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SFV Diva Nadeshiko (Update Oct-9th-2019)

(Update Oct-9th-2019) :update new files to be compatible with update 4.81

Update 22/12/2016: update new files to be compatible with season 2 update (2.00)
Tired of seeing swap mod for Nadeshiko,here come my first mesh mod for her
Special thanks to BrutalAce for helping me making this mod
This mods don't have customize feature so careful with mirror match.There might be another issues with this mod but sorry I have too much trouble making this mod so I don't want to stick with this mod any longer

Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack
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She sorta of looks like Lady from DMC
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nice I like that hair ^^ :) someone should do Electra mod for her
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Awesome, thanks for the reply! Great work!
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Can this mod be used along with any other Mika mod?