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FlapJack and Sally Syrup D.

Okay this is kinda random(I did this last night so I kinda don't know what I was going with this)
Well it's Flapjack and Sally Syrup from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Well it is them but just a bit older(teen age years) the odd thing is they kinda look the same when they were little oh well....well yeah...not much to say
If I insult anyone or wasted anyone's time I am sorry I just felt like draw these two
Flapjack and Sally Syrup don't belong to me I'm pretty sure they belong to Thurop Van Orman
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You're pretty sure or completely sure? xD

Anyway, very cute and I love your style
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Okay I'm sure:D
and thanks(I'm going to do a digital one later)
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That's better ^^
I look forward to it
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I already did the digital one if you want to know
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Really? YUS!
Where is it?
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I send it in already(the group)'s not that great tho here's the link
I should have put more detail in the background
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Oh yeah, I accepted that already.
absent minded little old me x3

It's cute
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thanks and it's okay that happens to me all the time
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aw they look so cute! :DDDD They are very nciely drawn!
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they look great :D
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thanks and thanks for the fave:D
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LOL I love it! You did a very good job making them teens too.
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Thanks:D and that's good to know:D
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Teenagers are weird to draw. Most 'teens' on tv are actually 20 somethings pretending to be teens. Real teenagers are stuck somewhere between their adult bodies and their child bodies. This drawing is awesome simply because you've acknowleged that they're not all grown up just yet.
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I know that some are
yes they are but I guess it helps that I am a teen so I know how the age is the most awkward stage of anyone's life
and thanks:D
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