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More samples at my Gallery

Ask me about backgrounds if you're interested !

Pixel art ~ per character
     Commission - Prince Velveteen - by MonkeyHazard     Comm: Sumiko by MonkeyHazard   Sailor Scouts pixels by MonkeyHazard    Comm: Lachesis dreamy by MonkeyHazard  Comm: pixel avi by MonkeyHazard   Comm: pixel avi 3 by MonkeyHazard   Comm: pixel avi 5 by MonkeyHazard Comm: pixel avi 6 by MonkeyHazard

FULL-COLORED~ per character

Chest Up - $14
   Little bubu Saeyoung~ by MonkeyHazard  Commission 2 - Ambrosius Merlin - by MonkeyHazard      Commission - Coridoe - by MonkeyHazard   Comm: Elaine by MonkeyHazard    Comm: Avatar by MonkeyHazard Comm: Shy Rabbit by MonkeyHazard

Waist up - $18
  Comm: Alelie by MonkeyHazard      Comm: Ronin by MonkeyHazard    Comm: Unhooded Kenny by MonkeyHazard Comm: Ayla and Saros by MonkeyHazard Comm: Holden by MonkeyHazard

Hip up - $23
  Commission 2 - Bye Bae - by MonkeyHazard   Mystic Messenger - Butler 707! by MonkeyHazard   Comm: Vampire by MonkeyHazard Comm: Aneska by MonkeyHazard Comm: Sailor Scouts by MonkeyHazard   Comm: Chijiru by MonkeyHazard

Full Body - $28
  Commission - Mz Epic - by MonkeyHazard  Comm: Dr. Z by MonkeyHazard      Comm: Gamer Avi by MonkeyHazard Comm: Akane by MonkeyHazard Comm: Roman by MonkeyHazard  Comm: Pasian by MonkeyHazard   Comm: Kaden by MonkeyHazard Comm: MYO dreamy by MonkeyHazard  Comm: Purple Fox by MonkeyHazard  Comm: Elf by MonkeyHazard

+ 2$ for wings/big tails/Weapons/complicated extras

Send me a note or email me at: if you're interested
If you'd prefer to find me on gaiaonline,my username is MonkeyHazard
and on discord, I'm Momo #5062