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It was a truly dreadful day outside of a rather sinister looking mansion. The trees were wilted, birds were exploding seemingly at random, and bushes seemed to wither at an alarming rate. This was just the norm for the building in question: The mansion belonging to the super-villain known as Black-Hat. This maniacal villain was known for making and selling highly dangerous weapons and tools to super-villains. However, Black-Hat didn't make most of these inventions himself.

Black-Hat had a mad-scientist to do all the work for him instead! This scientist was known as Dr. Flug! He was a truly brilliant mind, though could be somewhat of a screw-up on occasion. Most of the time, things somehow worked out. However, there was one situation that forever changed Flug's life. One day, Flug was in the lab working on his newest device that he knew would get him on Black-Hat's good side!

It was a "Genetic Combiner", it fused the genetic code of two or more people into one being! It would divide the number of superheroes opposing a villain, and place them all into a congealed body that the didn't know how to properly control. Dr. Flug certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of such a device! Flug was already known for being kind of an outcast. He was a seemingly normal-looking man when compared to his compatriots, but dressed in a rather... Unusual manner.

The scientist wore blue jeans, a white unbuttoned lab-coat, and a pair of red and white shoes. He also wore a blue t-shirt depicting what appeared to be a plane crash. While this doesn't seem super out of the ordinary, one of the strangest parts of his appearance was his constant need to wear yellow gloves and a brown paper bag over his head. Over the brown bag sad a pair of black goggles, that were conveniently situated over holes in the bag. This meant that Flug was able to see out of the bag very easily.

Flug finished work on the device, which resembled a small metal box. The Genetic Combiner was truly a fiendish device, once two beings are fused by it, it becomes irreversible. Those two people will be stuck together forever! Dr. Flug knew that Black-Hat would finally give him some respect after seeing this device. Dr. Flug stretched his gloved fingers, not noticing that an interloper has entered the lab.

The being snuck through the lab on all fours and towards Dr. Flug. He snuck behind Flug, stood up on two legs, and started sniffing the bag on Flug's head. Flug freaked out and abruptly turned around, as he found himself face-to-face with a bizarre creature. It appeared to be anthropomorphic monkey! This monkey stood at about six feet tall, and had a second pair of hands for feet.

The simian had a long prehensile tail, and a thick coat of brown fur. This coat of fur covered every part of his party except for his face, butt, hands, and foot-hands. Jam smiled as he made simian chattering noises. "Hi, Dr. Flug! My name is Jam. I'm a Monkey-Scientist and a huge fan of yours!" Dr. Flug backed up slightly and stared in awe at the simian creature standing before him. At first he was awestruck by the bizarre being, but then he mulled over the words that the monkey said. No one had ever been a fan of Dr. Flug before!

"I have a fan?!" Exclaimed Dr. Flug in utter confusion. "Of course! Your theory on the inner-workings of mind-swapping helped inspire my work!" Jam couldn't see it underneath his hero's paper bag, but Dr. Flug was secretly smiling. "Ooh, I have a fan! How about I show you my newest experiment?" Jam nodded his furry head vigorously. "Ooh, I'd be delighted!"

The two shared a hearty laugh together, right before Flug stepped to the side to showcase his new machine. To Jam, it was just a large metal box with a big red button on it. A simple design, but Jam knew there must have been a lot more to it than that! Dr. Flug moved his gloved hands towards the machine in order to properly present it. "This is my newest invention for Black-Hat, I call it the "Genetic Compiler"! It fuses two beings together forever!"

"Ooh, that sounds amazing! Wait, if two beings are fused together, wouldn't that make them stronger?" Asked the inquisitive monkey, causing Flug to shake his head. "Not at all! In fact, the machine weakens the new fusion and reduces its size!" Flug said proudly, with his gloved hands on his hips. Jam curled his tail in a curious manner as he flexed his finger toes. "So, how do you operate it?"

"It's simple, my simian admirer! All you have to do is press this red button, like so." Flug then took his gloved index finger and pressed the big red button. Causing the machine to power on. The machine let out a loud humming noise, unsettling the monkey to no end. "Then, the machine will fuse all those within a few feet of the machine! Any questions?" Jam gulped and pointed at the machine. "Yeah... Didn't you just press the button?"

Flug panicked as the realization set in. He had unknowingly pressed the button by mistake! Before the two could make a break for the door, the machine powered on. It bathed the pair in bright blue light. The two became encased in large blue energy spheres. These spheres pulsed with energy, and slowly drew closer to each other. The two luminescent spheres converged on each other, fusing into a singular glowing blue ball of energy.

The sphere of energy shrank and shrank, until it was about 2 feet tall. Afterwards, the blue energy dissipated revealing one being. This being was a 2 foot tall anthropomorphic simian. It had a tiny frail body, hands for feet, and a prehensile tail, much like Jam had. It's fur-coat was accentuated by Dr. Flug's outfit pieces, which had now become a part of the fusion. Dr. Flug's trademark blue T-Shit, lab-coat, and yellow gloves were still intact. Adorning his, or rather their face was Flug's trademark paper bag.

Two different minds resided inside this fused form, panicked yet somewhat excited at their new fusion. The Flug-Jam hybrid looked at their tinier body in dismay. The pair had become diminutive and weak! As the Flug part of their fusion fretted about his new fusion, Jam sneakily took control of his left arm. Flinging his hairy arm around to his back, Jam used his left hand to stratch scratching his hairless butt. Flug immediately took notice of this and freaked out.

"Jam, are you scratching our butt?!" Exclaimed the Flug part of the fusion's brain. "Yeah, it's what monkeys do, and now we are a monkey!" Replied Jam as he continued to scratch. Out of annoyance, Flug took control of the prehensile tail that was now attached to his shared behind and wrapped it around his left arm. The tail gripped the lefty arm tightly, leaving Jam unable to scratch his behind.

"Aw man!" Exclaimed the Jam part of the brain. "Jam, we're stuck together! We need to figure out a way to un-fuse." Jam scoffed in response. "Look, I'm not the one who fused us together. Plus, you're the one who said it was permanent!" Flug grumbled on the inside, Jam was right! He had forgotten that the machine permanently fused two beings together, and there was no way to return to normal!

"My career is over!" Exclaimed Flug, as he sat down on his hairless tush and crossed his legs, in a manner similar to crossing one's arms. Flug looked around his lab, everything seemed so massive to his much tinier form now! Tables were the size of large hills, and the higher shelves looked more like mountains to the poor scientist now! Not only that, but almost his entire body was hairy and smelled horrible! Worse still, he wasn't even wearing pants anymore. His legs were now coated in thick brown hair, which conveniently censored any public display that would result from such nudity. Still, Flug felt so exposed!

While the Flug part of the fused being was moping about his new predicament, Jam took this opportunity to seize control of the right arm. With Flug distracted, Jam extended his right index finger and slowly moved it up towards the bag. Jam reached both his hand and index finger into the paper bag, which Flug immediately took notice of. Flug released his tail from his left arm and whipped it around, latching it onto his right arm and pulling it away from the bag. "Jam, what are you doing?!"

Jam giggled sheepishly on the inside, knowing that he had been caught. "Just trying to pick our nose! We do have a nose, right?" Flug grumbled as he became exceedingly more frustrated. "This is terrible! Not only am I fused forever, but I'm stuck with a silly monkey who wants to play nonstop!" Jam grumbled in response. "Hey, I'm also a scientist I'll have you know! Plus, I'm just trying to calm you down right now. I mean, you are a monkey right now, can't you just have a little fun?"

Flug thought about it for a second, and realized Jam was right. He had to get used to this body regardless, so he may as well have a little fun with it. The Flug-Jam hybrid cocked its head upwards and looked at the massive shelf. The shelf was like Mount Everest, it was begging to be climbed! For once, Flug thought of having some actual fun! "Think we could climb it?" Asked Flug as he consulted his simian other-half. "Why not?" Replied the Jam part of the brain.
The two then worked in unison, with Jam manning the right half of the body and Flug manning the left half. The two decided to walk on all fours for now, which they felt would be easier to get a hang of then walking on two legs together. The two different minds worked in tandem as they operated their four hands in unison. Their palms squeaked against the wooden floor as the simian-human hybrid made his way to the book shelf.

At first, the two started off with a normal knuckle-walk, but quickly broke out into a four-legged run! It took them no time at all to get used to operating as a pair, probably due to them both having equally high intellect. The four legged-monkey took a running leap onto the book shelf, and gripped it with all four hands. Like an expert mountain climb, the Jam-Flug hybrid managed to climb up the shelf with zero effort. It gripped the sides of various books at just the right spot to give him leverage. The monkey managed to maneuver quickly up the shelf.

The combined being eventually made its way to the top of the shelf. After climbing the last set of books, the monkey shimmied its way onto the very top of the shelf. It stood on the top of the wooden shelf with its hand-like feet. It then curled its hands into fists and started to beat on its chest in victory. The monkey's dirty fists collided with the T-shirt worn by its formerly human counterpart. 

Flug had never felt more alive in his entire life! He was free of the shackles of his nervous nature and felt more energetic than ever before. Jam took notice of this and reached his left hand around to scratch his hairless butt once more. This time, Flug didn't react to this or take notice of this at all. He didn't even seem to care! "Jam, this is the greatest day of my life!" Exclaimed Flug, as he commanded their shared body to sit down on the top of the shelf.
"I know, right? Being a monkey is the greatest thing ever!" Exclaimed the Jam side of the being's shared brain. "I think I'm done working for Black-Hat! We'll start our own mad-science lab, and we'll have hot babes with huge butts as lab-assistants! And we'll invent a self-sustainable banana tree that never runs out." Jam chattered happily at the notion. "I love that idea! First though, we have to solve a little problem here."

Flug then looked down from the shelf and to the floor. "Yeah, we have to get down first!" The two then stood up and shimmied their body off the top of the shelf. They carefully reversed their steps and walked down the book-shelf backwards. It was a simple enough act for the combined monkey creature. Within moments, he had reached the bottom of the shelf. Both Jam and Flug were delighted to be fused. While at first a bit confused and flabbergasted, the pair had managed to gel together nicely in the manner of a few minutes. It just goes to show, that when great minds of science work in unison, anything is accomplishable! Well, except for inventing pants that looks good on monkeys, that's something science can't fix!
This was a funny little story based off a sketch :iconfoxbeast: drew yesterday. :) In this story, Jam and Dr. Flug from the hit cartoon series Villaionus end up fused into into one being! Unfortunately for Flug, he has to get used to being a 2 foot tall anthro monkey. Thankfully, he gets used to this quite quickly. This story is my first attempt at a fusion, so it may be rough around the edges. It was something I made on the spur of the moment, so I hope you all enjoy. :)
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