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Commish: He Ain't So Innocent

By monkeyoo
A commission for :iconsuperkusokao:
Scout is not so innocent.

Commission is open btw!
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BatMantle's avatar
awww. x3
soo cute!
Wise2Fox's avatar
I sense evil on him :altermind:

Its pretty cool
VendettaPom's avatar
D'aw... He's so cute! And you're right: Innocent? Fat chance.
SleepDepJoel's avatar
Pfft. I see that wire.
the-soup's avatar
Awww, he's so cute.
Ezion's avatar
This pic would make a great cloth patch. Well, I like the drawing anyways, though the scout is so over-the-top arrogant I can't see him as cute in any sense of the word.
Teghan's avatar
awww! the halos are SO adorable!
Fangirl-of-Ace's avatar
Awwww. He looks so cute and innocent with his wibble halo and wibble blood on his wibble bat. Aww.
kayoko102's avatar
Only a face a mother could love
wigglepie's avatar
so cute and so bloody, I love it
great job
ryochu's avatar
lol the halo..

it suits him!
NineteenKures's avatar
good use of the halo hat! haha
heliozero's avatar
The Halo War going on makes me facepalm. This picture makes me sigh with content C:
Kakashi282's avatar
Doesn't he have his regular hat off when he wears the halo?
monkeyoo's avatar
yeah he does, but without his hat to me he doesn't look like the scout.
Carasaib's avatar
Oh scout, you can fool anyone~ xD;
speedlight's avatar
oh god oh god monkey this is ADORAABLEEEE
LadyCat17's avatar
Oh, my! This is so cute! :D
Charlett's avatar
Those halo things are going to be abused so freaking much.

Doesn't stop them from being adorable though. My Scout ALWAYS has his halo~ =D
La-Mishi-Mish's avatar
Nope, but he sure is adorable XP
icantdrawforschozz's avatar
What a sweet little angel!
Raveraiser's avatar
hahaha Is this in anyway related to the halo hats they give for non idlers?
SuperKusoKao's avatar

This made me so happy!

And thank you again : DDDD

I made it my Zune bg; it's so awesome.

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