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SFVAE Bloody Place (Replace The Grid)

Update 1/18/2018:Update stage icons for AE 
First of all thanks to Luchok for inspiring and helping me back into stage mod
Another of my old modding stage return: Bloody Palace from DMC4
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.10 version of course)
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In the current version of SFV (5.053), the background image is blurry on the selection screen as shown here. In-game, the screen shows up fine. Would you please fix this?

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I went ahead and fixed it, hope you don't mind.

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How can I download this
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already have the Alpha stage mod replacing 'The Grid'.  Best make this for one of the other stages -- e.g., the aeroplane / 'Dubai' one.
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Classic stage mod that is always made for several SF games, and now SFV get its turn.

Nice bro :)

Btw, what is Nero doing there? Teasing for his appearance in SFV as guest character, maybe? :D
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plz make it replace something else cause rolento stage mod already covers the grid 
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