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Macross Tomahawk, unseen\reseen Battletech Warhammer, no matter the name this mech is 10 shades of awesome!!!
This zip file contains the PDO file for building a cardstock model of Punakettu's :iconpunakettu: Warhammer Battlemech.

The model was adapted from the work done by Punakettu's. The model was updated very minimally to keep his original style and feel.

The 3D mesh was cleaned and reskinned in Metasequoia, then unfolded in Pepakura Designer 3+ (PDO files can be opened with Pepakura Designer or
Pepakura Viewer: [link])

I left the PDO file unlocked, so you can change the PDO template to fit your way of building, if you know how and have a licensed copy of Pepakura
Designer to do so, but you cannot distribute your modified copy without my permission.

The model is free for any non comercial use and may not be rehosted. The Warhammer and Battletech are copyrighted to their respective owners.
It is available for download at [link]

If you like the model you can fav it or post a note!!!

I love seeing other peoples build of my models, please drop me a link to a board or site!!!

Original 3D Model: Punakettu - [link]
3D Model Resculpt, retexture, and original unfold: Monkeyrum
Final unfold and custom texture: BLaaR
Beta builders: BLaaR, Vortex_4200, Dopedidu
A big thanks to the Mech3 Papercraft forum regulars and visitors: [link]

Lots of hours and work went into this one thanks everyone!!!

Additional custom skins can be downloaded from my gallery at:
© 2011 - 2023 monkeyrum
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So, many years ago there was this wonderful paper model. And now there is a 3D print. :)

Thanks again monkeyrum and punaketto.