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SFV F.A.N.G as Angry Bird (Update Oct-9th-2019)

(Update Oct-9th-2019) :update new files to be compatible with update 4.81

Update 22/12/2016: update new files to be compatible with season 2 update (2.00)
My first mod for poor FANG
Now he is a real bird now

This mods don't have customize feature so careful with mirror match

Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack
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There's something wrong with his eyes in the latest patch
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F.A.N.G makes me laugh
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Great mod for one of the lamest video game characters in the history of video gaming...!  xD
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Thank you for this no one ever mods Fang and this made me very happy xD
Can we get red poison please?
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F.A.N.G almost has no mods,I wonder if anyone could do a premium color pack just like the other characters,that could be a perfect gift for those who use F.A.N.G as main character just like me~
Can someone mod his purple poison color into shit brown?
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HoooooooooooolllYYY  SHHIITT...................!!!! Awesome Dude.!!!!
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Thanks man,I haven't made any goofy mod since usfiv so I decided to make this
anyway,Urien will be the last Dlc character this year so have you consider to buy SFV?
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I actually have a copy of street fighter 5 as well as the Season pass that makes all the characters available up to Juri. I have played it a few times,but I haven't really gotten into it because I was upgrading my video card and I have just been too buy with work. I have some holiday time planned for October so hopefully then I can get back into the modding scene, The fact that some of the Older modders such as yourself are doing it is inspiring ,but the new talent coming in especially those with model creating backgrounds and experience are fun to watch.
Yooo it's a really funny one, good job.
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Very funny mod! If you color it yellow, we have a Big Bird mod as well!
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hahaha nice mod for trolling man
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Yeah all of his moves and  reminds me of a crane
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