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The Shawshank Redemption,The Matrix,Avatar,District 9,Aliens,Predator
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Futurama, Arrested Developement,Earth 2,Invader Zim,
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Otep,Symphony of Science
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A Signal to Noise,Mortal Coils,Game of Thrones
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Eric Nylund,George RR Martin
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D100, 28-105 macro & G10, Pencil, Pen
It has been an interesting couple of months I must say and by interesting I mean annoying. More so due to me being neglectful of my computer. Long story short: what I thought was a hardware failure turned out to be an over heating issue, due to lack of cleaning on my part. For those of you who don't, open your computer tower from time to time and clean that sucker out. Especially if you have cats... Their hair gets everywhere! Don't worry folks I can still play Skryim (I think my wyfe just rolled her eyes). Speaking of my lovely wyfe her and I have a new addition to the family. Heaven's no! It's not one of those mini-persons people are so fo
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Uploaded two bits from my art-book. They're from last year, but I've had a hell of time trying to get a decent enough picture of them. And I've been lazy, no no, distracted. Yeah, that sounds better. In addition I slapped together a collection of my warm-ups from the past two weeks. Been challenging myself with life-type drawing. Which is very new to me, but it seems to be going well. Head on over to the gallery and see for yourself. If you're the mood to read however, these some more below. With my warm-up I gave two links for sites I've been using during that process. The first I got from the all-knowing Matt Kohr over at ctrl+Paint, from
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Hard to believe my last entry was last year... Not long after that last entry, I put the pencils down and just stopped. I go through these phases see. Draw. Read. Game. Photography. Maybe a little comic reading. And repeat. It's all so confusing and frustrating t'boot. The cycle has finished its loop and the drawing phase is upon us. I've been listening to the teaching of Mr. Matt Kohr over on His tutorials are amazingly helpful and inspiring. If you have some time to kill or want some pointers on digital painting check out his site. Keep in mind his videos aren't just for digital painting, his tips and suggestions h
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking a look at my work. :)
Your work is really great. I love the macros you've got.
Thank's for watching.
Hi Michael!
Thak so much for visiting my gallery and the kind word you have posed. Compliments for your very nice artwork too. I invite you to visit my new webgallery with video
Cheers. Will do. :)
You'r welcome :) I love your animal photos. And I'm sure you will survive you'r drawers-block :) Just do not push yourself to hard.