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I looked at my map, and sighed at the fact that I was nowhere near close to my destination. My good friend, Phil, recently gave me a map to a supposedly awesome hot-spring. I was just glad that he wasn't angry about me taking so long with his story! I really felt bad about it taking a while, but I knew he wouldn't hold a grudge! I continued my stroll through the forest, as I looked for the mythical, "Ape Springs". This spring was apparently a huge tourist attraction, and it was conveniently located just outside my city! It was somewhere in this forest, I just didn't know where yet. I walked along a long and winding path in search of the spring. The map seemed to be leading me around in circles; I had no idea where I was! I had always sucked at reading maps, where the heck was I? I looked at the map, and it said that a landmark was up ahead. That's bald-bull; I couldn't see a landmark at all! As I wandered around lost, I eventually spotted an old man in the distance.

I thought he'd be able to give me some directions, so I could find my way out of this terrible maze of trees! I ran up to the old man, who was whistling a tune to himself. "Well, howdy! We don't get many strangers around these parts!" Exclaimed the old man, as he turned to face me. "Hello! I was wondering if you knew where the Ape Springs is." A serious look formed across the man's face. "Now, why would you want to go there? Nothing but goofy and weird misadventures to be had there!" I chuckled to myself, "I love goofy and weird misadventures! C'mon, don't hold out on me!" The man scoffed, as he pointed towards the northern part of the forest. "Just keep going north, and you'll find it! You kids today and your ridiculous misadventures!" The man sighed, and walked off. I smiled, as I walked towards my destination. I stepped on numerous twigs, rocks, and bugs as I made my way through the underbrush of the forest.

I walked for what seemed like hours, and was starting to get the feeling the old man was lying to me. That was until I spotted something in the distance; it was a large billowing of steam! That could only mean one thing: The hot spring was very close! I strutted towards the billows of smoke, as I moved through the trees. I nearly tripped over a branch in my excitement, as I made my way over to the spring. I reached the large billow of smoke, and found myself staring straight at the hot spring itself. It was magnificent! The water looked pristine and clear, and the misty waters were very inviting. There was so much smoke all around that I could barely make out the figure of another person sitting in the back of the pool. "Hello there!" I shouted, causing the man to respond with a grunt. He didn't strike me as the friendly type, but it didn't really matter at this point in time.

I was set to hop in the hot-spring, and some weird man wasn't about to stop me. I took of my clothing and grabbed a nearby towel from my backpack. I draped it around my unmentionables, and walked towards the spring. In one fowl swoop, I lowered myself into the drink. As my body entered the hot waters, I felt a deep wave of relaxation wash over me. The amazing scents of the warm waters wafted in through my nostrils, as my body relaxed itself to an unheard of degree. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked at the man across of me. I was rather shocked to learn he wasn't a man at all, but an Bornean orangutan! I would've panicked, but I figured it was just some sort of weird illusion brought on by the fumes surrounding the springs. After all, apes don't exactly prowl the wilds of Canada.

I chuckled to myself, as I ignored the obvious illusion. The ape looked at me confused, as I relaxed on my side of the hot-spring. I relaxed, and let the warm waters take hold of me. My body became immovable, as I lost control of my limbs. They relaxed in the gentle warm waters, as I felt a change begin to take place. I was so relaxed that I barely cared about my oncoming transformation, and I slowly closed my eyes as the gentle changes washed over me. I felt my body begin to fatten up, as my figure became chunky and out of my shape. My gut expanded outwards, as the sides of my body became larger and more bulbous. As my body bulked up, I felt my height begin to increase as well. My body grew slightly, by a few inches at least. My spine felt like it was shifting slightly; when this happened I uncontrollably bent my body over slightly. It was clear I had attained a new animalistic posture, a feeling I could never quite get used to.

My arms began to twitch slightly, as I felt them grow out. The bones inside my arms grew along with my ever expanding appendages, to the point where they were nearly touching the bottom of the hot-spring. My feet began to feel somewhat uncomfortable, so I slowly rotated them around in order to relax myself more. As this happened, my feet changed in shape. My feet became flatter, as they started to gain more articulation. My toes became thinner, becoming more like fingers. My feet became a second pair of hands, and I felt them twitch and move about in a strange way. Just when I was getting used to the feeling of having four hands, I felt my appendages begin to change once more. All four of my hands grew larger and more beefy; they soon became massive monkey paws.

Despite all these changes, I still felt extremely relaxed. My fat body was caressed by the soft waters of the spring, as the changes continued. My nose began to tingle, as it drew inwards. My nose melted into the front of my face, leaving two nostrils in its place. These nostrils were filled with new scents, those belonging to the forest around me. Many new and foreign smells became known to me, as I revelled in the ecstasy of my new sensations. My face began to tingle, as I felt my cheeks begin to puff out. They became rougher and more rounded, and increased in size to an amazing degree. My face felt bloated with my new cheeks, feeling very strange and different to me. They were rubbery and bulbous; feeling more like the cheeks of a walrus than a human.

My head stretched and grew larger, as it slowly became bigger and bulkier with each deep breath I took. My body continued to relax, as the transformation grew even more euphoric. I could feel the hair along my legs and arms begin to grow, as I felt each individual strand grow longer with each passing moment. These little strands started to grow into thick tufts of fur; I could feel the fur getting jostled by the warm waves of the hot-tub. The tufts of fur grew so long that they were nearly touching the bottom of the pool. This must've been the thickest fur-coat I had ever received! The gentle waves of the spring caressed my fur in an extremely relaxing way.

I felt as peace with myself, something that usually doesn't happen with transformations. As I relaxed, I felt slight irritation in my throat. Strange sacks began to form under my neck, as I let out a few throat-clearing coughs. My voice became progressively deeper and far less human with each cough. I tried to speak a few words, but all that came out was garbled grunts. With my transformation complete; I slowly opened my eyes so I could look at my new form. I gazed down at my chest, and found that it was covered in a thick and mangy coat of fur. I raised one of my furry arms up to eye-level, and took notice of how much longer it felt. My nostrils were aflame with the scents surrounding my new form.

I smelt like a garbage dump, yet the smell was strangely intoxicating. I gazed down at the waters, and caught sight of my reflection. Looking back at me was the grizzled face of an old orangutan! My face was rough and had a strange blue colorization. My head was bulky, and body was extremely chunky. As I marvelled at my new form, I heard a throat-clearing cough from the other side of the pool. I looked up and found that there was a duplicate of my human form sitting across from me. "Hello, ol' chap! I apologize for the change in forms; it's a bit of a curse you see!" Exclaimed the duplicate, as he moved closer towards me. "It all happened long ago. I was an escaped zoo animal that took shelter in these woods. I happened across this hot-spring one day, and bathed in its water. Because of this hot-spring, I gained human-level intellect and immortality! In fact, my body no longer required sustenance! However, it came at a price. I could no longer leave the area around the hot-springs. The farthest I could away from the spring was 50 feet. Truly, this was no way to live! Until, one day everything changed..."

The former ape took a deep breath before continuing his explanation, "I met a powerful sorcerer who placed a special enchantment upon the springs. Every time another human entered this spring, they would swap bodies with me for a whole two weeks. The sorcerer was the first to swap with me, leaving me with his body while he remained trapped at the springs. Since then, any human who's come here has traded forms with me." I grunted, as I tried my best to ignore the ape's explanation. I've heard it all before, and I was just too relaxed to care. "Once again, I apologize! I'll come back here in two weeks and return your body! I didn't believe that guy when he said somebody would be coming my way!" My eyes opened wide, as I let out a surprised screech.

"Is there something wrong? This guy said you'd really enjoy yourself, and that you'd be happy to get away from your humanity for a while! I believe his name was Phil, or something." I smacked my monkey paw in the warm waves, as I thought about that no good eagle and his trickery! He wasn't cool with me taking so long, he had already had this whole situation planned out! "Well, I must take my leave. I've been in these springs far too long, and I need to make my escape. I'll see you in fourteen days!" Exclaimed the duplicate, as he stood up and hopped out of the spring. He quickly dried himself off, and began putting on his clothes. In the meantime, I relaxed in the luxurious springs. My fat body felt right at home within the waves of the magnificent spring. I didn't care that an ape had just jacked my humanity; these waters were just too amazing to get out of.

The ape in my body quickly dressed himself, as I continued to bask in the warmth and relaxation of the spring. He quickly left; waving goodbye he did. It wasn't until he left that I finally clued into the situation at hand. I was going to be stuck in this body and in these hot-springs for a whole two weeks! I came to my sense, and swam to the exit of the hot-springs. I leapt out of the waters, and stood on my hands and feet on the stone ground surrounding the hot-springs. I started running on all four legs, as I attempted to get out of this place and get my body back. However, I soon found that this would be a near impossible task! I took off running and smacked right into a wall. I rubbed my furry head and looked up to find that there was no wall there at all!

I left my bulky paw up and moved it in front of me. My massive hand felt like it was touching some giant wall, a wall that I couldn't see. It was some sort of invisible barrier that I couldn't get out of! I began grunting and screeching like an insane ape, as I smacked my paws against the barrier. Over and over again, I went primal as I tried to break my way out of this place. Being stuck in a hot-spring for two weeks would drive me batty; I just couldn't stand to be here any longer! As I continued to smack my heavy body against the barrier, I heard footsteps from just out of reach. I turned to find the old man standing before me. 'I warned you about having misadventures didn't I? You kids today and your body-swaps! I remember the time that I swapped bodies with the ape, he ran around town naked and earn me a bad reputation!" I began grunting and screeching for help, but the old man ignored me.

"You made your bed son, and now you have to sleep in it! Don't worry, the ape always returns. It's the same thing I told that Phil guy when he came! He actually heeded my warning, and didn't dive into the springs!" Exclaimed the old man, as he turned to walk away. Today was just turning out be the worst day of my life! Well, except for that time I turned into a giant hen. I knuckle-walked back to the hot-springs and lowered myself back into the waters. The spring was strangely comforting and I found myself relaxing once more. I let the waves wash over my body, as my negative thoughts faded with the steam. I drifted off to sleep, as my body became numb. I'd get back at Phil once I got out of here, but for now I decided to just relax.
Art by :iconraiinbowraven:, story by me.
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