Furries Suck

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I am very tempted to put up a journal about how much furry art sucks arse, but I don't think I will as my art is pretty damn sucky in it's self...
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sensitive bunch around here aren't they :)
furries generally do suck arse around here. there are a few good anthro pictures, by people like jennadelle and goldenwolf or whatever her name is, with actual skill involved in drawing them....
but it's usually their character 'bloodrayne' or 'Isis' or 'asmodeus' wearing really baggy pants, with 100 piercings (the artist wishes their own parents would let them have) crying blood, cutting their wrists or perhaps killing avril lavigne "AND ALL TEENYBOPPERS & POSERS!!!"
or it's their really KAWAIIII vixen/kitty hybrid fursona fucking their other fox/kitty/wolf character, drawn like shit.
heh heh