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SFVAE Cyber Akuma (Update Oct-9th-2019)

(Update Oct-9th-2019) :update new files to be compatible with update 4.81

(Update Oct-16th-2018)
1/Fix belt tetxure
2/Fix skin tone
3/Add metallic effect

Here comes one of my old USFIV mods coming to SFV
Cyber Akuma returns with vast improvement
Replace costume 1
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.00 version of course)
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I don't know what's more funny, the fact that this skin has existed for free for over 5 years or the fact that it's a mod with with more details then the official skin.


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Right under the picture...

Nice Work! Thank you

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is there a black outfit/arm version? that would be great ! good job anyway. ps: why just a few akuma mods...
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Nice Work! Thank you!
Is there for this replace costume 2 or 3 instead?
 I'm Brazilian and I'm following your work, sorry for my English. I really think it's amazing. The best (MOD/SKIN) made for SFV. But it looks like the new update is bug it, Please help.
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Really awesomeB-) (Cool) 
I saw Maximillion Dood use this mod on his stream hah! Grats!
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Will a Topless version release later ?
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Awesoooooooooome!!!!!! >w<
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Is that the one with red skin and white hair available if we choose color 11-15? Because I don't see any skin and hair color change when I shuffle between color 1-10 (only his clothes' color is changed)

Anyway it's good to see this mod is released for Akuma in SFV, good job bro (and BrutalAce too) :)
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Yeah that was Ex color
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First time modder here, What is the difference between MM and Paks? and How can I replace costume 2 instead?
This is freaking awesome!!!  I love it!

Is there any way to make it replaces costume 2 instead?
oooh, blast from the past :)
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can you make one without wings 
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