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My Bio

Avatar of my online Sona, Marie. Marie base used is Shauna base made by SelenaEde. Base used for Cami as cover photo made by Rainfall-bases

MonkeyPastel Purple Star Bulletshe/herPastel Purple Star Bullet18Pastel Purple Star Bulletcis, straight and AroacePastel Purple Star BulletAutisticPastel Purple Star Bulletproud owner of doggos Tinker and OliverPastel Purple Star BulletAuthor of Pokemon XY, Cami’s journey and misc storiesPastel Purple Star BulletPreviously Monkeybug998Pastel Purple Star BulletBlack lives matter, LGBTQ+ Rights, Trans rights, Stop Asian hate, disabled rights, Pro-choice

Hiya y'all, I'm Monkey! You can also call me Marie. I'm 18 years old. I love Pokemon, animal crossing, animals and anime! I have autism and some other things so i apologize if i seem weird. I'm also pretty shy so it will take me a while to respond to messages. Watchers, comments and favs very much appreciated. Thanks and have a lovely day!

#190 Aipom Notes?: Sure

#190 Aipom Chat?: please use Notes instead

#190 Aipom Requests?: Open

My main favorite likes and interests:

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Pokemon(games and anime)

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Animal crossing

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Anime such as MHA, AoT, FT, etc.

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Horror

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Video games

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Drawing

|PG||Aipom Shiny [Daifuku]| Reading and writing Fanfiction

Do not interact if:

x You’re racist

x You’re homophobic/transphobic

x You’re a pedophile

x You’re a toxic shipper or stan

x You’re a toxic anti-shipper or toxic anti of a characters(Like Anti-Goh)

x You’re a whitenight

x You’re a troll, bot, spammer or ban evader None of the following are allowed here and will be blocked

Favourite Visual Artist
My friends’s drawings and art!! They’re awesome
Favourite Movies
Too many to list
Favourite TV Shows
Too many to list
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Maroon 5, fall out boy, P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Rihanna, lady Gaga, Taylor swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, chainsmokers, TØP, one direction, lonestar, Red
Favourite Books
Easy ones with pictures like I spy
Favourite Games
Pokémon games, Animal crossing games, Among us, Mario games and online games like PFQ and PH
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo and gamefreak
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Hanging with my fur babies, reading fanfiction and coming up with OC’s
Deviantart: MonkeyBell998(you are here!) PokeFarm Q: MonkeyBell853(spotty activity) Pokeheroes: MonkeyBell853(spotty activity) Pinterest: MonkeyBell(lots of pins and boards) tumblr: monkeybell(kinda on a break) Discord: Autistic-Monkey#9698(not really on here anymore but feel free to friend me on there and talk. Just NO inappropriate photos and please no calls/facetimes) YouTube: MonkeyBell(just playlists rn) Dappervolk: SmolMonkey #57417(quit) Switch friend code: 8156-7443-6222(please let me know before you add me) ACNH dream address: 9713-7985-4351(hasn’t been updated in a while so it’s crappy) AC Pocket camp ID: 5843 9247 439(might come back) Nookazon: MonkeyBell170(nothing for sell yet) Wattpad: MonkeyBug0716(my Pokemon story is on there as well!) Ao3: MonkeyBell853(All of my stories can be found there!) Twitter: SMonkeybell(feel free to follow me! I’ll follow you back!) Quotev: MonkeyBell190(you can find quizzes and
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Hot take: I really really hate it when people say people or things are ‘cancer’. Like when people call shippers cancerous. In my opinion, it’s super immature and disrespectful. Like calling someone cancerous or the ‘r’ word because of a ship? It’s dumb. People who make jokes about cancer and label things cancerous honestly piss me off so badly. Like what do people think when they say it? “Oh, this person likes -random ship- so obviously they’re cancerous!” Cancer is serious! What kind of person jokes around about something that kills not only people but animals?! Or people who use the ‘R’ word? News flash, that shit isn’t fun and will never be. If any of y’all do this then do me a favor and stay away from me. Cancer isn’t funny. Calling people an offensive word isn’t funny. Call me super sensitive or a baby but I stand by this.
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Tbh, I’ve never been a thanksgiving person. For me, it was just another year of my grandpa trying to hide turkey in my chicken nuggets so I would eat turkey. since I don’t like the texture of turkey, he thought he would hide it which he sucked at. Like grandpa, I can see the noticeable hole and odd looking meat in my chicken nuggie. Plus since I was a picky eater kid with sensory issues, I legit had one roll and a goddamn kid cuisine for food every year. Which also made school work hard. One year, I remember my Spanish teacher assigned us homework of what we eat for thanksgiving so we had to cut out thanksgiving food from magazines and glue it to a piece of paper. Naturally I just glued a roll to mine and the freaking teacher thinks I’m just being lazy! She didn’t listen to my explanation about that’s all I eat and made me do it again so I just glued a bunch of random food to the paper and she accepted it then. Ah, school memories that truly remind me of how extremely weird I am
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Donation Pool

Help get me points for commissions?

I would really like some art of my OC’s and since I don’t have money, points is the only thing I can pay the artist for! Any help would be appreciated but definitely not mandatory! Thanks!

Eevee gasp!

500/100000 points

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Thank you for the fav. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Marie!

Happy thanksgiving to you too

I wouldn’t mind ^^

Never mind, decided to comment. Hope you don't mind spoilers...