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SFV Kolin BSAA Agent (Update Oct-9th-2019)

(Update Oct-9th-2019) :update new files to be compatible with update 4.81

Here come my first playable female mod for SFV
Here comes one of my old SFXTK mods coming to SFV
Jill Valentine mod returns with vast improvement
Replace costume 1
Full customize colors
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.10 version of course)
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wooow thanks bro,its amazing !! 
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No messing around with you. Nice job!
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this is great on Kolin!
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Like it a lot! Thanks MK':happybounce: 
Great costume dude, there's one minor annoyance I'm having though. It seems the meshes inside of her jacket don't connect, and there's a small section in the character select screen and her walking animation that is completely transparent. Any chance you'll update and fix that?
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Awesome mod!

hmm for some reason not working for me the pak version. I put it all alone into ~mods folder in case there was some conflict with another mod but nope, still no working. I know the mod works what am I doing wrong? maybe folder needs to be with a different name?

EDIT: used this… for install it and it works, no idea why or whats the difference from put it normally into my ~mods folder but oh well it works!

EDIT2: any chance we could get a version of this very same costume with same hat but with the short hair style from her history costume? I would ♥ that.
Put pak in my mods folder, doesn't work, I only use stage bgm mods so I don't think anything is conflicting?
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I love that BSAA outfit. Thanks.
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Cool can't wait for the infected Jill version too
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Kolin looks very innocent. I'm almost forgot, what she's on bad guys side. 
Really? she on  the bad guys side? Sure Gill wants to recreate the world by big measures, and Urien having a complex that want to take his brother's place in ruling the world...
But They are like Jesus and Judas
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Ah, this is my personal opinion. Don't take it to serious) 
The bad guy is Bison.
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He always been like that. 
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When a Jessica sherawat costume with her battle costume
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Excellent work my friend :)
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looking firward to your Samus in thefuture
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you have a version without hat? :]
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Thanks, this mod is great!
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great work TY!
how can i bring SFV MODELS(.uasset) to blender
happy good times 
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