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Old Man Jam AKA Dr. Tao from Miniforce by Monkey-Scientist Old Man Jam AKA Dr. Tao from Miniforce by Monkey-Scientist
Alright, here is a rather... Unique oddity I found. The other day, I discovered this weird Korean CGI cartoon on Netflix. It's called "Miniforce" and it's about a group of cartoony animals who live with a human. However, they also transform into Sentai-inspired warriors to fight evil villains. It's basically Power Rangers meets Keroro Gunso/ Sgt. Frog and it's actually quite a bit of fun. The CGI is nice and the action scenes are actually badass. The English voice acting is pretty cheesy though, and a little bit bad. I feel like the English dub actually adds to the charm of the show a bit, though the original Korean dub sounds much more professional.

Anyways, who are these characters in this picture here? Well, the one on the left is Volt the Squirrel. Though, what really intrigued me was the one on the right. This is Dr. Tao, A MONKEY SCIENTIST! Not just any Monkey-Scientist, he looks like a much older version of Jam. Sure, he doesn't have the pink nose (Though Jam originally had a similar nose to this guy) and his muzzle is a bit longer, but they look identical! They both wear lab-coats that only cover their torso and they both wear no pants and have hairless butts! :D I mean, this guy basically looks like an old version of Jam. He's essentially Jam if he gave up on transforming people and decided to build giant robots instead!

I just find this such a weird coincidence that this show started airing around the time I got a full reference of Jam for the first time. Sadly, Dr. Tao barely appears in the show (At least at the first season, since I haven't seen the second one yet) He only appears in the last two episodes of season 1. Not only that, but he doesn't even get his own Power Ranger-esque form, despite the fact that he's the lead scientist! Then again, he's probably too old to use one. Unless he swaps bodies with the younger much more spry Jam! That's a story I may do at some point, a swap between Tao and Jam. Anyways, I just thought I'd share this character since no pics of him seem to exist. You can find all the episodes in English on YouTube, plus there's a bunch available on Netflix. Here's the theme song if you're curious:…

I own nothing about this show, all rights are owned by a Korean animation company. I do not own these characters nor this image in any way. Please support the official release.
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June 10, 2017
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