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I sat down and relaxed, a hard day of taking care of kids and being forced to watch shows meant for babies and five-year-olds take a lot out of a man. I must have watched the entire first season of Inspector Gadget in its entirety! They left after we watched a couple of episode of Star Wars: Ewoks on DVD. I still don't know why I had that weird show on DVD. After I relaxed for a bit, I went to go make supper and left the DVD running. I figured I'd just turn it off when I got back anyways. I went into the kitchen and de-frosted a microwave dinner.

After warming the dinner up I walked back into the living room and found that the DVD was skipping. It was skipping during a scene where Wickett was holding the legendary Sunstar while running away from some of the show's villains. The DVD kept skipping, but I found it odd because it looked like Wickett was moving closer to the TV screen with each skip! His face got closer and closer to the television, until his fuzzy noggin was pressing against the TV screen! To my surprise, he started pushing his tiny body out of the television starting with his head. The cartoony Ewok emerged from the television.

The creature was adorable, unlike the dog-faced Ewoks from the movie. The small fuzzy creatures resembled a cross between a bear and a woodchuck and had three tiny fingers on each hand. He also wore a green cowl atop his furry head. The being also possessed three toes on each foot and slightly-large bear-nose. The small bear-like alien hobbled to his tiny feet and looked up at me. "Dengar! I must have entered some kind of alternate dimension!" I looked down at the fuzzy lil' creature. "Hey there, little guy!" Dengar gave me a cheeky grin that made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. However, the creature was too adorable that I lowered my guard around him. "Hey, think you could pick me up, human?" I shrugged my shoulders and reached down to pick up the little creature. "Whatever you say, little guy!"

I reached down and picked up the fuzzy little creature by the armpits and proceeded to hold him in front of my face. The Ewok smiled and held up the Sunstar. "Could you do me a favor and put your hand on this stone?" I smiled and said "Sure!" I pressed my hand against the Sunstar as did Wickett. "Thanks for the body, human!" I looked at the Ewok in shock. My eyes opened wide as the gem started to glow. The gem started to burn with my hand as the glowing intensified! I quickly pulled my hand away, but it was too late. The transformation had already begun! My legs started to shrink as I found them wobbling uncontrollably. The length of my legs became smaller and smaller, making it hard to support my weight. I put Wickett down as I started to panic! My legs became even thinner as I soon found them to be rather stubby. My pants became extremely baggy as a result. I found that I couldn't properly stand up with these stubby legs and I toppled forward landing on my stomach in the process.

My feet shrank as well, barely fitting in my socks and shoes. I wriggled my tiny bare-feet out of my socks as my feet continued to change. My toes started to merge together, leaving me with three toes on each foot. My toenails became rather dirty and jagged, almost as if they had never been cleaned before. I wiggled my much smaller legs around as I attempted to stand up. I looked over at Wickett who now possessed furry versions of my human legs. It was rather hilarious sight to see my human legs on an Ewok. I couldn't laugh at the situation though as my transformation was kicking into overdrive. My arms shrank as my muscles disappeared. My arms became shorter in length.

My shirt sleeves became as baggy as my pant-legs. My fingers started to cling to each other as they congealed together. The number of fingers on each hand decreased from five to three! My three fingers became rather bulky and chunky, almost twice the size of a regular finger. I wiggled my bulky fingers around, trying to get used to the feeling of having fewer fingers. My torso shrank as it changed shape, become rounder and slightly chubbier. My abdominals suck back into my torso as pectorals disappeared completely. My short arms were drawn closer to my torso as my body shrank. My torso became much smaller as my height reduced completely from six feet to less than three.

I hobbled up onto two feet, my baggy clothes dangling from my tiny body. I looked like a five year old who got into his father's wardrobe! I heard snickering and looked up at Wicket, who was now a human-sized version of himself! He possessed my musculature, my legs, my arms, and my torso structure! Just then, I noticed clumps of his fur starting to fall out. I was too busy paying attention to his transformation to notice the strange itching sensation that had taken hold of my body. Tiny brown hairs sprouted out from my skin, these tiny little body hairs were brown in color and the hairs sprouting from my stomach and on lower face were colored beige. This hair grew thicker and thicker, turning into a full coat fur in process! Rips formed in my baggy clothing as tufts of fur burst forth.

As my fur coat became thicker and thicker, my body became hotter and hotter. I was sweating inside all of this fur and clothes, so I decided to remove my loose-fitting shirt and pants. I removed my slightly-ripped shirt and then took off my pants. My underwear clung to my sweaty fur as I struggled to get it off of my boiling body. After I had removed every article of my clothing, Wickett bent down and picked up the discarded clothing. I looked up at the towering giant and found that Wickett had most of my body now, with exception of my face.

Just then, I felt a weird tingle in my ears. My ears became much larger and took on a circular shape as they moved to the top of my head. My much larger ears could now pick up sounds that I normally couldn't hear. My nose started to twitch as I felt it change as well. It turned bright pink in color and became somewhat larger. My nostrils became larger as the frame of my nose became wider. Once my nostrils had grown larger, they were soon assaulted with all kinds of weird smells. After my nose had transformed, I felt a strange feeling in my lips. My bottom lip swelled and became much larger, it felt almost bloated in a way. My eyes watered as they too started to grow. My irises turned a solid black color as they grew to a cartoonish size. The entire structure of my head shifted and changed. My head became wider yet shrank somewhat, my skull taking on a shape that was akin to an animal's.

After my transformation had fully completed, I looked up at Wickett who had completely become me! He now towered above me, being almost three times my size! In fact, everything in my house towered above me. I felt so small and miniscule. This feeling of helplessness took hold of my being, I became nervous and started to cower at the size of large objects. Wickett smiled and reached down to pick me up. He grabbed me by the armpits and hoisted me up in front of his face. "Look at the mighty Wicket, reduced to a fearful little mammal!" Said Wickett, still possessing his own voice despite looking exactly like me. I thrashed my tiny arms and legs, trying to get out of his grasp. "I'm not Wickett, you're Wickett! Now give me back my body!" I shouted using my own deep voice. After shouting, I found my voice starting to crack. It became higher pitched as a result. Likewise, Wickett's voice became deeper as well.

The former Ewok wiggled his index finger around in my face. "Tsk tsk! You didn't say the magic word! Although, even if you did you're still not getting your body back! Besides, you'll change your mind in a bit." My eyes opened wide. "Why not?!" Wickett smiled and held me in front of a mirror. I stared at my fuzzy body, at my tiny pink nose and scrawny form. As I gazed at my reflection, I started to like my new form. I was adorable, small, yet a capable warrior. "See? We both like our new bodies!" I gave my head a good shake as the smile faded from my fuzzy face. "No way! I hate this body, I want my own back!" The former Ewok shook his head. "Nah, I'm keeping it! At least until episode 7 comes out. I was stuck in that 80s cartoon for so long and George Lucas refused to do anything with my character or the Ewoks! So, you shall take me place at least until I get bored." I violently shook my head. "I refuse!" He chuckled and picked up the discarded cowl. He then proceeded to force the cowl onto my fuzzy head. "Ha, too bad! Your body is mine for as long as I say so!"

Wickett picked me up and carried me over to the television. He picked up the Sunstar and pressed it against the television. Right away, the screen became wavy and distorted, looking much like a portal to another dimension. "Well, time to send you home, little guy!" Wickett gripped the Sunstar and tossed it into the television. He then held me tight and lowered me towards the TV screen. I struggled as he pressed me into the portal and sent me into the television. My body immediately became 2-dimensional as I entered the animated world. I toppled into the television world and landed right on my fuzzy rump. My green cowl was covering my face and I moved it only to find a female Ewok standing before me: It was Princess Kneesaa! She looked at me and smirked. "Hey there, Wickett! I was wondering where you were!"

My ears nervously twitch as I stare at the female Ewok. She obviously thinks I was Wickett, but I was in no mood for games. "Well, about that..." I start to say, before immediately running away. I was running across the swamp-land and had just hopped on a nearby log when I felt something grab my ear. It was Kneesaa, with a rather angry look on her face. "H-How did you catch up to me?! Is this some kind of Jedi force power?!" The princess shook her head. "No, it's called being in better shape. Now, c'mon, we're gonna be late!" The princess continued to tug my ear. "Late for what?" She smiled and pulled me along by the ear. She led me into the village where some kind of festival was going on. Their was a sign that read, "Happy Star Wars Anniversary". I glared at the sign in confusion. "Wait you guys celebrate the anniversary of Star Wars? But you are in Star Wars, that makes no sense!"

She gave me a playful whack on my furry behind and smiled. "Silly Wickett! Of course we celebrate Star Wars' anniversary! Every being in the Star Wars universe or the expanded Star Wars knows of our franchise's existence! We celebrate this holiest of days in various ways. Such as dancing, partying, and doing naughty or weird things!" I perked my eyebrow at the mention of naughty and weird things. "Define naughty or weird?" The princess smiled as looked me dead in the eyes. "Well... You know... The kind of weird stuff that Star Wars characters do that they don't want people to see." I smirked at the princess. "Oh, so you mean stuff like..." I proceeded to whisper in ear as she paid attention to every word I said. "Uh... Where are we going to get hand-cuffs and Wampa costumes?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, you're the princess! It's your job to make that stuff happen!"

She grinned as she gave me a slap on the back. "Oh, Wickett! You're more lively and goofy than you've ever been! We'll definitely have to do what you suggested later, but for now let's just keep this anniversary PG." I threw my arm around the princess as we walked into the middle of the party. "You bet!" The night went on and I had tons of fun partying it up with the Ewoks. We goofed around, frolicked, and I'm pretty sure Darth Vader showed up and drank all the beer before stumbling off. Or maybe that was his cousin, Chad. Either way, despite being marooned in the body of a fuzzy lil' forest-dweller and trapped in a 2-dimensional cartoon world I couldn't be happier! I still wondered how the celebrations back in my world were going. I immediately thought of the legendary and famous Earth bounty hunter, "Not Boba Fett". I bet that guy's not having half the amount of fun I was!
Something goofy I decided to make. I wanted to do something for Star Wars day, but kind of got sidetracked so I decided to get this up for the month is done. Now, time to get back to writing Phil that swan story...
*Finds it difficult to type with only three fingers on each hand*
Dang it, George Lucas! :D
EwokPoet Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Swapping bodies with Wicket?

And I thought my Ewoks fics were odd. You win and I laughed. :D
Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you liked it. I do some weird stories on occasion, but the idea of swapping bodies with an Ewok popped into my head after I saw some clips of it and realized how ridiculously adorable they were. And then I thought, "What if they were evil?" and just went from there. :D
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