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Gnome gtk2 Desktop Theme

Runs on Murrine, Equinox and Pixbuff Engines

Any questions, happy to oblige...

Enjoy using this theme =D

Wallpaper : Paranoid - Natural Mystic by Kon


Icons : Any Color You Like by Pobtott/SwitzaK


Wed 08 Dec 2010 updated with insensitive text styles.

@2pm updated color scheme to black edition.
@3pm implemented 4 color state range sliders and silver radial line focus for buttons and notebook tabs in prelight state.
@4pm check radio indication improved in response to bug report.
@9:40pm New handles and a calendar color adjustment.

Thu 09 Dec 2010

@2pm Nautilus and application specific code edits.
No issues with display or text in Chrome, Firefox etc. without any css or include files.

Fri 10 Dec 2010

Improved Shadows - Frame, Scrolled Window, Text views and Notebook.

Sat 11 Dec 2010

@ 12am Progress menu text color adjusted for legibility.

Mon 13 Dec 2010

@ 2.30 pm Updated Archive 2 versions included :
0.2 Murrine, Equinox & Pixmap (Equinox entries)
0.3 Murrine & Pixmap (Pixmap entries & Neutral Density Gradient)

Tu 14 Dec 2010:

@ 9.35pm 0.4 Release Panel Text Edit and a New Metacity
inspired by : [link]


An emerald port of YiMingMoJun's "PhotoShop Design"


Wed 15 Dec 2010:

@ 3.00pm New Evolution Mail Calendar Style - applet & system calendars all legible.
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I'd like to report a rather bizarre bug, at least on my system. I cannot figure out why but whenever I use this theme it actually prevents me from dragging icons around, so if I click on something, try to move it, the grab doesn't seem to hold and when i release it goes back to it's position. After 3x its works, but this has caused some rather odd behavior like accidentally moving folders into each other, etc. I can only assume it's got something to do with the engines it uses, because this never happens with Cold v2 or other themes. I'm at a loss to explain it =/ Just thought I'd mention it, this might be isolated to my system I've no idea