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I gripped the tab on a nearby can of soda, and carefully pried it open. This action opened the can with a slight fizz, as I brought the soda to my lips and took a sip. I wasn't just having soda for any old reason though. Previously, I had been stuck in the body of Gorilla Grodd, an evil ape who had snatched my body. Not only was I stuck in his body, but also trapped in prison! Thankfully, the DC universe was rebooted once more and I was sent back to my own body.

I was celebrating being myself again in the best way I knew how: Having some soda and chips! I no longer had fur covering my body, nor was I stuck in prison. I was back to being just me, which is all I ever wanted! I sat on the couch, clad in nothing but a white sleeveless undershirt, as well as a pair of matching white boxers. I was ecstatic to even be wearing undies again, considering how most clothes didn't fit my former gorilla body. Now that I was human, I could wear whatever I wanted!

I matted my messy brown hair as I threw myself onto a nearby couch. This couch was an older one, colored green and having some scuffs here and there. Regardless, it was a very reliable piece of furniture! I kicked my feet up on a nearby footstool and relaxed, as I took a potato chip out from a nearby bag. I pressed it against my lips and took a big bite, savoring the taste as best as I could. When I was Grodd, my taste buds were entirely different! Being a highly-evolved gorilla, I wasn't able to enjoy the flavor of things the way I could as a human.

All that's changed though, and I planned on being myself forever! I continued to relax in my house, until I heard the sound of footsteps. These weren't any normal footsteps however, they sounded large and hefty. The person's large feet creaked against the wooden floorboards as I started to panic. I was in the living room with nothing to defend myself!
From out of the hallway strode an all too familiar figure, one that my blood curdle in utter shock. It was none other than Gorilla Grodd! The anthropomorphized gorilla stood at nearly 7 feet tall and had a rather large and flabby gut. The gorilla had skin that was colored grey and was dotted with several wrinkles. The gorilla lacked an actual nose, having a pronounced ridge with two large nostril holes. Despite his rather fat gut, the gorilla possessed both muscular arms and legs. His body was covered in thick black fur, that coated most of his body.

Grodd looked at me and smiled as he reached his big meaty ape paw around to scratch his behind. "Hey there, buddy!" I frowned as I looked at Grodd. "Get out of here! I ain't letting you snatch my body again!" I stood up and shock my fist angrily at the gorilla. "Don't be like that, old friend! You know you loved being me, even if you hesitate to admit it. I'm a genius, the behavior of living beings is an open book to me."
I looked over Grodd's body, I didn't want to admit it, but he was right! I did love being Grodd, despite the body itself belonging to a wanted criminal. The idea of being a massive gorilla with a large gut and bulging muscles was a rather intoxicating proposition. For some reason, the idea of being a prisoner again felt desirable. Was Grodd somehow messing with my mind, or were these my actual desires that I had somehow locked away?

"Oh, you will not be able to resist me at all! Especially when you see how much better I wear your form than you do! Let me show you a trick, a little magic that I stole from the likes of Zatanna!" Grodd then turned around and showed me the back of his head. To my surprise, I found that there was a zipper tab fastened to it! Grodd reached his big meaty ape fingers around to the tab and gripped tightly with both his index finger and thumb. As he pulled the zipper down, I took notice of his muscles and flab beginning to deflate. His entire body started to deflate, as his very flesh became more like a costume.

Grodd shrunk as he continued to pull the zipper down, causing his body to become much skinner in the process. Grodd then pulled off the deflated suit revealing himself to be... Me. Underneath the gorilla costume was an exact clone of me, down to the white boxers and undershirt. He stood at the same height as me: 5 foot 11. Not only that, but he had the same shaggy brown hair!

Grodd smiled as he shook his legs out of the gorilla suit. He then bent over and picked up the discarded gorilla suit. Grodd grinned like a madman as he held the suit. "I have the feeling that this would fit you very well!" I crossed my arms as I stuck my tongue out at the doppelganger. 'Too bad, I'm not wearing it! I'm not letting you trick me into swapping bodies again."

"That's a shame... Since you're already wearing it!" Shouted Grodd. To my surprise, I noticed that the costume was no longer in Grodd's hands! I looked down and found that the ape costume was alive and was fitting itself over my body! The costume moved up my body, as it began to fasten itself to my body and make changes. The legs of the suit latched onto my own legs, as they quickly began to fill out the costume. The suit fused with my legs, which soon bulked up and became rather muscular. The fake fur lining the costume became real, as each individual follicle sunk into the front of my flesh. Within moments, my legs were now coated in fur!

The feet of the costume warped and shifted, as the material lining them became one with my skin. My feet grew and took on a hand-like shape. My feet were soon replaced with a pair of rather large ape paws. The suit then reached my thighs and waist, as they soon began to transform as well. The suit fused with my skin, as the material of the costume completely ate through my underwear. My undies disappeared in a mere manner of moments as the costume bound itself to my waist, thighs, and rear. My butt grew much larger, while at the same time becoming coated in black fur. Muscle pooled in my rear, causing it to take on a very defined shape.

The costume then latched itself onto my torso, which began to change as well. The stomach of the costume congealed with my own, causing my gut to bloat considerably. My stomach grew larger and larger, as it became more bulbous and pronounced. The suit then got work on mold my chest into a pair of rather large pectorals. Of course, these new pecs had a bit of flab to them, much like a fair portion of my new form.

My body grew taller as the costume became one with my being. My hands grew larger and filled out the gloves of the costume. My hands turned into a second set of hefty ape paws, as they burst out of the gloves that once contained them. My arms grew larger and became much thicker, as they soon bulged with an immense amount of muscle.  I flexed one of my muscly ape arms, just to get a feel for having such large muscles. The back of the costume started to zip itself up, as it slowly sealed my inside the costume. I panicked and flailed my large ape paws around, accidentally knocking over a lamp in the process. The lamp crashed to the ground with a heavy thud, but surprisingly the bulb remained intact!

The suit then fused with my neck, which rapidly began to bulk up. My neck became thicker and wider, becoming more like an ape's neck in the process. The mask of the costume then pulled itself onto my face, as it overtook my fairly attractive facial features. My nose thinned out and pushed upwards, as my nostrils flared and grew larger. My nose soon shifted into that a pair of nostril roles attached to a small facial ridge. My hair turned into black fur, as my head became large and misshapen.

The transformation had concluded and I stood awestruck at my new form. I let out a deep guttural grunt as I found myself uncontrollably scratching my hairy armpit. My body stood at nearly 7 feet tall and was covered in thick black fur. My skin was grey and covered in a fair bit of wrinkles. My body felt so large and hefty, like I took up too much space all at once.

Grodd laughed, once again ecstatic that he had taken over my body. I angrily crossed my muscly arms. "Ha, I win again! Your body is mine again, this time forever! Now, I'll never get sent to jail again! You also can't do anything to me, since you're too afraid to hurt your own body." I cracked a wry smile. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. You seem to have forgotten the mind-control aspect of this."

Grodd simply stuck his tongue out at me. "Oh, please! There's nothing you can do to me!" I smiled and reached over a nearby shelf, grabbing a red box that had a crank on the side of it. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that!" I grabbed Grodd by his arm, as the human started to panic. I gripped him tightly, and started squishing him and molding him into a new shape. Since my human body had been transformed so much, it was moldable like clay. This made it easy to manipulate Grodd's form.

After molding and reshaping Grodd into a much smaller and compact form, I haphazardly stuffed him into the box and closed the lid tight. I then gripped the crank in my thick ape fingers and started to turn it, as the song "Pop Goes The Weasel" played. Once the song ended, Grodd's now human head popped out of the box, not attached to a small metal spring. Of course, he was still alive, but now in a rather diminutive state. He was now just a living head attached to a spring, which in turn was attached to the inside of the box. Grodd's head was covered in white clown makeup, with little circles of red makeup on his cheeks. Attached to his head was a little jester's hat.

"What the--?! HOW DID YOU DO THIS?! AND WHY?!" Shouted the Grodd-In-The-Box. "Because I wanted to! After all, it's not my body anymore, so I can do with it what I wish! As for how I did it, I just used the power of malleable bodies. My body is like putty nowadays, so I can just mold you as I wish." Grodd panicked as he wiggled his tiny head around, which caused his spring to bop back and forth. This motion made Grodd's head bounce around as well, reducing his attempts to be threatening even more. "Change me back! I demand to be a full human!" I snickered and grunted as I pressed my index finger against the top of Grodd's head. "Sorry, but I'm not changing you back! I'm sick of people like you and Jam always transforming or swapping bodies with me! I'm no longer the victim, I am now the alpha ape. I shall transform this entire world into whatever I see fit!"

I grinned as I started pushing Grodd's head into the box using my index finger. "No you can't do---" Before Grodd could finish, I pushed his head completely into the box and shut the top of it. The former gorilla continued to shout muffled threats at me, though I lacked the ability to actually hear them. I picked up the box containing my former head and gripped it tightly in my meaty paw. I then walked over to a nearby garbage  can and tossed the box inside. I no longer had a need for my former body, or for Grodd himself.

I scratched my butt, while I let out a deep ape screech. I then walked over to a nearby pull of fruit and grabbed a nearby banana. Gripping it tightly in my bulky fingers, I gripped the top of it and slowly removed the peel. I then took a bite of the top of the banana. "Exquisite! This delicious banana makes me want to... TRANSFORM MANKIND!" I then proceeded to inhale the banana and swallow it hole, right before beating on my chest like the gorilla I was. "James is no more! All shall fear Jamesrilla!" I no longer feared anything, I now had a muscular and powerful body. The biggest thing that dominated my mind now was conquering the world, and molding it into whatever strikes my fancy...
(And also jack-in-the-box TF :3)
In this story, Gorilla Grodd steals my body again. Only, this time it goes horribly wrong. I REBEL AGAINST HIM! TRANSFORM MY FORMER BODY INTO A JACK-IN-THE-BOX! And now... THE WORLD IS MINE! Well, except for Electronic Arts, you can keep that part of the world. Nobody wants that.

Yeah, this is something silly I made for SLOOF LIRPA, but also for another reason. I guess the joke here is that it has a dark ending (not grimdark mind you, it's dark within reason but not super dark) when compared to my other stuff. To be fair, I do play off parts of the ending in being more silly then dark. Honestly, this was just my attempt to make an ending that's different than my normal stuff and April Fools was good excuse to do it. Yes, this was made for :icononatart:'s April Turnover event! Sorta... I say sorta, because this was in the works before I found out about it. Since this technically was a body-swap.

Gorilla Grodd is copyright DC
Image and April Turnover are copyright :icononatart:
James, Jam, and other concepts are copyright me

Also, why the f**k is DeviantArt using that stupid pear-with-a-mouth thing as their April Fools joke? Seriously, I just noticed that now. I mean, I'll look into it after I post this, but that's just stupid. Is it weird that I think it has nice lips?

ANYWAYS, have a good SLOOF LIRPA everyone!
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