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Judecca - Introduction

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7 pages and a cover to a collaboration work with my brain-sharing man :icon0-o-meech: all crammed up together to a massive file. The pages have been done with love and care and pigeon grease and meant to be individually published on a website (stay tuned!!), but I figured nobody reads comics on dA, so may these pages lose their individual worth and work as a big teaser instead!

The idea was originally something I have been tossing around for several years and after bringing it up to Jon he asked if he could write a short scene or two from what I explained. I said sure! Before we both knew it I was working the gorgeous writing into pages of comic. They are extremely fun to draw and I'm sizzling to get my fingers into all the funky twisted ideas we've come up with.

So yeah, here's a short introduction to Judecca. I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit, reader!
(And if you can guess the quote at the bottom you get cheesecayke!)

EDIT: OMG. !!!!! THANK YOU! I so did NOT expect this! I nearly choked. Thank you so much everybody. I'm so happy that our little project made with love and care is getting this honor.

EDIT 2: [link] !! The site is not fully ready and launched yet but in case people want to bookmark it!
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those two need to have beautiful little half Asian sharky babies!
great art!
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emmiwishStudent Writer
I wanna read more already!
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soltianProfessional General Artist
I've been following (here and on the website) and have to at least say that I'm extremely impressed, intrigued, and excited, even if I can't fully express everything I want to say about this so far. Your characters have a very natural flow to them, and the universe you've created is darkly fascinating, which is my favorite kind of fascinating :heart:
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Thank you! I'm equally excited (along with my writing partner) what happens in these dark alleys. :) Hopefully as the story unfolds more people will feel the confusing start was worth it. Though I'm very glad it's looking like people enjoy it already!
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saunterloftHobbyist Traditional Artist
absolutely brilliant!! simple, yet fascinating. i keep coming back to look at this again; i don't even know exactly what it is. the atmosphere, the timing, the framing/composition....something about it is just chilling and enthralling and beautiful.

can't wait to see more!!!
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loove the atposphere!
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I really like this comic! The art, paneling, and perspective is really nice. There's something about this that makes me want more.
Maybe its the bunny xD Love Dickinson! He's great <3
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blix-itProfessional Traditional Artist
T_T; i cant tell if my comment on the side posted ... so uh. >< *paste*

Wow ~ love your comic. O_O The paneling is just perfect sometimes to convey these really disturbing yet delicious sexual overtones. >< Really well done.
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Sorry, I'm still trying to get comments working properly, my bad!
Come join the forums though we'd love to hear what people think
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aww thank you! *grin* glad the undertones come through
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Colombianit0Hobbyist General Artist
excuse but how did you do your background on this piece the lines are so well done. i cant never achieve a line like that not even in paper less in a tablet? do you use a ruler with your tablet?
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Thank you! The lines are made with tablet and freehand, except sometimes i use the line tool for "skeleton" lines for objects like large walls .. If you want a more freehand look then use line tools in a sketch underneath and freehand a line ontop, it makes it look better.
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Colombianit0Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Thanks a lot! your so kind because you responded to my questions :D. Im sorry to bother you so much but your art is amazing. Yesterday I practiced a bit backrounds copying your style. I dont get how u do those like dirty stain/patches in the wall? Do you use tablet for characters to. I got a genious tablet and its like imposible to draw faces in it.

thnx a million thnx!
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'Go home, we no need bad eggs today!'

Oh my god I died laughing when I read that.
Amazing work and detailing!
Can't wait to see the rest ;D
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hehehe glad you like!
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Colombianit0Hobbyist General Artist
Cant stop coming again n again to see this wonderfull work.

Do you use a bamboo or a cintiq tablet to do your lineart?
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I use a 4 year old wacom tablet! she is old but works well still! :)
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Fantastic work! :clap:
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Hey, that's freakin' awesome! The story line is just so intriguing and your art is gorgeous!
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Her art is gorgeous, its really exciting to see my words put into pictures :D

Next bit of story is written too so new updates shouldn't be far off
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The compositions are lovely actually. And I like the character designs a lot, haha. Very engaging!

The rabbit adds a more whimsical feel to it :>
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Otacon144Student Filmographer
I'm already intrigued. How did this order of things get set? Where did he meet Dickinson? How did Dickinson turn out to be such a snarker?

Where did that girl get that Chelsea Grin?

So many questions...
0-o-meech's avatar
*grins* i'm looking forward to seeing the answers to these questions in picture form myself!
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onlyndrms044Hobbyist Photographer
This is totally brilliant :winner: :clap:
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