around his waist at the blue sash she hadn't seen before, she noticed there was a very evident tent in it. Moving further to the hand on the ground, she saw he clutched a vile.

"Lucky," she dropped her tone, making it almost sound like a purr. She watched him stiffen and a smirk played across her lips. "What is that you have in your hand?" She touched the vile, "Let me see it."

"But…I…" Taisho's voice sounded broken and scared. He swallowed thickly. Oh, what had he done? He should've asked her first, and now he was in this…this situation. He was such an idiot. Sighing, he hung his head and let her have the stupid vile.

Rhea took it and examined its contents. It was already half gone, but then again it wasn't that big anyway. It was pink, and she raised an eyebrow when she saw it was glowing. Wow. That was a big tip right there that it was some sort of magic. "When did you take this?" she popped the cork and smelled it. Yup, it was an aphrodisiac…but what was this other scent mixed with it? Glancing at him, she frowned, "Why do you even have this with you? Did you know what it was?"

"I…I took it only a few minutes ago. I saw you come in here and wanted to surprise you," Taisho bit his lip and his hand ran down his face. He looked at her, his grey eyes stormy and dark, as well as dilated with desire, "I'm so sorry. I've realized I love you, and I wanted to do something special for you…a friend of mind gave that to me, said it would keep you from getting pregnant…"

The blond thief's eyes widened and she sat back before she fell over from her kneeling position. Oh…oh wow. Did he…he really wanted…oh wow. Running her hand through her hair, she looked at the vile again. Since it was already open, she drowned its contents. He was suffering from his mistake of taking it too early, but that was okay, because she wanted him, too. She wanted to give him something special. Looking at him she saw his jaw had dropped a little in shock. Giggling, she moved onto her hands and knees and got into his face, "It's okay, Lucky, I don't mind. You don't seem to know what you're doing, though, so…allow me to take the lead."

Her lips sealed over his and he gasped a little, not expecting the kiss. However, there was something very different about this kiss. This…this wasn't sweet and gentle. Everything about it screamed passion and need. Taisho had no choice but to accept it and kiss back with just as much enthusiasm. "Rhea…" he murmured when they parted for air.

But she needed more. The potion was working double time, and so she ran her fingers through his silky black hair, pulling herself closer to him until she was literally in his lap. She had a leg on either side of him and she felt his hands grip her hips, anchoring her in place. She didn't mind, in fact she enjoyed the way he gripped her with so much force, so much need running through his veins and pouring through his fingertips, making her skin tingle in response. Licking his bottom lip he opened his mouth, allowing her to slip her tongue inside his hot cavern.

When she had asked for entrance, he remembered the other times they had kissed deep enough to add tongue. It seemed that even though they had been apart for a month, neither of them forgot hot to please the other just by kissing. She was a great kisser, too, with the way she ran her tongue over his teeth, rubbed it against his and instead of fighting for dominance they danced together. It felt so natural to do this with her, and oh so wonderful. She tasted like sugar coated strawberries and it was enough to make his mouth water and his arm went across her back, pulling her closer, silently begging for more.

He tasted of chocolate coated cherries, interestingly enough. Rhea enjoyed it immensely, and was glad when he deepened their make-out session. There was just something about doing this that made her body temperature skyrocket. This just wasn't enough, though. They had to take it further. Pulling away for air, she smiled when he pouted, avoiding him when he tried to kiss her again. Giggling, she trailed her hand from his hair, brushing his cheeks with her fingertips, stroking his neck and then rested on his shoulders, using them to push herself up.

Coaxing him with a "come hither" motion with her finger, she moved back across the cave and to the cot. He got up and fallowed, not noticing that in their passion his sash had come undone. Blushing when it fell to the ground, he tried to pick it up when her hands stopped him. Oh boy did they stop him, and his breath hitched, nearly choking him. Those nimble fingers were caressing him intimately, and he just could not hold back a moan as she stroked him once firmly, "Oh god, Rhea…"

She brought her hands to his hips, tracing the subtle V in them, and maneuvered him so he landed with a soft bounce on the cot. Rhea watched in wonder as his hair fanned out around him, his bangs parted just enough to show off his heart birthmark. His grey eyes were watching her intently, and the desire behind them made her shiver, "Just relax," she hummed, "Let me take care of you," and once again her hands found his rather impressive length.

Throwing his head back, Taisho cried out as she caressed him in her little hands. Whimpering, he squeezed his eyes shut. He hadn't taken the time to explore that part of his human body, but it was quite obvious he was very sensitive there. "Rh-Rhea…please…"

"Shh," she soothed, "It's okay, breathe." So, he wasn't quite ready for that. No problem, she had an idea for how to warm him up to it. Reaching down she slid off her nightgown, leaving her clad in only her underwear. There was no way she would wear a bra to bed. That was beside the point. Sliding up his body, she let him feel her skin against his and she smiled when he arched up into her. Gently, soothingly, she stroked his cheek and kissed him. When he calmed down enough, she started planting kisses along his face.

Taisho chuckled a little when she kissed his nose, and willed his body to relax as she brushed her lips over his eyelids, forehead, and then smoothing down his jaw line. She was so sweet, thinking of this in order to calm him down. How did he get lucky enough to have such a wonderful person?

Going down from his jaw, she kissed his neck, and started added little sucks here and there. A moan rippled in his chest, but didn't leave his mouth, so she sucked a bit harder as she covered every inch of it. He didn't let it out, though, until she reached that patch of skin before she reached his collarbone. Ah, so that was his sweet spot. Laving it with attention, he started shaking in desire beneath her. "That feel good, Lucky?"

"Yes," he moaned softly, "Yes, it does…can you…give me more?" he blushed as he selfishly requested this from her.

"Of course," Rhea reassured and continued on to the other side of his neck, giving a soft hum of appreciation when this time he tilted his head to give her more room. Licking, sucking, kissing, she did it all and all the while she moved slowly but surely down his body. The sexy little noises he made grew in volume and she had to smile against his skin when he gave a long, drawn out groan and withered against her. She had just dragged her tongue across one of his nipples which were standing out. Sucking it between her lips she let her tongue wrap around it and he squirmed.

"Rhea! Rhea! Wh-What are you d-doing?!" Taisho whimpered, his hands making their way up her body to her hair, forcing her mouth away.

"Trying different things," Rhea pouted, "If you don't like it I won't do it."

Taisho panted harshly and shivered, "I…I do, it's just…I don't…"

"Maybe another time," Rhea compromised and moved his hands away and watched him grip onto the sheets of the cot below him. Trying to distract him, she kissed around his peek and moved to the other side. She didn't tease it this time, just licked and sucked around it before moving down to his stomach where a nice four pack was developing, "You know, you always wanted to lie on a human bed. Do you like it?"

Her distraction was a good one, "Y-Yeah…it's very soft, and comfortable. I'm…I like it a lot better than the coral beds back home," he chuckled as her tongue found some ticklish spots, and he squirmed again when her tongue dipped into his navel, but this time didn't stop her. She was nearing where he was aching for her the most.

The blond ran her hands along his thighs soothingly, feeling the strong muscles, well earned from swimming all his life. Her nails lightly scraped his skin and he shivered, making her smirk in triumph, "That's good. I'm really glad you enjoy it. Now…I wonder if you'll enjoy this…" with that she moved her tongue along the V and then ran it along his stiff, scorching hot erection.

Taisho bucked and cried out in pleasure, "Oh! Ah…y-yeah, that…that feels nice," he swallowed thickly.

Taking that as her cue, she continued to lick, and added a little sucking her and there. He was thick, long, and she marveled how he felt smooth like velvet but underneath as hard as steal. Flicking her tongue over the slit in the head, she moaned softly at his taste. So much of it was flowing from him, too. Her free hand cupped his sacks and she played with them, seeing if he enjoyed that as well.

God…everything she was doing to him was just so amazing. He panted hard and groaned, his fingers digging into the bed. His head tossed back and forth and he whimpered when she swallowed the top of him in her wet, exceedingly warm mouth. Her name kept falling from his lips, and that encouraged her to do more. So…so good…oh god… "Rh-Rhea…no…sl-slow dowwwnnn!" he let out a keening sound, arching off the cot.

Rhea was shocked when she felt him pulse in her hand a few times, but she didn't move away when his thick, white, sticky cum exploded onto her taste buds. There was…just so much of him, but she was determined to take it all. He was as new to this as she was, but she had books on her side. While they didn't teach her how and what to do, she had a general idea of what she was doing. Licking her lips, she shifted and blushed when she realized her panties were ruined. She had been so focused on him, she hadn't realized just how turned on she was.

Taisho felt her moving around, but couldn't bring himself to open his eyes to find out what it was she was up to now. He felt so satisfied, and his body still hummed with the aftershocks of his high. She stopped for a moment, and he peeked his eyes open just in time to watch her slither up his body, "That was wonderful, angel," he murmured, caressing her cheek.

Rhea blinked, "Angel?" she echoed, and then watched his face darken in embarrassment.

"Yeah…ever since you saved me, I've thought of you as my Guardian Angel, Rhea," Taisho looked away shyly, "You don't mind, do you?"

She giggled, "No, of course not, silly," she blushed as well, a soft pink dusting her tan skin, "I'm very flattered you think so highly of me." Rhea stroked his chest, and then reached down between them to touch his newly awakened hard on. Well, it seemed the aphrodisiac also shorted recovery time. Smirking a little, she watched him with adoration, "Do you really want me, Lucky? All of me?"

He hissed in sensitivity when she touched him, but nodded and moved his hands to her hips to support her, "Of course I do. Don't you want me, too?"

"Yes…I do. You mean so much to me, Lucky; it's so hard to imagine my life without you. That month you were gone? It was torture." Her body shuddered and she moaned when she felt him brush against her center. Just a little push from her or a short thrust from him would complete their bond.

He was the one to finish it. With a strong jerk of his body he buried himself inside her. She screamed and threw her head back, and he arched. The pure bliss that was surrounding him was astounding. He panted and his blunt nails dug into her skin, "Oh…Angel…" he breathed.

Rhea felt sharp, shooting pain as well as pleasure when he did that. When he moved to get a better grip, she planted her hands on his chest, "Please," she whimpered, "W-Wait…just wait a moment, Lucky," she pleaded softly.

Taisho's eyes flickered in concern and he watched her face, bringing his hand up to stroke her hair, "What's the matter? Did I hurt you?" Wait…Carver said that virgin girls had something called a hymen their partner had to break through. It was natural, the magician explained, but that didn't stop him from being concerned for his precious Angel.

The blond smiled, but it wasn't as strained as before. Rocking her hips experimentally, she nodded, "I'm okay. Everything is perfectly fine," she promised, "You can move now, Lucky."

The sea prince did just that, but not before he reached up and brought her down into a kiss full of intense love. She was such a pure person, with a heart of gold and a soul he truly was lucky to have. He moved against her, and their soft cries filled the cave.

All the while, the lantern continued to glow, shining their dancing shadows on the walls.
Commission between :iconkingv: and I

Enjoy, peoples!!!

Lucky and Rhea (c) :iconkingv:

I'm trying out the warning option cuz it's not explicit or anything though I do put in detail
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Mesheme Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
YAY XD its up! (the storry i meen o.< ) it was a fun read i read it twise lol XD thax for puting it up agen!!
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
of course! no problem I'm glad you liked it!
Mesheme Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
i do i rilly liked it and it was a bit cut
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
yeah...i know, I clipped it before it got to the steamy stuff, but I couldn't bring myself to keep going. They're so innocent characters...
Mesheme Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
well it shows! thay are so innocent. i wonder what would hapen if thay know that ther wer people woching them? .... aka wriding what thay wer doing.... lol XD never mind
kingv Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
Cool fanfic, I'm glad you uploaded it! It's really interesting how you managed to write such an intimate story with those two. You did a great job and i enjoyed reading it.
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Wheeeeeee! Yes it was difficult towards the end but all that foreplay with him being nervous? I was on a roll!
kingv Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
I can understand that. I'd feel weird about writing it out too. I think you definitely got his character down during the nervous sections. I could see him as the type of guy who'd try and run so it's good that Rhea was the aggressor lol.
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
XD no kidding! Poor Lucky
Rozen-Shield Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
O/////o Daaaanng.. Never thoyght he had it in him.. ^^; Tai..You go dude!

good work on this, i nearly blushed as hard as I did when I read "Moonlight secrets".
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:XD: you blush too easy my friend but it's cute that you do
Rozen-Shield Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
I'm sorry Bria.. but this is really powerful stuff. ^//^; My blushing hat's off to you amigo
MonkeyScholar92 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Rozen-Shield Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
I'm serious.. at least the serum Carver gave Lucky worked...
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