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Chapter 1: The Hoggish Magic Trick

It was hard to believe it had been two whole years since I started writing stories. In order to celebrate, my friends Phil and Alex took me out to a magic show. I didn't really know what to expect going into this, but I knew it was going to be entertaining! We piled into the large auditorium at 8:30 PM, the place was immensely packed. At 9 was when the performance proper was to occur and I was pumped! After about thirty minutes, the lights started to dim. Smoke filled the main stage as sparks flew out from beneath the fog. From beneath the smoke emerged a man in a magician's outfit, complete with a black top-hat and a magic wand. "Greetings, mortals! I am the great and all-powerful Mallic, the world's most powerful magician!" The man said right before bowing to audience.

Afterwards, the man put on an amazing spectacle. Trick after trick after trick, the man amazed and astounded the audience with his magic prowess. It was a solid two hours of insane magic feats. Finally, it came the time for his last trick. "Final trick of the night, ladies and gentlemen! I'm going to astound you with something you've never seen before: I shall make a human swap heads with an animal!" The audience gasped, they were too afraid to raise their hands to volunteer. Suddenly, Phil and Alex started nudging my sides. "Dude, you love head-swaps! If this turns out to be real, it would be amazing to see!" Shouted Phil as the two smiled at me. "Well... I doubt that this is a real spell, but I'll give it a shot." I raised my hand and the magician smiled. He waved his wand as I soon found myself covered by a cloud of smoke. After the smoke cleared, I found myself sitting on a stool on the main stage.

The man looked over at me and smiled. "So, which animal would you like to swap with?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Not sure, can't think of one. Surprise me." The man smiled as he stroked his moustache. "Sure! I thought of the perfect one for this performance..." The man waved his hand and another cloud of smoke appeared. The smoke cleared and revealed a big fat pig. The porker oinked as he trotted around the stage. People laughed as the pig walked towards me and started sniffing me.  The pig smelt terrible, like  rotten eggs and rancid beef! "This will make for a good show! Now, let's get you two swapped..." I thought this was going to be impossible. There's no way he could make me swap heads with a pig! He took his magic wand and tapped it against the top of my head and then walked over to the pig and did the same to his head. He then waved his wand, and I suddenly found myself staring at my own legs from a different vantage point!

I was perched on all fours in front of myself, my fingers were all stuck together uncomfortably and I felt immensely bloated. The smell the pig was giving off was much more intense, heck it felt like that smell was coming from my own body. My body felt like it was naked and I found that I was sweaty all over. I looked up at what appeared to be myself sitting in front of me and glanced up at the being. I found that it had a pig's head, but possessed my body! The being was squealing incomprehensibly as I started to panic. I then caught my reflection in a nearby mirror and was filled with even more fear. To my utter horror, I found my head was now attached to the body of a fat sweaty pig! My pink skin glistened with sweat due to the hot lamps surrounding the stage. I possessed a curly tail, a set of four hooves and a very fat body. My body was so insanely fat that I found it hard to even move around properly at first. I waddled about on all four feet, nearly getting knocked over by my own flab with each step. I wiggled my curly tail about as I stared at my pig-headed body. He snorted and squealed as he leapt off the stool and landed on all fours. He sniffed me while squealing incomprehensibly. The pig then gripped his clothes using his new hands and proceeded to tear all of his clothing off in front of everybody! To my horror, the pig who now possessed my body was now buck-naked! The pig stood in a rather primitive-looking stance as the audience laughed. Other people in the audience grimaced at the sight of a naked pig-human hybrid.

I turned to the magician as I continued to sweat immensely. "O-okay, your trick worked! Now, change us back! I don't want to look like a freak!" The magician smirked. "Well, I wouldn't want you two to look like freaks. Here, let me fix you guys!" The wizard tapped his his wand against our heads once more. However, instead of swapping back, my head started to change shape. My head became much fatter as my skull changed shape. My hair fell out in clumps as my head grew much fatter. My ears grew larger, allowing me to hear sounds I normally couldn't hear. I could hear people in the back whispering. "I hope they cook that smelly pig and share it with the audience..." My nose grew larger as my nostrils grew bigger.

My nose became a massive snout and I found that I oinked randomly while speaking. Using my new nostrils, I could smell all sorts of scents that I had never smelt before. My eyes became the dull lifeless eyes of the a pig as the color quality diminished greatly. Objects in my line of sight looked blurry or didn't have the proper colors, these new eyes were terrible! That's when I caught my reflection in the mirror once more, only to find that I now possessed a pig's head as well as its body! I now a full porker! I looked over at the pig and found that he was now an exact duplicate of my former human body! Luckily, I still possessed the ability to speak. "I thought you were going to change me back!" I shouted, right before letting loose a loud squeal. The magician bent over at me and grinned. "Sorry, but I don't reverse spells! What kind of two-bit magician would I be if my amazing tricks had off-switches? Luckily for you, you still have the ability to speak and you still the possess the lifespan of an average human despite being a pig."

I snorted and tapped my hoof against the man's pant-leg. "Change me back, oink! I don't want to be a walking pile of bacon for the rest of my life!" The magician snickered once more. "Like I said, I don't change people back. It's permanent I'm afraid! Don't worry though, you'll love your new life! No worries, no cares, just eating slop and hoping someone doesn't toss you in a oven! Although, I doubt they'd toss a talking pig in the oven, a one of a kind creature like that doesn't deserve to be grilled up. Be lucky, the last guy I transformed became a dove who couldn't talk and didn't possess a human mind. Now, I shall take my leave!" The man waved his wand and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The audience cheered, not seeming to realize that I had actually swapped bodies with a pig! The audience started to pile out of the room. At that point, Phil and Alex ran up to the stage and over to the pig in my body. The naked human oinked as he waddled about the stage. "James, you can stop now! The act is over, man, now put some clothes on!" Phil shouted as he glared at the naked human. The pig looked up at them, confused as to what was going on. I could only just stand there, almost too afraid to speak. How could I possibly tell my best friends that I was a pig now? It's best I do tell them as I had few other options at the moment! "Uh... Guys. I'm James." The two turned to look at me, they stared at me in utter surprise. "Phil, did that pig just talk? And why does it sound like James?" Asked Alex as he bent over to look at me. "Guys, I'm James! That crazy magician made me swap bodies with a pig!"

The two of them stared open-eyed at me as they turned back to look at the squealing human behind them. "Oh my god, it is James!" Phil shouted as bent over to look at me. "I can't believe it, you're a pig! Not a fully-grown pig, but a fat one nonetheless!" I snorted angrily at that statement. "It doesn't matter if I'm fat or fully grown or whatever! The thing I want is my body back!" The two of them looked at each other. "I'm not sure how we can accomplish that. The only one who could probably reverse the body-swap is another magician or some kind of psychic. I doubt we'd be able to get that done overnight though, so we need a place for you two to stay." Alex said as he looked down at me solemnly. "Us "two"? You don't mean the pig as well, do you?" Alex nodded in response. "Yeah, we'll have to babysit the pig in your body as well. We can't have him getting thrown in a loony bin now, can we?" I snorted as I looked over at my naked body waddling about like a pig. "Alex, you take the pig home. There's a farm next to my house, so James can stay there." I squealed in surprise. "A farm?! I don't want to stay in a smelly pigsty full of smelly pigs!" Phil reached down and playfully scratched behind my floppy ear. "Don't forget, you're a smelly pig as well, buddy! Don't worry, once we explain your case to the farmer I'm sure he'll make the pigsty your ideal home!" I snorted as Phil gave me a reassuring pat on my pudgy belly.

After our discussion, the four of us left the auditorium and walked back towards Phil's van. I waddled about, still not being used to all the fat that lined my body. I also wasn't used to walking on all fours as I would stumble over my own legs more often than not. These hooves weren't helping things either, the constant clacking of my hooves against the floor was driving me insane! This body was cumbersome, I hated it so! I glared at the former pig who now wore my form as he seemed to be moving rather well and at a quickened pace. He wore dull yet silly expression on his face as he trotted about on all fours. It was immensely embarrassing to see my body behave in such an odd manner. Once we reached Phil's van, Phil opened the side door for me. I tried to hop into the vehicle, but my immense fat kept me from leaping into the van. Both Phil and Alex had to pick me up to place me inside. They gasped for breath after being forced to carry a heavy pig into the van.

Phil started up his van and took off. We arrived at Alex's house first, dropping both him and the pig in my body off. I stared as my own body walked off, I felt so angry over the fact that I wasn't truly myself anymore. Phil then drove me over to the farm. Despite it being night, the farmer was still out and about. Phil pulled up in his van and waved to the farmer. The man waved back as Phil parked his van. Afterwards, he left the vehicle and walked over to the side of vehicle. He opened up the side door,  allowing me to hop out of the van. I landed on all fours, my hooves clacking against the rocks and gravel as I did so. I followed Phil as he walked over to the farmer. "Why, hello there, Phil! What brings ya' around here at this time of night?" Phil rubbed his foot against the dirt bashfully. "Well, this is a weird request, but I would like you to take care of my friend here." Phil motioned towards me as I gave the farmer an awkward smile. "A pig? Is it your pet?"

I snorted and opened my mouth to speak. "I am no pet pig, pal! I am his friend who happens to inhabit the body of a pig!" The former looked at me with his mouth wide open. "D-Did that pig just talk?!" Phil nodded up and down. "Yeah, my friend here got body-swapped with a pig during a magic show." The man scratched at his head. "I don't quite understand what you're talking about. How about come on inside my house and tell me about it?" Phil and I both nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a good idea, oink!" I said with a snort. The man shook his head and glared at me. "Sorry, but no pigs allowed in the house. I don't care if you have a human mind, no porkers in the house." I oinked angrily, but Phil managed to calm me down by playfully patting my butt. "We'll be right back, buddy. Just wait for us outside." The two of them walked to the front of the door. Phil waved at me, before heading inside. Looks like I'd have to wait a bit. I just hope Phil can properly explain what happened to that farmer, he doesn't seem like the smartest guy around.
A story I made in honor of my two year anniversary of writing these stories. Chapter 2 is already mostly complete and I hope to have it out by tomorrow (With any luck) Also, I found the pic on a random google image search and I found that it fit the story to an extent. Kind of wish their were more pig-headed human pics to choose from. :D

The story features me as James, :iconpheagle-adler: as Phil, and :iconvulpinekeyblader: as Alex.
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I like it so far.  :)
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I'm glad you do. :) Part 2 is out as well BTW 
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Hehe 2 years later and you get to spend your aniversery in a pigs body x3
Well let's just hope Phil is discussing your stay and not how to make you dinner
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Nah, he wouldn't grill me up. And the best way to spend an anniversary is in a pig's body, oink! Wouldn't mind having my old body back though. :D
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Good Story! I hope the second chapter can sustain the plot you have going.
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Oh, it will. I want to make it so I stay stuck that way.
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