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SFVAE Kami's Lookout

Update 1/18/2018:Update stage icons for AE 
Another of my new stage mod coming to SFV

Replace For Frosty Boulevard/S05 or The Grid/TRN (The choice is yours)
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.10 version of course)
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Damn! Thx for sharing. I was beginning to believe there wasn’t any stages modded for SFV.
 Remember, the Harrier Jet hovering up and down, I believe in Streetfighter 2. I don’t remember which version. It was Rolento’s or Nash’s stage. Is there any possibilities of reproducing that one? 
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Hey dude!!!  this is amazing !!! 
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these are very cool, could there be a version without the shenrons
Make a " day version " or " white version " of this stage plizzz !!!
That is trippy man, my brain does not know what's happening LOL  Good work.
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i like it but The non moving dragons in the back ruin the stage.

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Can you please make a Pak for it on any stage that doesn't have a mod yet? I don't want to replace other stage mods. Put it on the beach or somethin' like that.
It's a little to static. I would be cool if Shenron was flying around. Also Dende and Mr. Popo were in the background watching. For hard hits they could get knocked down. Also a few DBZ warriors coming in/out of the hyperbolic time chamber would be a nice touch.
very very nice! but why nighttime? how hard would it be to make day and night versions of this?
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Amazing!!!Thank you very much!!!!
Awesome mod thx its perfect !!! But he is a little too dark, can you add a little more white, more light ?
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Nice and super saiyan nice.
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Shocked. This is awesome!Small Heart Bullet (Pink) - F2U! I think I've fainted. 
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