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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 25
Episode 50
Kuwabara held a serious as he popped his knuckled and then place his hand on his bicep while flexing his arm, “Bring it Onji, if you still got it!” The older man ignored this as he shifted his arms in a sort of half circle movement. Both awaited for Juri to give the green before they could start their fight.
“And by the unquestionable authority of randomly rolled dice, Kuwabara and Ongi will fight. Starting right now!” Juri glamorously signaled.
The human male wasted no time as he launched himself at his opponent, swinging wildly in vain attempts to land one on him. Onji never once raised a fist against Kuwabara, simply making a fool out of the orange haired male by easily dodging his attacks. This only seemed to upset Kuwa the more he missed. He took a swing at the old man who jumped back several feet, distancing himself from another.
“I was going to give you a senior discount,” the human panted in a huffy manner, “But now it
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Shopping for Little Miss Yuu
Shopping for Little Miss Yuu
Alright, getting the information out of the little woman was easy enough. Now the real trick was finding what he wanted. He wore his bandanna, making it easier for people to get out of his way or actually help him. He found a woman’s store and wandered around a bit, flitting his hand through clothes and humming to himself in order to get around since Fuji wasn’t allowed in these sorts of places.
He was feeling a silk…something, a shirt or a gown he wasn’t sure, when someone came to help. It had lace around the bottom, and at the top going down in a gentle V and the lace made up the sleeves as well. He heard her footsteps and turned in her direction.
“Sir? Might you need help? You look a little lost and…” she sounded unsure of how to say her next words.
Tsuyoi smiled, “…and I’m blind. It’s alright. Hai, I need some assistance. I’m trying to get some outfits for my girl, but she
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 24
Episide 49
Shishiwakamaru did some fancy tricks with his katana but Koto was impatient, “So Shishi can twirl his Banshee Shriek as well as any band matron I’ve ever seen, but will he shed any blood before he makes this fighter vanish?!”
Suddenly there was a sharp sound in the air and Juri gasped, “That voice doesn’t sound so good…”
Shishi’s spirit energy went crazy, flaring and going through the fan his katana had made. Wailing and cries filled the air and lesser demons were highly affected, covering their ears in vain. Koto put her fox ears down and covered them, “I can’t even begin to describe the sound coming from Shishi’s sword!” She winced, “It feels like my ears are bleeding, and now it’s draining the life right out of the audience, causing them to collapse. This kind of violence just isn’t fun ‘cause it’s happening to /me/!”
“Did you know the shrill call of t
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 23
Episode 48
Kuwabara /finally/ got into the ring, but the girls were still screaming. Kuwabara was disgusted, “Wow, Sissywakamaru, the girls are /really/ into you. Too bad after I’m done with you, you’ll be chopped Suiwakamaru!”
“No one wants to kiss you!” A girl shouted after a series of boos.
Kuwabara retaliated, “That’s not true! I’ve got a girl that wants to kiss me all day long and she’s a LOT cooler than you!”
Shishi chuckled and smiled before readying his sheer sash, “Let’s get ready, my defective friend. I’ve got fame to achieve.”
“Oh, that is SO it! You are totally going down!” He summoned his spirit sword and swung it around, “Come on!”
“We’ve got the fourth match; Shishiwakamaru verses Kuwabara!” Juri announced, twirled, and then flung her hand in the air, “And begin!”
Kiyomi covered her eyes with one hand while Tomoko repeated
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 22
Episode 47 p2
“Let’s just keep going, they’ve probably started the third match,” Botan said as they kept walking.
“They’ve probably already lost it,” Shizuru commented.
Sachi stopped, “Um…guys…small problem,” she looked at her little companion, worried.
“Oh dear! What is it now, Sachi?!” Botan ran over.
Sachi bit her lip as the blue creature cooed in pain, “It’s Puu…” the little guy wiggled still crying out and she tried to hold him.
Botan leaned down and went to touch him, “Oh, he looks absolutely awful…”
“He’s in pain…” Sachi didn’t like this. She felt like she was in pain as well, but it wasn’t overwhelming. Her link with Yusuke wasn’t very strong, while Puu was a /direct/ link to him. She said this, “He’s supposed to be a reflection of Yusuke’s soul. I think it means Yusuke’s hurting, to
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 21
Episode 47
“Yes…” Koto said softly into her microphone, “The ring is shrouded in fog. And with Juri MIA who knows what fantastic action is happening within those cloudy walls.”
Time ticked on as Kiyomi's nervousness grew the more that Kurama's energy weakened. At this rate, he'd be nothing more than a baby...The other demons in the stadium murmured impatiently for something to happen, whether to see what's going on or at least have a report of it. Tomoko, however, was growing bored with the fog and formed a wire ball to amuse herself with as the wait continued on.
All at once, however, Kurama's energy disappeared which caused the hair on the back of Kiyomi's neck to stand on end. Something must have happened to Kurama! It couldn't be the fog since even a child in the womb held some spirit energy. " okay..."
Energy much stronger than before then flared and everyone close enough felt it. Kuwabara leapt back as he was hit with bla
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 20
Episode 46
Kuro screeched a laugh, “If you thought my armor of the ape was /badass/, wait till you see my second armor! The armor of the Phoenix!”
Tomoko rolled her eye and crossed her legs boredly. "Tsk, that's no phoenix. The liar. His armor more resembles a harpy than a phoenix. I should know, I mean look at where his 'wings' are place. /Totally/ harpy, hands down. Come on Hiei! Trash this guy! He can't even get the name of his armor right!"
“Kuro has morphed once again, but I think the burning question is – was there anything wrong with his original fairly hot, muscular body?!” Koto shouted disappointedly into her microphone.
“Man! Here we go again! If Kuro keeps this up, Hiei’s finished!” Kuwabara grumbled.
Kurama didn’t agree nor disagree, “We shall see.”
“Heh, colorful getup you’ve got there, but it doesn’t look so tough!” Hiei taunted.
Kuro laughed, his voice now high-pitched and an
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 19
Episode 45
“Um, can we get a clean-up crew to pick up this body?” Juri asked timidly into the mike, “That isn’t part of the referee job is it?”
“Again, I love the brutality,” Koto called from the sidelines, “But next time, let’s try and drag it out. We mustn’t forget out torturing!”
Hiei looked at Shishi again, “Roll. I told you to hurry; I’d like a chance to finish warming up.”
Shishi didn’t like Hiei’s attitude, “Careful, Fate may have a sense of humor.” He tossed the die into the air.
When they finished rolling, Kuwabara stared at them hard, “Sooo, any of us verses…Kuro Momotaro?”
Hiei watched the blonde chew his gum and looked at the dice, “This might be my lucky day after all. If we can choose anybody from our team to fight in this match,” he leered at the other team, “Then of /course/ it’s going to be me.”
“The s
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 18
Episode 44 p2
Hiei readjusted his sky blue shirt and then put his cloak together and slung his white scarf around his neck. Last night had been one hell of a “party” as the others called it. All he was grateful for was after a while they stopped trying to get him to join in their shenanigans and Tomoko slept soundly throughout the entire thing. Being a light sleeper, he hadn’t been able to sleep at all until the rest of them passed out. He shook his head and walked out the door to his room and into the living area. Tomoko was laying on the window ledge, a blanket over her petite frame. Botan and Sachi were passed out on the couches, that ridiculous creature ‘Puu’ asleep in Sachi’s arms. Davon and Shizuru were unconscious on the floor, Davon on top of the elder woman, and in the adjacent bedroom Kuwabara was putting Kerica in his bed.
That man…for how dumb he could be, the fire demon had to admit he was quit honorable and respected him f
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YYH DT - A Girl Team - Chapter 17
Episode 44
“So hey, Urameshi and the Masked Lady sure have been gone a long time,” Kuwabara frowned as the rain pattered hard against the window, “They sure missed one hell of a match.” He was still aching for Kerica…he felt her pain as keenly as if it was his own.
“Indeed,” Kurama agreed as he and the orange haired man watched lightning flash. Kiyomi’s injuries were more physical than emotional, but the fox still felt them. Another who put on a tough face despite their counterpart’s pain was Hiei, who was sitting on the window seat looking grumpy, “Missing Tomoko already?” he smiled.
“Hn,” was all Hiei muttered. However, the corners of his mouth did turn down into a deeper frown. He refused to admit it, especially since Kurama already knew the answer. However, that didn’t stop the fact he /was/ worried, and he did miss her. She had been injured pretty badly, and even the Angel could only heal s
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Konoha College - Chapter 21
Konoha College Chapter 21
Hageshi tossed his cigarette into the snow, watching the smoke fizzle out of the melted hole it made. Where was the hideous rug rat anyway? He told her seven, but considering the snow change, he figured she would’ve been there sooner. It was only six thirty now and the snow was coming down hard. His mom had told him to end the game, so he would do just that. Yami would be settling things tonight as well. As for Nerieta…who knew what the snake was up to. He would rip Kiyomi’s clothes off of her so she would freeze faster, knowing Nerieta wouldn’t mind. Everything she gave Kiyomi ended up in a separate bin entirely anyway. Then he would beat her good and toss her into the ravine which was filled with snow. No one would find her until she washed into the river that spring. It was the perfect time to do this.
Finally, he heard her clumsy footsteps and he turned towards her, his hands in his jacket pockets. He watched with mild amuse
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Konoha College - Chapter 20
Konoha College Chapter 20
Kiyomi stared emotionlessly at the ground as she trudged through the snow, not caring that she continually bumped into people passing by and the snow had soaked through her boots, soaking her socks making her feet numb from the cold. She really couldn’t feel anything anymore. The numbness had taken care of that or at least most of it. All those things Kerica said...all the things she herself said....they hurt still. Stopping at a corner way, Kiyomi half watched as cars passed through the intersection at their green lights. She spotted a large trucker rambling down the road, and vaguely wondered if everything would stop hurting if she got hit by it.
Wouldn’t take much to pull off...she’d just have to wait a couple of minutes and step out in front of it, but she’d have to do it a just the right time too. Too soon and the trucker could break or swerve to miss her. Too late and she’d only be clipped. Yes...if she could just do
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Konoha College - Chapter 19
Konoha College Chapter 19
Mejiro opened the door with a wide grin, “Kiyomi! Kerica! I’m so glad you’re here. Come in, come in. Dinner’s on the table already.” He ushered his daughters inside, but took note of Kiyomi’s odd apparel. She had her hair up in a ponytail, wore dark purple make-up and what was supposed to be an off the shoulder sweater but she had it down in front. Her pants weren’t baggy, but instead a jet black pair of jeans. Her hoodie was nowhere in sight even as she took off her jacket and hung it up, and then kicked off her heeled black boots. “Wow, Kiyomi…you look…great,” he wanted to say odd and asked what happened but didn’t want to be rude.
Kerica on the other hand looked just like she always did. A bold red V-neck sweater that buttoned to make the V deeper or shorter and she had all but the top three undone. It had white snowflakes stamped all over it and gingerbread men lining the bott
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Mature content
Konoha College - Chapter 18 :iconmonkeyscholar92:MonkeyScholar92 0 0
Mature content
Konoha College - Chapter 17 :iconmonkeyscholar92:MonkeyScholar92 0 7
Mature content
Konoha College - Chapter 16 :iconmonkeyscholar92:MonkeyScholar92 0 0


Mature works this is an example. I'm going to start out with mature work commissions. I will talk to you about what you would like to see. I do Straight, Gay (Yaoi), or Lesbian (Yuri). I will do fandoms, or OTPs if you desire, but allow me the chance to do research on the characters first if I don't know who they are. I don't do pain play (except maybe the use of claws and teeth), and when it comes to BDSM I will only do light bondage (ropes, chains, cuffs, etc). When it comes to monsters/demons/vampires/werewolves...we'll talk about it.

Price? I say 150 points but it depends on a lot of things, that's just a general price. We'll talk about that, too.


Dean and Sam Winchester by MisaKaterina Dean and Sam Winchester :iconmisakaterina:MisaKaterina 102 32 Hot Jensen Ackles by MisaKaterina Hot Jensen Ackles :iconmisakaterina:MisaKaterina 96 27 spring by SusanCoffey spring :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 4,842 329 Green Eyes by SusanCoffey Green Eyes :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 9,411 997 Kryptonite by SusanCoffey Kryptonite :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 5,995 680 Closer by SusanCoffey Closer :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 3,538 255 Sunset by SusanCoffey Sunset :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 4,164 313 May by SusanCoffey May :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 3,654 269 Red and Blue by SusanCoffey Red and Blue :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 1,750 135 Distillery by SusanCoffey Distillery :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 1,183 48 New Polaroids by SusanCoffey New Polaroids :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 624 20 More by SusanCoffey More :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 1,862 75 Pin by SusanCoffey Pin :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 389 8 Abandon by SusanCoffey Abandon :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 448 13 Subterfuge by SusanCoffey Subterfuge :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 2,222 133 Car by SusanCoffey Car :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 595 13



:iconwen-m: :iconsaniika: :iconsailor-phoenix93: :iconhakeshsama: :iconchirichara: :iconamethyst-rose: :iconreirei18: :iconmistyque: :iconsureya: :iconkingv: :iconlynx-tiger:



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Hahaha I'll be getting a new comp within the month so ^^ I'll be making a huge comeback

Mainly using this journal entry as a list of my projects and I can check them off as I go! Aso wanted to tell ya'll what I'm up to

Sims Projects

Sims Medieval

Kingdom Konoha - in the middle of

Kingdom Lifeton - Based on Life

Kingdom Aurel - YYH

Kingdom Anima - Based after animals I know

Kingdom Shadow - evil


TS3 - Here's the kicker

Bachelorette Challenge for Pyroma!

Star Trek Legacy

Make or find a Konoha world for a Naruto Legacy

Jolly Rancher Legacy (Backwards Rainbowcy) - Founder Grappe Rancher

Patriotic Legacy - Founders - Amer Patri and Follo Wers

Elemental Nymph Legacy

TMNT Legacy (the NYC World should be done by the time I get to this one)

Prompts with myself, my BF, and my 4 friends

TS4 - Fuck around





Window's Movie Maker - get up the motivation to re-work a video I had started but lost


Dragon Age - FINISH IT

Mass Effect

Assassin's Creed


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