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SFV Birdie Megaman X

Here comes my debut SFV mod of 2017
I decided to revive one of my favorite SFXTEKKEN mod back then

Replace costume 1, all 15 colors are inspired from Special Weapon color
All of Birdie item has been modded too:

1/Donut: DMC4 Pandora Grief
2/Soda Can: Resident Evil First Aid Spray
3/Banana/Banana Peel: Green Herb/Mixed Herb
4/Chains : DMC 4Lucifer
5/Red Chilli : DMC 4 Red Orbs
6/Knife : DMC4 Yamato
Include both MM version and Paks version in the download pack (working with 2.00 version of course)
© 2017 - 2021 monkeygigabuster
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Anyone know where I can download this, the link isnt working monkeygigabuster 
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LMAO this is great
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Pretty good.  It just has a small graphical bug when he wiffs his 360°+PUNCH special -- a long, thin 'pole-like' thing appears and disappears.
Aww, no Energy Tank? I'm disappointed. Good work, though.
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99 hits?!? lol
I love this. Birdie is the ultimate Capcom weeb.
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Very very innovative with those item changes, nice job bro :)
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this should've been megaman x bad art
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very  nice ^_^
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jaja nice, like the touch on the items too, great mod.
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