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SFVAE Medieval Town

Update 1/18/2018:Update stage icons for AE 
Another of my old USFIV stage mod coming to SFV

Replace (Sky of Honor Stage) or The Grid(The choice is yours)
Since I use The Grid as base,the name is duplicated,other than that,everything works well (Sound,stage...)
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.10 version of course)
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Download link doesn't work anymore
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another question, do you know the name of the song that is played on the preview video?
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Thanks again monkey' Dawww 
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Any video previews...?
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I'd rather have this replace the Grid...
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I have included a Medieval Town version for the Grid
Download link is still the same,hope you guys don't mind re-download it.
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would this stage will also include a bgm?
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Sorry,I don't make BGM mod
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nice mod i like it

i cant download its says this site blocked
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change DNS using DnsJumper
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can you help me !
i want to import .uasset files (SFV files or mods ) to 3dmax or blender 
or convert (extract) them
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