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Predicting That Weight (Furry Body Swap TG) by Monkey-Scientist Predicting That Weight (Furry Body Swap TG) by Monkey-Scientist

Story be me, art by :iconcapo16:

Several months ago a very valuable lesson was taught, and a youth learned that his life had been going in a very bad direction. Arnold the anteater had spent a couple weeks doing some menial tasks due to a bizarre turn of events. After an angry hippo stole his body and went on vacation with it, he promised himself that he would never insult storekeepers again. On top of that, he promised himself that he'd be a better person and help out the community. Still, he was afraid that a body-swap situation may occur regardless. He decided to take action and find out when such a situation would occur, which is why he contacted a female fortune-teller named Danna. She was a plump red dragoness with a perchance for predicting the future, something Arnold desperately needed right now. He needed to know when the next swap was going to occur, so he could avoid it completely. He arrived at the fortune-teller's house late at night, where he was greeted by the fat dragoness. She gripped her stomach firmly, as she grinned at the skinny little anteater. "Hello, so you're my client for tonight?" The anteater nodded his head in response, "Yeah, I need some predictions done." The red dragoness opened her door wide for the anteater, "Than come on in, sugar!"

Arnold entered the dragoness' humble abode. "Be glad that fortune-tellers don't go on maternity leave!" Arnold suddenly felt bad; he didn't want to force a pregnant lady to look into some weird situation. "Sorry, I had no idea you were pregnant! If you want, I can come back later!" The dragoness shook her head, "Don't worry about it! If I didn't want to take on any customers today, I would've said no! Besides, I needed a break from running to the store to buy baby supplies anyway! Now, let's predict your future!" The dragoness led the anteater to a table with a crystal ball in the middle. The two sat down on chairs situated at the opposite sides of the table, as the dragoness continued to grip her pregnant belly with her hand. "Alright, so which aspect of your future do you want me to predict?" Asked the dragoness, causing Arnold to gulp. "W-well, I want to know when someone is going to s-s-s-swap bodies with me next. I want to be prepared." He said nervously, as the dragoness grinned.

"A body-swap, huh? A peculiar thing to predict, but I'll be sure to do it. Now, gaze into the crystal ball!" The two bent over and looked in the magnificent crystal ball. As Danna gazed into the magnificent crystal, her grin transformed into a sadistic smirk. The dragoness looked over to the anteater and eyed him up, right before glancing back down at the crystal ball. "Would you look at that? It says your next body-swap will occur right now!" The anteater frowned, "What do you mean by that?" Suddenly, the crystal ball let out an unnatural glow. A shimmering green glow erupted from the crystal ball and fired its light directly into their eyelids. Arnold and Danna gripped at their heads, as panic began to fill Arnold's being. As he tightly gripped his face, he took notice of how much flatter it seemed than usual. Nothing could prepare him for what would happen when he would remove his paws from his face...

kyoshira71 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Pretty cool that you supplemented the comic with a story.
Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I always do that. Every pic and comic deserves some sort of story, at least in my books.
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