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What Hath Science Wrought?! (+silly body-swaps) by Monkey-Scientist What Hath Science Wrought?! (+silly body-swaps) by Monkey-Scientist
Yeah, this is a pic of my character from Dragon Ball Fusions fused with the god of destruction, Beerus. Hideous, I know. 90% of the fusions in this game fall into the "OH GOD WHY?!" camp of character design. And no, I'm not going to be uploading game pics from now on, I've been doing it lately just so the channel doesn't go dead for a week while I work on stuff. :D

Anyways, since you were nice enough to read the description, I'll tell y'all a body-swap story! My treat. :) No, it's not something I made up on the spot, it's something that happened while playing the game and it involved trolling people online and constant mind-switching. IT'S A HOOT! So yeah, this game has online multiplayer. And it's broken beyond all belief. The best way to describe online play is that it's a game of chess, but with the same amount of variables and abilities as a typical game of Dungeons & Dragons. Sounds insane? It pretty much is.

So yeah, I was feeling particularly troll-y today, so I made a truly insane team. FOUR characters capable of body-change, alongside a Saiyan fused with Hit from Dragon Ball Super who has the ability to turn Super Saiyan and pretty much break the game. It's both crazy and awesome! So yeah, I put together this bizarre and insane team and go up against my opponent. My team was made up of: Jimaku (My aforementioned Saiyan/human fusion), Shorny (a female version of Captain Ginyu), Chapp (a blue alien dork), Ginyuman (a fusion of Ginyu and Great Saiyaman) and Tarsito (a fusion of Cissito and Tarter, two generic NPC characters) My opponent has Gine, a generic Saiyan character (can't remember all their names), Fusion Zamasu, Super Saiyan God Blue Vegito, and Majin Buu.

Before the fight even began, I was searching for people to test this insane troll build out on. I ran across this one user, who immediately ran away once he realized I had nearly twice as many victories as he has. I found him again, and this time we fought for real. I won't divulge this character's name, just because I don't want to link his name with my account (even though it's a super generic name named after a common food) So, me and this guy (who I shall call "Food") started our battle. Now, at first he was winning. He was utterly decimating my much slower party at first. It was not going in my favor, I thought my troll build had failed! That is... Until Tarsito's turn came up. As soon as that happened, I immediately body-changed him with Super Saiyan God Blue Vegito. And my god, was it a magnificent troll! You see, body-change completely swaps the bodies of two characters, giving me all his moves and abilities as well as hit points. So, my heavily damaged had been replaced by a super powerful fused god!

I next tried to swap Chapp with Majin Buu, which failed. Majin Buu and his fusions are pretty useful to use online, since Majin Buu has EX Regeneration, which heals most of his health per turn. Now, with my next swap I accidentally went after Fusion Zamasu. At first, I thought I had messed up collosally. After all, Goku Black cannot be swapped with as he has a special ability negating body-change, so I assumed that Fusion Zamasu (who is regular Zamasu fused with Goku Black would be the same) And guess what? TURNS OUT HE WASN"T! So, I steal Fusion Zamasu next and leave my opponent saddled with Tarsito. Now, at this point you'd think Food would just rage-quit. 90% of players would ragequit at this point, but not Food! Food actually makes good use of Tarsito, doing a fair bit of damage to my party. I shouldn't have given Tarsito good moves... Though to be fair, he didn't absolutely murder-ilize my party.

Now, I take out generic NPC first, then go after Majin Buu. After going Super Saiyan, I completely destroy Majin Buu with 1 hit. Now, you'll notice earlier I said Majin Buu was pretty powerful. Well, the Super Saiyan transformation ability is so OVERPOWERED, that if used correctly, it could 1 hit kill any enemy in the game. And I mean ANYONE. Super Saiyan basically makes any special attack (or even common melee and ki attacks) into weapons of mass destruction. So, while I'm taking out my enemies, Shorny gets wiped out before she can steal a body. I tried to steal Majin Buu's body a second time before deciding to just kill Majin Buu, but again it failed (sometimes the move just doesn't work, because they nerfed it slightly) So yeah, now stuff is starting to get heated.

I wipe out the generic Saiyan, but Fusion Zamasu takes quite a bit of damage from my enemies in the process. Now, here's where sh** gets hilarious. I had already been grinning and chuckling this entire match, but here's where it gets HILARIOUS. So, the only way to reverse a body-change is with a healer. Like an idiot, I forgot to swap bodies with Gine, who was my opponent's designated healer. Now, this was late in the match and I'm not sure if my opponent just realized now that he could reverse it, or if he was just healing to get his team's HP up. Regardless, this was a catastrophic flub. You know why? Because Fusion Zamasu had 7000 HP, and GINYUMAN HAD 40,000! So, I was given back my Ginyuman who had 75% of his health remaining, while Fusion Zamsu had less than 10% health. Fusion Zamasu took a few turns to fully kill however (he had some really beefed up moves equipped, I can tell) but I finally took him out. So yeah, all that remained and Tarsito, who was doing a fair bit of damage. So, at this point I remember that I still have Chapp, who hasn't swapped yet... So I successfully swap him with Gine :3

After destroying Tarsito, the match comes done to me and the body-swapped Gine who is now stuck as the green alien Chapp. Unfortunately for Food, Chapp had little health left. With a few attacks, Chapp died and I WON! Food had lost, with honor too! Like I said, he didn't rage-quit at all. Not when he saw my team were nothing but swappers and an OP Saiyan, not when I had stolen half his party, he fought with honor. Which was good, because I wasn't being honorable at all, so one of us had to be. :D I also learned more about how body-change works. For example, before this fight I thought you could only have one body-changed party member at a time. THIS IS NOT TRUE. You can have an entire body-changed party if you wanted. Keep in mind though that they get all your moves in return, even the really REALLY good ones.

But yeah, I won... By trolling and cheating the system. Now, I don't condone trolling in any capacity! I am against bullying in any form. But this wasn't modern trolling, this was classic trolling. Using the game's own flawed system just to mess with people in a fun manner. I mean, I laughed and had a good time. I was grinning like an idiot the whole. Sadly, I could not capture this epic event on film since I lack a 3DS capture card. However, if anyone reading this has a 3DS capture card and wants to re-enact a similar battle of insanity, let me know. I'll be sure to post a link to the video on my DA channel, so everyone can enjoy the swap shenanigans. Anyways, that was my story. Expect a TF / body-swap story tomorrow.
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Eagleknight226 Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
Has science gone too far!?
Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe a little. :D
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oh god whyyyyyy
Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Because science!
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Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I know, right? :D
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