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SFV Guile as Ultraman

Update 22/12/2016: update new files to be compatible with season 2 update (2.00)
Guile doesn't have many mod so I decided to make a mod for him
This time Guile as Classic Ultraman

This mods don't have customize feature so careful with mirror match

Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack
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This mod is the best :D
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This is awesome! Omg could you please make a mod for Vega! He has like none at all T_T
robhal's avatar
if only Guile can shoot laser beam, this mod gonna be perfect :D

Anyway thanks for the mod, kind of nostalgia to see this :)
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Glad that you enjoy it
I'm gonna make some more mods for unpopular char before moving to mod female character
chirpycrayfish's avatar
 hey can you make an uncle sam or johnny bravo mod for guile?