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Beam Beam Buster!!

By monkeypim
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hope you all like my sub :)

pls come check and vote for my cute monster too
4. [link] 3. [link]
2. [link] 1. [link]
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thanks you guys for votes and comments,
it's been fun and finally we'll wait for a result, good luck to you all :D
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hes very cute :D

check out mine please? (: [link]
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im a firing ma lazar!!! lol nice design voted :D
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Awesome design. Voted and LIKED very much
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Nice, I'd totally wear that! If you like my "Hidden" monster, lets share votes!


Good luck,
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I'd wear this! Nice Design! cute!
Have a look at mine:
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I really like this one! Voted and good luck! :heart:
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Ey I think I just found a pro, love all of your shirts, nice colors & cute, super cute monsters ;)
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Cute one (:

If you want you can check mine too [link]
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nice! did you do all of this on photoshop/on a computer? nice work. it looks great.
i drew mine, scanned it and then used photoshop to drop color into him. here's a link to mine if you would like to check it out [link] thank you!
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all design created from adobe illustrator,
first i draft on a paper and then draw it with wacom pen

i checked out yours and vote!! good luck :)
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cool! thanks for answering!
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Revenge of the killer horn!.....that's not funny. Your monster's cute. Vote for mine plz.

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one just have to love this godzillaesque monsters! wann see it in a movie :)

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Id wear this indeed :)

Please check my entries and if you like them it would be awesome to receive your votes :)

Little Sad Thing
Another Fury Deviant Member
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please vote fore me:
all votes will be returned!! :)
thanks :p
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Ah, this looks the cutest of those five! Congrats, it's an awesome creature :D!
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This one's my favorite, though I wish he was against a white or gray background ^^ But I love the design :D
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Good entry, fine monster :D
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:iconplanningplz: excellent work, funny monster...plz chek out my monster too :iconheehee-plz: [link]
Cute Monsters rule the World
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This is awesome! You have my vote!

Please return my favor and throw a vote my way too!

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nice, pretty cute! i like the colors too. and the ears! most of the monsters that i like look a little bit cat-like, mine does too. here's a link if you would please come check it out: [link] (to save some time i made my profile picture my monster, so if you like him please go vote) thanks!!!
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