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Marvel Comics: Ape Watcher Gets Drunk by Monkey-Scientist Marvel Comics: Ape Watcher Gets Drunk by Monkey-Scientist
Image property of Marvel comics, I own nothing on this.

I usually don't repost comic pages, though I have seen a fair bit of users do it. Yesterday, I read through the entire Marvel Apes run and this page in particular stood out to me. Basically, the chimpanzee version of The Watcher gets drunk while watching. Yes, apparently Watchers can get drunk in this universe. The second panel is a particular favorite: "Wanna make out?" Marvel Apes was special kind of weird, which is why I think it's one of my favorite comics. I like it more for how bizarre it is, compared to other Marvel comics series. The apes and monkeys are just a nice touch. But yeah, Watcher was definitely the best part of the series, despite only bookending it. I may upload some more panels of this if people are interested.

I honestly recommend reading this if you are morbidly curious. It feels like it was written by me, despite the fact that I didn't start writing until 2013. If you can get past the glorious amount of ape and monkey puns, the fact that Spider-Man is a monkey and willing to murder people, and the fact that all of your favorite Marvel heroes are monkeys and apes now, I think this is something you can enjoy. Sucks that Marvel never revisited this series, aside from doing a few spinoff one-shots and having Spider-Monkey appear in the Spiderverse crossover. But yeah, if you ever wanted to see a time-travelling Charles Darwin hit on an ape-turned-human version of Susan Storm, then this is your comic!
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March 12, 2017
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