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The Little Lesbian
Another story of her life
She writes to fill the voids
While other girls are everywhere
Chasing all the boys
With Aquanet and colored pumps
They proudly lift their skirts
To any guy in Reebok Highs
Or worn C.T. Converse
She sits inside
She writes and cries
She knows they won’t approve
Her only want in all the world
Is the girl in the tie-dyed boots
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Not grump day
Not hump day
Not feeling in the dumps day
Not un-bored day
Not reward day
Not Today is Our Lord’s Day
It’s not Whose Day
Not you lose day
It simply is just Tuesday
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Age Appropriate (Fright Fest No. 3)
Come inside, little girl
Take a ride, little girl
Say goodbye, little girl
Mom and dad won’t hold your hand
Monsters fly, little girl
In the night, little girl
You can’t hide, little girl
Save yourself as best you can
Hear the screams, little girl
Know what it means, little girl
The stalking fiends, little girl
Climb inside my dingy van
Sell your freedoms to a man
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(Fright Fest No. 2)
You can try to run away
But someone’s right behind you
You can try to hide them out
But someone’s bound to find you
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Cowards by Candlelight (Fright Fest No. 1)
Broken wrist and handprint bruises
Distant screams draw near
Blindly wandering through dark fog
Paralyzed by fear
She doesn’t mean to dig her claws in
She’s just scared you’ll leave
And no one likes abandonment
Before a zombie feast
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Clumsy Lovers
We are clumsy lovers-
Unsure of ourselves-
But still we try.
We make the effort.
We explore,
Express our feelings
In the only ways we know how to.
We do not know how things work.
We do not even know if our kisses would make sense to anyone else in this world,
But we do not care.
All that matters is that they make sense to us.
We may be clumsy lovers,
But we are loving lovers.
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Windows Between Us
It's raining.
She's asleep.
I don't normally know when she is, but tonight I can see her through the glass wrapped up in her blanket.
I can hear her snores
every once in a while
when they get a little loud.
It's almost as though I could just reach out and pull her close.
But I can't.
Even though she's [RIGHT THERE]
just inches away.
We're separated by this stupid glass in her windows,
her windows computer
and the infinite miles between us.
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Insight (Revisited)
I'm still tired.
I'm still stressed out.
There's always so much to do.
My muscles don't ache right now, but my heart does.
My eyes are sore.
I haven't eaten regularly in a long while.
I can't breathe most days.
There's no time.
My head is pounding.
I'm frustrated.
I'm upset.
I     just     want     to     sleep.
But today I have someone to talk to and I feel a bit better.
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It's better to bleed
A man who throws out every thing his child gives him
    A daughter who will always feel worthless
A man who saves faded and worthless memorabilia of his long-time ex-wife
    A daughter who will always feel like she will never be as loved
A man who blames others for his faults
    A daughter who will always feel at fault
A man who fights his demons by turning them on his audiences
    A daughter who will always feel the pain of her open wounds
A man does not know what he does so he is never held accountable
    A daughter learns her place
    spends eighteen years stitching and sculpting
    the mask that will protect her when she enters the real world
    the mask that must be perfect save a crack across the cheek
         A new man will seep in and finish what her father started
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Call Me Stone Face
I am the stone face of this family.
When asked how I am, I reply,
"I'm doing alright, I promise,
"I'm doing my best to get by."
I listen to condolences
And end every phrase with a smile.
Secretly, the truth is
I'm forcing myself not to cry.
"I am the stone face of this family,"
I repeat even though it's a lie.
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I Was Abused
Abuse is not just physical. Abuse is not just sexual. Abuse does not always leave raised scars. Abuse is not always forced. Abuse is not just a hand where it does not belong. Abuse is does not always mean not having material necessities.
Abuse can be verbal. Abuse can be emotional. Abuse can leave emotional scars. Abuse can go unnoticed by the abused. Abuse can be a criticism or hateful word where it does not belong. Abuse can mean not having emotional and mental necessities.
Abuse is not just the kind you can see. Abuse is anyone not receiving the care, support, and attention essential to feeling loved.
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The Inevitable
Through my childhood and growing up
Divorce was a word I heard too much
Mom and Dad fought
They'd had enough
Every friend's parents were also split up
I never saw a marriage that didn't end rough
So why should they expect me to believe in love?
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A New-Found Hate for Silence
I used to hate to hear them
The sounds from down the halls
I used to wish for steel vault doors
And thicker soundproof walls
The snores and coughs, they roared
The tv would not turn down
Their anger, how it bellowed
In the noises, I would drown
But now the house is quiet
The floors don’t even creak
The AC grumbles sometimes
But even that’s a little weak
I turn on the ice cube maker
I blare two radios
Still the silence echoes
Nothing fills the voids
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Pop Goes the Weasel
It was the morning of Christmas--Tyler's second Christmas-- when Anne carried the baby downstairs. She carefully stepped around the present, glaring at all of the useless gifts her mother had dropped off for Tyler the previous day.
  "Wee-thol, Mommy! Sing!" Tyler whined in her ear.
  Anne rubber her temple, amazed that her baby could have that much energy after being awake all night when she herself had none. "Mommy's tired right now, sweetie. Can't we just be quiet for a little bit?"
  Tyler beat his chubby fists into her shoulders. "Sing, Mommy! Sing!" he demanded.
  Anne sighed and began to twirl Tyler around the Christmas tree. "All around the mulberry bush," she spun faster and faster, swinging the child wildly. "The monkey chased the weasel..." They turned faster, Anne's nightgown flaring out and knocking ornaments from the lower half of the tree. "The monkey thought 'twas all in fun..."
  Tyler giggled in anticipation for the ending.
  "'Til..." An
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To: Pizza Pocket
Fuck yeah little pizza pocket!
You keep on being you.
Don't let any other fucker
Tell you what to do.
If those flat-ass frisbee wannabes
Got some kind of shit to say,
Ignore the stupid bastards,
And go make someone else's day
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It would be marvelous, thinks the tree,
If only I could be
Like all the little girls and boys
  and moms and dads I see.
If I had legs, the tree decides,
I could walk with mighty strides
Or play games without being the one
  behind whom(which?) they'd all hide.
With arms, she thinks again,
I could be the greatest friend.
I would give the strongest, warmest hugs
  that ever could have been.
But I haven't any doubt
That I'd mostly like a mouth
So I could talk to everybody near
  and tell the world about
What it's like to be a tree
With no arms or mouth or feet
And how wonderfully grateful
  every person here should be...
But I haven't arms or legs-
I don't even have a head-
And I haven't got the words to say.
I might as well be dead.
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It's coming up... Oh god. I epically FAILED at Julnowrimo and it made me somewhat lame for getting all hyped up about it, planning, preparing, etc., and then achieving so little. This time (as of literally yesterday), I might have a new story in the works, but so far it's looking like a short story with little direction. I almost finished one draft of it last night, but it felt as though I'd gotten turned around somewhere during the writing process. I dunno. Maybe I just need to type it and split the pieces up. It's so much easier to do that than attempt to split things up in a notebook. Sadly, the computer offers so very many distractions and I am so very easily distracted. Like now. I SHOULD be getting ready for school and putting in my contacts, but I am instead blahblahblah-ing on the internet. 
WELL. I believe that recognition of the problem is a sign that it's gone too far. Possibly more on this at a later date.
Hasta la pasta!


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