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Chapter 3: Bunny Booty Bonanza
It had been a whole month since I swapped heads with Lola and after marrying a clingy rooster who happened to be my childhood hero, I took to my new life quite well. Foghorn turned out to be a great husband, and I loved my new rabbit form! Lola was fine with me wearing her body, until he caught my behavior in public. Apparently, scratching my butt, grunting, and walking on all fours is not good behavior for a female bunny. And why wouldn't I scratch my butt? I got such a big bouncy one now, it is so satisfying to scratch! I kept doing it regardless of Lola said.

Eventually though, I pushed my monkey behavior too far one day. It was a bright sunny day in the world of the Looney Tunes. I walking around wearing a skin tight pair of shorts and an extremely slim top. My unrestrained breasts bounced in the wind as I flaunted my body for all to see. Lola was following me, which was a normal thing for him to do. She wanted me to keep my bad behavior to a minimum while I was her as she didn't want to go back to a body with a "negative reputation".

So, I walked in a uniform pattern. Lola wanted me to present my body in a feminine yet stern manner. Chest out, hips swaying, but not kissy-face or swooning. Lola wanted me to have zero fun whatsoever! Doing what I was told wasn't fun to me in the slightest. Eventually, Lola got distracted by a nearby carrot stand, allowing me the opportunity to sneak off. I wasn't about to let Lola make a proper and sophisticated rabbit out of me, I was a pure monkey all the way! Sure, from the neck down I was a rabbit, but I was a monkey where it counts.

I walked away on my bare bunny feet, making sure that Lola didn't see me sneaking off. Once I made it away, I eyed up my beautiful body. Well I had already checked out my borrowed rabbit form several times, it was something that never got boring to me! My body was somehow even thinner than my previous monkey form, possessing a coat of tan colored the fur. The fur along my stomach was a brighter tan color, and appeared to be softer than the rest of the fur covering my body. My feet were a pair of bulky rabbit paws, while my hands were covered in a pair of white gloves. The gloves couldn't be removed no matter how hard I tried, it was like they were permanently fused to my body!

I had a pair of large breasts that were constrained by a yellow tank-top, as well as a big bubble-butt hidden behind a pair of purple shorts. I trotted about on my big rabbit paws while looking around and making sure Lola wasn't nearby. Once it was clear to me that she wasn't around, I slowly lowered myself onto all fours. I slowly lowered my gloved hands onto the ground as I pressed my rabbit feet into the dirt. I arched my back and hiked my rather large butt, while at the same time wiggling my cotton-tail around.

I start making monkey-like screeches with my mouth as I walked about on all fours. Due to walking around all fours, my gloves became increasingly dirty and mucky. Toons gathered around to witness my silly behavior. "Ook ak ak ook!" I screeched aloud as I scratched my bouncy bunny bubble-butt. One monkey toon smiled as he snapped some pictures of me. "Ain't that cute, eh? The hoser thinks she's one of them monkeys! These crazy city toons think they know what being a monkey is all aboot!" Exclaimed the monkey in a Canadian accent, which offended me somewhat. After all, I'm a Canadian monkey, and you don't see me with a stereotypical accent! Well, at least my head is that of a Canadian monkey's.
I chittered happily at the attention as I continued to act like a silly monkey.

Eventually, the crowd dispersed. One by one they left to go back to their formulaic toon lives. I was about to leave myself, when I heard a voice that chilled me to the bone. "Jam!" Shouted a familiar female voice. I pressed my hands firmly against the ground and turned my body slightly to find myself staring at a pair of hand-like feet and furry legs. I tilted my head upwards and looked up at the hairy monkey legs, before moving on to glance at the creature's hairless stomach. I gulped as my eyes noticed his lab-coat while I continued to trail my line of vision upwards.

I finally reached the monkey's face, only to reaffirm my fears: It was Lola! The bunny-headed monkey twitched her whiskers angrily as she glared at me. "You're in trouble now!" Exclaimed the rabbit with a monkey's body as she pointed down at me in an accusing way. I simply laughed in response as I stood up abruptly. I brushed my clothes casually, causing all the dirt and filth to magically dissipate. Thank god for cartoon character convenience!
I grinned mischievously as I stared at Lola. "Hey there, monkey-butt! Like what you see?" I asked as I turned my back to Lola and playfully wiggled my bunny-booty in her direction. "No, I don't! I don't like it at all, in fact! Jam, I know we've swapped heads for life, but you need to behave more like a civilized bunny toon. You wear my body now and I expect you to wear it with respect." As Lola said that, I noticed her doing up the buttons on her lab-coat.

I stuck my tongue out at her in defiance. "How am I supposed to respect your body when you can't respect mine? You always button up my lab-coat, or bathe, and generally don't cause any chaos at all! I mean, you are a monkey-man, not a bunny-woman! Where's your chaotic streak?!" I shouted back at Lola, who wore a look of utter confusion on her face for a few seconds. She remained strangely silent for a bit, until her dopey rabbit expression changed into a mischievous smile.

"You're right!" Exclaimed the rabbit-headed monkey as she flicked her prehensile tail. My over-confidence suddenly faded as the rabbit approached me. I gulped as I stared into her piecing green eyes. "I am?" Lola walked right up to me and grabbed me by my gloved wrists. She firmly gripped them as she pulled my uncomfortably close, to the point where my breasts were pressing against her chest. I blushed nervously as I made nervous simian chattering noises with my lips. "A little too close there, eh?" I asked as the bunny awkwardly sniffed me.

"You're a mad-scientist, as if you have boundaries!" Exclaimed Lola as she wiggled her monkey tail around. "Well, you've got a point there... Still, I'm married to Foghorn Leghorn!" Lola burst out laughing at my statement. "No, you're not! You're married to me!" I tilted my head back in confusion. "Wait... What?" Lola smirked as she moved her long monkey tail towards my backside. "Ever notice how inconsistent Foghorn's Texan accent was? Or how quiet "I" was at the wedding? Or what happened to the magic B-Ball? You're a scientist, you should've figured this out already!"

I gasped as I suddenly pieced everything together. My simian intellect worked into overtime, as I connected every piece of what Lola said into place. "Oh, I get it now! You arranged some sort of deal with Foghorn, swapped bodies with him, so you can marry me in his body! Wait... Why wouldn't you marry me in my--- I mean, your body." Lola snickered. "Because you'd be apprehensive! I explained to Foghorn that you were actually a guy and that I'd marry him in your body. After using the basketball to swap bodies with Foghorn, I then used its magic to alter everyone's memories so that they believe you married me in your body instead of me in Foghorn's body!"

"Holy overcomplicated explanation, Monkey-Man! That's a really complex and confusing plan. Wait... So, we're married now?" I asked as Lola's grin got even wider. "Yep! My pointlessly complex plan was just for me to marry you, once I realized the head-swaps caused by the basket-ball are permanent. The exceptions are regular body-swaps, which are thankfully temporary. Anyway... Imma smack 'dat rump!" Lola then hiked up her long monkey tail and swiftly smacked my rump. I grinned, actually enjoying the pain. "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

Lola grinned mischievously as she began to repeatedly swat my butt with prehensile tail. I heard a clicking sound and a tightening around my wrists, but I was too busy enjoying the repeat butt-smacks to pay too much attention to it. My the cheeks of my big bubble-butt rippled as Lola continued her tail-slapping assault. Once my rump became sufficiently soar, she pulled her tail back and giggled slightly. "Hope you enjoyed that little distraction there!" My ears perked up at the word "distraction". I immediately looked downward sat my wrists.

Adorning my wrists were a pair of silver handcuffs, which had drawn my gloved hands closer to each other. I struggled about in the cuffs, but to no avail. No amount of force or pressure I applied weakened them. I tried squashing and shortening my limbs using the cartoon physics that I now possessed, but I still couldn't slip my hands out of these cuffs! "Don't bother trying to get out of these handcuffs, they are toon-proof! Squashing and stretching won't get you out of these cuffs."

I growled at the rabbit-headed monkey. "You're evil!" I exclaimed as I thrashed my hand-cuffed hands around. "I'm not just evil, I'm Jam!" She replied, causing me to snicker a bit. "Kind of hard of hard to be me when the carpet doesn't match the drapes." I said as I happily flared my nostrils. "Oh, I can fix that!" Lola then proceeded to reach her ears with her left hand.

Lola tugged on her long ears and pulled and stretch them upwards before letting go. Her ears were like a pebble from a slingshot, smacking back into her and shrinking in size. Her rabbit ears changed shape, becoming more human-like in the process. Lola then proceeded to take two of her fingers and pinched her tiny pink nose, causing it to expand in size. Lola then took both her hands and rubbed them all over her face and head as she squashed and stretched them while molding them into a new shape.

After a few seconds Lola pulled her hands away and revealed that she now had a complete replica of my head. The brown fur around her head, the hairless face with slight wrinkles on it, as well as now possessing simian ears. "Ta-da!" Lola shouted as she showed off her handiwork. "Wow, squash-and-stretching has come a long way since the early days of cartoons! Think you could morph my face too? I'm a little tired of being mismatched as well."

Lola smiled as she patted me on the back. "Sure, if you promise to be good, and leave being evil to me. After all, we are now each other permanently, best we act like each other." I frowned as I twitched my pink nose. "Well... Fine! Only if you promise to be extra evil to make up for me no longer being that way!" Lola nodded and pressed her hands against my face. She molded and squished my face, morphing it into a duplicate of her previous beautiful bunny face. My ears became longer as I grew whiskers, and soon enough soft fur was covering the front of my face.

My face morphed into a precise copy of Lola's face, and soon enough my head matched my body. I twitched my smaller pink nose as I wiggled my longer rabbit ears about. "Sweet! Now people will stop asking me if I'm some horrible freak created from a teleporter accident. Though, I will miss my beautiful monkey mug." Lola threw her arm around my feminine dainty shoulders. "Don't worry about it, babe. I can always change our faces back if you're feeling nostalgic!"

I grinned and nuzzled my fuzzy head against Lola's neck. "Good to know you're not still mad at me!" I exclaimed as I continued to rub against Lola's neck. "Oh, I am still very much furious. However, I'll save the revenge for later. For now... You and I are going to have some fun!" I raised an eyebrow as my grin turned from one of pure enjoyment to one of wry amusement. "If it's the kind of fun I'm thinking of, then I'm down. I take it you're going to keep the cuffs on me then?"

Lola nodded in response. "Oh come, don't act like you don't enjoy being in cuffs! Besides, I'm going to bust out the whips and chains anyways, so may as well keep the cuffs on." I blushed at just the thought of it. "Whips and chains?! Wow, you really are a better me than I used to be! You're evil, silly, pervy, and goofy. Those are all the traits of a real simian-scientist!" Lola grinned as she flicked her tail. "D'awww, shucks! Anyways, let's go have some fun, baby!"

I giggled softly as I shook my arms around in my handcuffs. "Whatever you say, honey!" The two of then left for a night of silly shenanigans. While I was looking forward to my alone time with Lola, I was still curious about what her revenge would be. It couldn't be that bad... Could it? A question I found more perplexing thought was this: Would Bugs be cool with me stealing his girl?
Something silly and weird I recently put together. :D This is a continuation of my previous Lola story, taking place in a non-canon timeline where Jam never swapped back with Lola. I decided to retcon Jam's marriage to Foghorn, using overcomplicated explanations. :D The original story didn't end with Jam marrying Foghorn, it just had kind of a sudden ending like ol' Looney Tunes cartoon. I changed the ending later, but in this story I make it look like a ploy from Lola to marry Foghorn. But yeah, I got a fourth chapter planned in the work, which won't be until Easter (I think you can guess what kind of TF it will entail) This story is a swap aftermath, kind of like a "where are they now?" sorta story, though it's got some minor TFs in it. :D

Preview image of Jam and Lola head-swap was drawn by :iconcm-the-artist:
Lola property of Warner Bros.
Jam property of me.
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