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"We decided to put multiple nuclear missile silos on the map... AND LET YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THEM!"
-Todd Howard, actually saying something awesome for once :D

So yeah, new Fallout was formally announced at E3 (going on right now) and it seems... Interesting. Basically, it's an open-world online survival RPG. I talked about it a bit before, but the game takes place 25 years after the bombs fall. You leave the vault (after creating your character) and venture into a massive open world. Each server holds a few dozen people, and you can play solo or with a group. Sadly, there is no single player mode (at least not to my knowledge) but it's good to know that you can venture out on your own. And since the servers won't be stuffed with people, you won't find yourself getting player-killed every five minutes.

Heck, even if another player kills you, you lose ZERO progress. I honestly love that! :) The problem though is that other people can supposedly still take your stuff. They show in the trailer that you can nuke an area, and then grab the stuff from the Fallout. So you could even nuke someone's base, or what have you. I'm not sure if this means you're grabbing other user's items, or if the nuclear explosion generates unique collectibles on it's own. I'm hoping that people can't just nuke your house and take all the stuff in it. Though I imagine there will be some masochists in this game who will just want to nuke every area in the game and just lay waste to the whole open world. XD

So yeah, will I get the game? I dunno. Todd did say that they will Beta test the game and try to iron out the bugs, but he's also a notorious liar so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. I'm sure the game will be buggy as hell upon release, there's no doubt about that. I'm just hoping that it isn't Fallout 4 levels of buggy. As much as I enjoyed the game, the fact that quests kept breaking constantly really got under my skin. If this game can deliver on being a fun experience, I'll at least give it a shot. I mean, the monster designs are cool, even if they look like they belong to entirely different franchises. :D

tl;DR version: Looks fun, might try it, you can nuke any place in the wasteland, and Todd Howard still looks and sounds like a 20 year old man despite being nearly 50. HAS HE ATTAINED IMMORTALITY?!
Yes, I'm still alive and working on stuff. XD Just today, I noticed something: A new Fallout got announced! It's called "Fallout 76". Looks like their skipping Fallouts 5-75. Not much is known about the game yet, aside from it taking place 25 years after the great war ended and the bombs fell. The game is about you trying to rebuild, again. I mean, a lot of 4 was you already trying to rebuild, and that game took place like 200 years after this. Then again, the different states rebuild at different paces. Regardless, 76 at least looks interesting. It supposedly takes place in West Virgina, which is my guess due to the song playing in the background of the trailer singing about it.

I know a lot of people probably aren't excited about 76, mostly due to Fallout 4. 4 was a... Divisive game to say the least. I'll be honest, I played the game for only about 20 hours (due to the game being on a shared account and me not actually owning it) and I enjoyed it. I'd be lying if I didn't see why people didn't like it. It was buggy, several quests would break at random and stop working, the writing was fairly bland, the story was recycled from 3, etc. Still, it had its good moments.

I know people who have sworn off any Fallout game made by Bethesda, because they didn't like the way Beth constructs their games. I'll be honest, Beth does have a nasty tendency of using the same engine over and over again even 10 years after it becomes obsolete. As of now, no one knows who is actually developing. Is it Bethesda, Obsidian, or perhaps a more obscure company like inXile Entertainment? We probably won't find out until E3. At the very least, I'm glad it's not another bland card game. We don't need the Fallout equivalent of "Elder Scrolls Legends" after all. XD 
Hey guys!

I apologize for not streaming last week on my birthday like I said I would. I greatly underestimated how much time I'd have. To make it up to y'all, I'll be streaming now. Gonna watch some Beast Wars, my favorite! Well, aside from ReBoot that is. :D We're gonna stream on and we're mainly starting off on Season 1. I'll probably stream for an hour or two, go for a walk, come back and maybe we'll continue for like another hour.

You can find the stream here:

Edit: Currently on break, we'll resume in an hour or two.
Hey, do you like body-swaps? I like body-swaps. :) I often stumble across many artists and writers who tend to create awesome body-swap works, and today's subject is no exception: Nexoplex! He's an artist from Pixiv who does some awesome body-swap artwork, and is also a great friend. He's recently opened for commissions, so I thought I'd spread the word since he's not on DA. He's currently open for sketch commissions and the prices are a steal. He can be found on his Pixiv page (shown below) and does sketch commissions for really solid prices. I highly recommend commissioning him, cuz the guy makes solid work. If you're a fan of body-swaps, or just silly anime shenanigans, then he's your man. :D

User Page:…

Commission Info:…
Ook ak ak ook, mah birthday's coming up on April 15th / Sunday. Yep, I'm turning 27! Feels like yesterday I was 23. :D Anywho, I'll probably celebrate with a stream on Sunday, if ya guys want. It'll most likely be in the morning or afternoon. I'll probably stream ReBoot or Beast Wars, cuz I've been in a classic Mainframe mood lately. Their old shows were the best. :3 And after we'll probably play a game of "Swap tails with a donkey". XD
He grey.
It's a good game! :3 So yeah, just a couple weeks ago I picked up Xenoverse 2. Why did it take me so long to finally get it? Well, I've been waiting for a big enough sale to pick it up. Eventually, the game goes on sale for 23 bucks. The Deluxe Edition with (almost) all of the DLC was just 17 bucks more. So, I thought "I'm doing good lately, I got published and I got rid of my cold, so I guess I'll splurge a bit!" and decided to get this edition. It comes with all the DLC, except for the pre-order DLC and extra packs, for some weird reason. Kind of weird that the season pass wouldn't cover it. -_-

Anywho, it's a good game all the same! I know pretty much everyone has played it at this point, but I thought it was worth talking about. :) The game takes place IN THE FUTURE, in a time where pretty much everyone can become as powerful as gods. A couple of evil demons named Towa and Mira are going around and f**king up the timeline. So it's up to your custom character (and occasionally Trunks) to go and kick the crap out of various villains. The game is actually pretty fun, I find to be a lot better than the first.

You've got a ton of awesome characters, even more if you bought the season pass or extra pack. A fair bit of story content, awesome battles, and great character customization. And just today they added in a ton of new additions including: The ability to customize main series characters, including the ability to use Super Saiyan Nappa, the ability to turn Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan on your main character, even more figures added to the Figure Battle mode, a new special boost ability that makes you OP, etc. The new expansion comes out on Wednesday, which adds new characters and a new story mode. Plus it has Fu, who is super awesome! Sadly, you gotta pay beyond the Deluxe Edition / Season pass for it, which is annoying. Still, you get all the other editions for the game free of charge. Including Super Saiyan Nappa. :D

But yeah, the game is a ton of fun. I've been playing a lot with my Frieza race guy who I based off Jam. I'm planning to get that Great Ape monkey costume, so I can complete his look. Sadly, the costume is only in the TP medal store on certain days, because... I don't know. Not sure why the TP medal shop would have a rotating inventory, but it's stupid all the same. :D Anywho, great game. If you guys ever want to play together, I'm up for it. For now, I'm trying to minimize the amount of time I play it so I can get some actual writing done. XD
And I died a little inside, to be brutally honest! So, for those of you who don't know, ReBoot was an awesome 90s cartoon. It was the first series ever to be animated in CGI, and it revolved around characters living inside a computer. Bob is a Guardian who has to go around and stop viruses from taking over the system, such as Megabyte, Hexadecimal, and Daemon. The show was great for the time, even if the CGI has not aged well at all. :D Still, the writing and characters definitely hold up, even if the look of the show does not. ReBoot's third season still stands as one of the best parts of the entire show, and one of the greatest pieces of animation ever.

Season 4 I felt to be just... Okay. It's not terrible, but that ending was awful. The series ended on a cliffhanger with the villain winning, but was never resolved because they didn't have the budget to make a third film. Then flash forward 17 years later! YTV is looking for ways to make bank on a new show, so they decided to reboot ReBoot! On paper, this doesn't sound too terrible. After all, ReBoot's CGI is horribly dated. If they went back to scratch and made ReBoot, but with better animation and sound-effects, then I could behind it.

Instead, they made... This. ReBoot is no longer about a single program and his friends fighting against the forces of evil viruses. Now it's about a bunch of teenagers who team up with an AI to leap into the computer to fight viruses! What is this, Zixx Level 4?! The CGI they used in the trailer is... Decent. Though it tends to look like PlayStation 3 cut-scene graphics at times. Also, Megabyte is back in this show and was apparently "deactivated at some point". Wut? Megabyte won, last time I checked. Did they deactivate him off-screen? Maybe this is a full reboot, and they're going with a new continuity.

If that's the case though, why bother using Megabyte at all? Nothing in this trailer is like ReBoot, aside from the concept of "Guardians" and the usage of the ReBoot symbol. You could've easily just made this a sequel to Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad and you'd barely have to change anything! Back to Megabyte though, he looks horrible. He's weirdly buff, and for some reason looks more like Gigabyte than Megabyte. To be fair, I'm probably being a bit harsh on this show.

It's not even out yet, so I'll probably wait until its out before I write off completely. It comes out March 30th on Netflix, which is great for people who want to watch though multiple episodes at once. Still, I don't really have super high hopes for this series. Hopefully, it'll surprise me and be actually somewhat good. After all, I bet that only a few people probably thought the original ReBoot was gonna be any good, but that show created managed to popularize a new form of television animation and become a cult classic. So, who knows? Maybe this show will do the same.

(Probably not though :D)
-The song I've been singing in my head all week :3

So yeah, I apologize for the lack of journals and stories lately. Recently, something truly amazing happened! As previously mentioned a few months back (and in the description of the last story I made), I wrote a non-TF related article to be published in the newspaper. Well, after six months, it was finally put in the newspaper just a few weeks back! I'm not gonna say what the subject is yet, though some people already kind of know. I just want to avoid any info being leaked. What I will say though is that the response to it was phenomenal. Being my first published work, a lot of people really enjoyed it! It was a relatable and insightful story, to the point where a lot of people really dug it. Heck, even the girl I had a crush on when I was like 10 thought it was a good job, and she barely notices I exist 75% of the time. XD

As previously mentioned, I'm afraid I can't show you guys said article. Confidentiality and all that. Still, I probably wouldn't have had the courage and skill to put that article together if it hadn't been for this DA page. The work I created here helped build confidence in me that allowed me to achieve this goal. Does that mean I'm officially done with TFs? NOPE! True, these past few weeks I've been working on my non-TF writing, but I want to change that and get back into my weird transformation story stuff. I want to finally strike that perfect balance between working on my TF and non-TF stuff. I've got some stuff I've promised people, plus just some generally silly ideas I want to put to text. So no, this isn't the end of Monkey-Scientist, but a brand new beginning. :) 

Once again again again, thanks for all your guys' support and patience. XD You guys rule! New stuff on the way. :3
"Masaaki Yuasa, are you animating on drugs again?"
"I don't need drugs, I AM MY OWN DRUGS!"
What I imagine average meetings for this show went like.

So yeah, yesterday Netflix released their newest exclusive anime: Devilman Crybaby. It's yet another reboot / reimaging of Devilman, though set in this modern era. Before I talk about this show, let me get one thing perfectly straight: This show isn't suitable FOR ANONE OF ANY AGE! It's messed up, man! So, what is this show about? It takes place in a world where demons exist, and revolves around two friends: Akira Fudo and Ryo. Akira is the show's titular crybaby, a guy who can't help but tear up every time he sees someone else crying. Meanwhile, Ryo is this blonde badass with a gun and a mysterious past.

One day, Ryo brings Akira to a night-club, after explaining to him that demons exist. After Ryo murders a bunch of random people just to summon satan, demons are summoned into our world and one possesses Akira. Akira is able to maintain his humanity though, unlike the others. He gains supernatural abilities, and his body is transformed over night. Akira becomes the "Devilman", a being with the body of a devil, but the soul of a man. Together with Ryo, they fight crime and battle demons with boobs, and sometimes demons who are boobs themselves.

Yeah, this show is pretty out there. It's made by Masaaki Yuasa, who made an extremely weird episode of Space Dandy, as well as an equally weird episode of Adventure Time. This guy also made Kaiba, which is one of the trippiest body-swap animes in existence. Suffice it to say, when this guy works on something, you just know it's gonna be weird, surreal, and awesome. This guy is like the David Lynch of anime, I swear. So, what makes this show so special? Well, good art and animation for one thing!

Characters mostly resemble their original versions, though with noticeable differences. Now, I've only seen two episodes of this show, so I can't tell you how well it sticks to the plot of the manga and previous versions. I'll tell you this: It's a solidly good reimagining that doesn't feel butchered or censored in any way. In fact, it feels DARKER than the original manga. Keep in mind, this is the same manga in which an entire bus full of kids get eaten by a demon turtle and then have their souls trapped in his shell. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

So yeah, one can only imagine how disturbing this anime can get. Now, do I recommend this show? Well, kinda sorta. I mean, this show is fantastic with great animation and a solid foundation for a good story. But it's content is so extremely disturbing at times. I mean, if you like dark action shows with lots of violence, extremely mature themes, nudity, demon butts, constant death, gore, naughty content, and weird out of place sequences, then this show may be for you. I'll probably keep watching this show, I mean it's first season is only 10 episodes so far. But it seems pretty dang solid. Again, it's a good show and you watch it if you can, but be warned that this may be one of the most intense animes made this past decade.
Just wanted to say Happy New Years to everyone! My apologies for the lack of stories lately. You think getting time off on the holidays would allow me to write more, which it did, but I also got really distracted with family gatherings, parties with friends, running my other blog, games I got for Christmas / used Christmas cash to buy, etc. Still, I'll make it my New Years resolution to up my release schedule and get more stories on a more consistent basis. Anywho, hope ya all have a good one, Imma head to bed.
Just wanted to wish you guys all a happy holiday. :) I apologize for the lack of stories lately, I always assume I have more time on holidays to write stuff, but then I always get busy with the fam. Oh well, I have the rest of the year off, so I'll be sure to put some stuff out by then. I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas to all, especially my friends like :iconpheagle-adler:, :iconpalettethepainter:, :iconvinomath, and :iconhamcon:. Hamcon also got me a core membership this year, which I appreciate. I always love having core, since it means I can make a bunch of weird polls. :D You guys are all awesome, have a fantastic holiday!
I know Monkey Day is pretty much over now, but I thought I'd post this journal anyways. You see, Monkey Day was today, December 14th. The celebration of simians, the menagerie of monkeys, etc. My Monkey Day story probably won't be up until tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. :)
"Ook ak ak ook!"
-The simian oath

So yeah, I just discovered this pilot today when a friend of mine sent it to me! It's called "My Life as a Monkey" and was released a few months back in September. I had no idea this pilot existed, it's actually pretty obscure despite being so new. It's about a kid named Reese who gets accidentally turned into a monkey by his mad scientist mom. Get it? Reese? Because he's a monkey? :D The show hints at there being a bit more to it, so I hope there's some kind of ongoing plot tied to it.

The show revolves around Reese and friends going on adventures, and Reese usually getting into trouble cuz he's a talking monkey. So yeah, I dig this show. Why? Because it's pretty much something I would write! I always dig shows where the main hero gets turned into something and has to deal with all the trials and tribulations relating to that form. It's why I liked that Fish Tale movie, Gary The Rat, or Emperor's New Groove. This show is something I want to succeed, and I hope it does. So I'm making this journal to hopefully give the series some attention.

I dig the designs, voice acting, characters, and general setup of the series. The animation is decent, though a bit cheap-looking at times. I'm assuming the main series itself will have a higher animation budget, and look a lot better. Also, I like the show's humor. It makes some obvious jokes, but portrays them in a way that's still pretty funny. Plus, this show makes monkey jokes without resorting to toilet humor, which is always a plus. I like My Gym Partner As A Monkey, but they couldn't go a single episode without mentioning or showing monkey butts. I like butts as much as the next guy, but shoving them into each episode of a freaking kids show is kind of pointless.

Anyway, you can find the pilot here:

And the official Facebook page can be found here:
Yeah, this show isn't anything revolutionary, but it's fun enough that I feel it deserves a full series. If we support this show, it may just happen one day. :) Also, this is not a paid advertisement in any way. I do not know the animator, voice actors, artists, or anyone who worked on the show. I simply wanted to spread the word on this pilot that's only a few months old.
"Well, that escalated quickly."
-My thoughts on this episode

So yeah, Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 hit and it was pretty dang intense! I'm going to be talking about some SPOILERS, so if you don't want me to spoil the "Universes Beating The Sh** Out Of Each Other" arc, then don't read further! So yeah, in this episode, Goku and his friends face off against the remaining fighters from Universes 2 and 6. Universe 2's remaining fighters cross-dressed as magical girls and gained ultimate power, despite all three of them being D-List characters. They also make Ribrianne and her two friends seem completely pointless, since pretty much anyone can use their powers as long as people point magical pink wands at them.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo fighting Universe 6's two remaining fighters: Saonel and Pirina. These two are Namekians, BUT NOT JUST ANY NAMEKIANS! You see, all of the other Namekians from planet Namek fused with these two guys, so these two literally have the power of an entire race! Despite this, they are only as strange as about a Super Saiyan 1 or 2. -_- Yeah, apparently the Namekians really suck in Universe 6, since they aren't powerful enough to beat Gohan and Piccolo.

Considering the fact that Saonel and Pirina are supposed to be stronger than Super Namekians, they aren't as powerful as they should be. Then again, since they are fused with their race, maybe their power would keep increasing if they survived. They did have unlimited regeneration, which is a pretty OP skill. Still, they go down pretty easily in this episode, despite them being hyped up for the past few episodes. Still, the parts about Piccolo hesitating to defeat them was pretty intense. Piccolo realizes that if he beats these two, the entire Namekian race of Universe 6 would be wiped out.

While Piccolo and Gohan beat on the Namekians, Goku and the Androids continue their fight against the magical crossdressers from Universe 2. Eventually, they all get trapped in a black hole! Goku gets them out of it though, because he's OP as sh** and still has power despite fighting several of the strongest warriors in the tournament thus far. Goku blasts them with a Kamehameha, while Gohan blasts the Universe 6 fighters with the same move. Universe 2 and Universe 6 are defeated, their last few fighters knocked out.

The 2 universes have a few heartfelt moments before the end. We get to see Champa taunt his brother one last time, before both Universe 6 and 2 are erased. No more Champa and Botamo, the 2 best fat anthros on the show (aside from Giran). I'm gonna miss Obese Winnie The Pooh and Fat Beerus, they were my faves from Universe 6. :C Oh well, they'll probably be wished back. Honestly, the writers would not toss out Caulifla and Kale permanently. Not after all the Dragon Ball Heroes cards they sold of them! :D

So yeah, decent episode. I liked the idea of two Namekians having the power of their entire race. It just sucks that they weren't god level in terms of power, like they should be. If they absorbed their universe's equivalent of Piccolo, then they should've been as strong as him. I dunno, maybe I'm thinking too much into it. Still, it was great to see Nail and Kami cameo in this episode, seeing them show up to give Piccolo the desire to defeat the opposing universe's Namekians. We haven't seen Kami and Nail in forever! Well, unless you count their cameo in the last chapter of the non-canon spinoff manga: Reborn as Yamcha. Anywho, it was a good episode, and I will miss Botamo and Champa. :C Well, at least until they are wished back in like 10-15 episodes.
Magic The Gathering? More like, "Science The Gathering"! Don't know if you've guys heard, but a new Magic The Gathering card came out recently. :iconfoxbeast: actually sent me this yesterday and I just saw it now, and I'll be honest: This is amazing! Here's what it looks like (I also make it my Deviant ID pic cuz I loves it so much):…

Yep, you saw that right! It's called  "Unwilling Test Subject", and it's species is "SPIDER MONKEY SCIENTIST"! Jam is also a spider-monkey scientist, though he doesn't have a spider's butt like this chick does. :D Turning into a female half-monkey and half-spider thing seems like the kind of thing Jam would do! Again, THIS IS A REAL CARD! I'm assuming this is more of a coincidental thing, but I still find it awesome. I don't even play Magic and I legit want this card. I would seriously frame this if I got my hands on it. It's the best monkey card since Monkeyboard from Yugioh Arc-V. The only thing I don't like about the Unwilling Test Subject card is the lemur tail on the spider-monkey. Regardless, it's an amazing card and I seriously want to adapt it into a story now. XD
"When does Mr. T show up?
"This anime does not have Mr. T in it."
Me trying to explain Infini-T force to a friend.

So yeah, last month in October a new anime came out. I'm usually not keen on watching brand new anime as soon as they come out, I like to wait until the series is over or at least halfway done before I start to watch through it. However, this was an anime that I had been pumped about ever since I heard about it: Infini-T Force. So, what is this show? Well, the anime company Tatsunoko is celebrating 55 years of being an anime company! So, they have a new anime out to celebrate. Sadly, it is not a reboot/sequel of Samurai Pizza Cats. *Sigh* Instead, it is a crossover between 4 of their most popular superhero shows: Hurricane Polymar, Tekkaman, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and Casshern.

A lot of these shows have been rebooted, or received some kind of sequel or reimagining. However, this crossover decides to use the original versions of these characters, albeit with updated designs. So, the show revolves around universes being destroyed by this big evil. An older version of Ken The Eagle, attacks this evildoer. He kicks this magic thingy out of his hand, which causes them to warp into a new universe, which is similar to our own. At this point we are introduced to Hurricane Polymar/Takeshi, who is working with this David Bowie-looking guy called "Dammy". Takeshi has also ended up in this universe, and has to find the magic thing from earlier called "The Case".

Without spoiling too much, our heroes meet up at the end of the first episode as they defend this teenage girl from an army of attacking robots. Eventually, they find out that this girl (named Emi) has received The Case and it takes the form of a comically oversized pencil. The villains are all after this pencil, due to it being able to grant wishes. Each villain has their own wish, like wanting to repopulate this one specific world, or wanting to become the ultimate evil. Our heroes then have to protect Emi from the villains, while at the same time trying to make her a better person.

Yeah, Emi is a really terrible human being. In fact, I'd say Emi is one of the only real major weakpoints of this show. She's boring, bland, she constantly complains when the heroes save her, she has a magic wish-granting pencil but never wishes for anything, is rich and surrounded by four fairly attractive male superheroes, and is a jerk to the only human friend she actually has. I get that she's supposed to grow as a person as the show progresses, but her character development is really sloooooooooow. It wouldn't bother me so much if she had redeeming qualities, but sadly she does not.

Now, here's something that people that are considering watching the show may be on the fence about: The fact that it's a CGI anime. Unlike most CGI anime, Infini-T Force actually looks really freaking good! I usually hate CGI anime, like Berserk 2016, or the Cyborg 009 CGI reboots. However, the CGI animation looks really good! It's realistic, but not too realistic that it goes into "uncanny valley" territory. It's art-style reminds me a fair bit of "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children", though a natural evolution of it. Character designs are flashy and colorful, and fight scenes generally look really good.

So, is this show worth watching? Yeah, I suggest checking it out. It sucks that other Tatsunoko shows aren't involved in this crossover, I'd love to see Karas, Soultaker, Tekkaman Blade, Gold Lightan, Yatterman, and Samurai Pizza Cats all up in this. Still, I guess that would've involved coming up with a lot of unique models. I'd love for at least some of those characters to show up in the grand finale, maybe for some kind of massive teamup. Though I highly doubt that would happen. Anywho, check this show out if you love Tatsunoko superhero shows, or just want to see a CGI anime done right. If you want a feel for the show, I recommend checking out this clip from episode 1:

Yeah, today was Halloween, and I worked the night so I missed most of the festivities. Ah well! :D Anywho, I apologize for the lateness of the Halloween stories (as well as all my stories), so I'm going to try to fix that. Got a tooooooon of stuff I want to post that's nearing completion (Including a story featuring everybody's favorite football bird: :iconpheagle-adler:). Anywho, have a good one and I'll see you all tomorrow! I should be posting some new stuff the next few days, so look for that. :3
Back again! Sorry that I tend to go on hiatus a fair bit. :D So, people have been wondering: "Hey, smelly monkey scientist, what you been up to?" Well, many things! In September I went to a comic book convention. I met the creator of Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers, I also got to see Rob Paulsen and Maurice Lemarch! And I got to sit in on a live panel with my hero, Ernie Hudson AKA Winston from Ghostbusters! I picked up some cool stuff there too. I got the first volume of this awesome horror comic called "The Bunker", a physical copy of Phantasy Star Zero (That game is so hard to find and it's not even rare!), and this really awesome art print of Samurai Jack pictured below. I still have yet to buy the frame for it tho, but I will in time!…

I've also been working on TF stories here or there and trying to get back into the groove of them. I've just been so busy focussing on my other writing, but I do wanna find a balance between both kinds of writing. Speaking of writing, I'm finally getting published! In the newspaper no less! I can't show you the article, for privacy reasons. Also, it's not published yet. :D A photographer did come over to my house to take photos though. A HAWT photographer, I mean DAYUM! She was beautiful and also a nerd! Now, I'm not going to say what the article was about, at least not yet. I will in time mention what it's about, but for now I won't bring up the topic to avoid people searching it up and leading to people linking it to my DA account. I have told some people here or there and mentioned it in streams, but for now Imma keep the subject on the downlow. So yeah, that'll be happening in about a week or two.

So, people may be wondering: What do I got planned for Halloween? Aside from some weird Halloween TF and body-swap stories, I'll be doing a stream the weekend before Halloween. Sadly, Halloween falls on a Tuesday and I'll most likely be working that night. -_- Still, we should be able to watch some shows! My main idea is to watch the Hellsing anime, since I've never really seen much of it. People tell me to just watch Hellsing Ultimate instead, but I'd prefer to see both versions and judge which is better for myself. :) So, we'll most likely be watching Hellsing, maybe some Martin Mystery, and that Halloween episode of Spectacular Spider-Man. Cuz honestly it's the best Halloween episode to ever come out of a Marvel cartoon, way better than those crappy Halloween specials they have out now. Who thought crossing over Spider-Man with Jessie was a good idea? Anywho, have a good day/night y'all, and I'll have a new story out tomorrow (maybe)