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It was one of those days, that one special time of year that one could classify as being nearly perfect! The sun was peaking through the clouds and shining its light upon the greenery of a nearby park. Various people had come to this place to setup for picnics, just so they can relax and unwind after a difficult day. This seemed like a normal everyday event, so it was perplexing to everyone there as to why a certain simian scientist had shown up. The anthropomorphic simian in a lab-coat known as Jam had somehow received an invitation.

He had no idea who it was from, but it simply said to meet him in the park. The letter was signed by someone who used a single initial: "B". The monkey made his way to the park in order to confront the strange letter sender. Jam figured it wasn't an admirer! The simian didn't exactly have an appearance that would send the ladies running. The simian's body was skinny and tall. He stood at about 6 feet tall and had an overly skinny frame.
The monkey's body was covered in thick brown fur, with the exception of his face, hands, feet, stomach, and butt. A long prehensile stretched out from his backside, which the simian could use as a flexible extra limb. Jam's wrinkly face, large amount of fleas, and general bad odor are just some of the things that keeps him for being invited to events. That, and the fact that he wears nothing except an unbuttoned lab-coat that only covers his torso.

Jam grinned as he walked through the grass, his hand-like feet kicking up dirt as he trotted around. Jam flicked his tail impatiently, while at the same time using his left hand to scratch his hairless butt. Jam had little clue on where to actually go, as the letter told him to look for the "biggest tree". Jam wandered about, until he spotted a gigantic sycamore tree.

It stood larger than any other tree in the park. It's wood was old and somewhat damaged, decades worth of rain and rot had withered it slightly. Jam could see what appeared to be picnic blanket sticking out from the side of the tree, but couldn't make out who was sitting on it. Jam was facing the back of the tree, while whoever or whatever sent the message was sitting at the front of it.

Jam wandered up to the tree and then peaked his head around it, spotting a most peculiar sight. Sitting on the blue-color picnic blanket was appeared to be a large and very yellow bear! Much like Jam, this animal was anthropomorphic. The creature stood at about 7 feet tall and bright yellow skin. Unlike an actual bear, this being's skin was completely hairless.

The being had a large and flabby torso, along with an incredibly large stomach. The sunlight reflected off the bear's belly, producing an unusual shine in the process. The shine made the strange bear-like creature look like a big yellow jelly-bean. The being wore no pants, which made him appear like an indecent fellow. Thankfully, his large amount of flab managed to cover up his unmentionables, making it suitable for the creature to walk around half-naked. While the bear chose not to wear pants, he did appear to be wearing a red tank-top.

This sleeveless tank-top was stretched over top of his bulbous torso. The bear also wore a pair of large red boots, along with matching red wristbands.
The bear had a stubby little tail that wiggled around from his backside. The bear had strange cone-shaped ears that were centered on the corners of his head, they almost resembled horns in a way. The bear had a large and very fat head, with a tiny brown nose seated above his cat-like lips. The bear was holding a large tub of honey in his four-fingered hands, drooling at the mere prospect of getting to taste the delicious yellow liquid.

Jam stared at the creature and slowly walked forward and towards the bear. The creature immediately spotted Jam, causing the monkey to freeze in his tracks and sweat profusely. The bear grinned and waved at the monkey, giving the simian a cocky grin in the process. "Hey there, Jam! You're just in time for lunch!" The monkey stared at the bear confusingly, he had never seen this creature before! That's what he thought, at least. However, the more he stared at the bear, the more it seemed familiar to him!

Jam walked over to the strange alien bear. "Do I know you?" The bear patted his fat stomach excitedly. "Of course you do! We turned into each other once! How could you forget about me, Botamo?" Jam scratched his head confusingly. "Ah, that's it! I do recall turning into you, but I don't recall you turning into me." The alien bear chuckled slightly. "You see, when you were accidentally turned into me, I was turned into you as well! I was in an alternate universe at the time, so we didn't meet. After returning to normal, I was somehow pulled here and ended up in your universe."

Jam smiled and scratched his chin. "That does explain everything, but why did you invite me here?" Botamo smiled and held up the pot of honey. The pot itself was light brown in color, and had a brown colored lid. "Why, to have a picnic lunch, of course! I mean, that's what it said in the letter I sent you. I got this awesome honey-pot here that I have yet to dig into!"

Jam made some simian chattering noises as he happily sat his hairless tush on the picnic blanket. "Why didn't you say so?! Let's dig in!" Botamo nodded and took the lid off the large honey-pot. Both Jam and Botamo looked at the honey inside the pot. The golden liquid looked delicious and immensely enticing to the two anthropomorphized mammals. Botamo licked his lips, right before digging his flabby hand into the pot in order to dig out some honey. The bear brought the honey to his pudgy lips and proceeded to start licking at it.

Jam shrugged his shoulders and dipped his hands into the pot next. The monkey took out large handful of honey from the pot and brought it towards his mouth. The monkey then proceeded to scarf down on the delicious yellow liquid. The two then began to eat the honey even more. As the two ate of the honey, they failed to notice that their heads were starting to glow. A magical luminescent light enveloped the two creatures.

The two failed to notice that the light was changing them slightly. The light faded as quickly as it arrived, as the two finished eating the honey. "That was delicious!" Exclaimed Jam, as he smacked his belly with his two hands happily. As he did this, he noticed his stomach felt much larger and rounder. "Huh?" Jam asked as he looked down at his body.

His stomach was large and bulbous, as was his torso. Not only that, but is entire body was colored yellow! His big flabby gut stuck out from beneath his ill-fitting red tank-top. Jam looked at his hands next, and noticed how pudgy his fingers were. His fat little fingers had sharp retractable claws at the end of them. Jam's feet were stuck inside a pair of large red boots. Adorning his wrists were a pair of red armbands. Wriggling around from the former monkey's fat backside was a small stubby yellow tail. 

Jam stood up abruptly, causing his flab to violently jiggle back and forth. Like waves on a river, Jam's fat shook around as if it was ripples in a vast ocean. Jam felt his face next, and was relieved to find that his head was still the same! His hairless monkey face, human-like ears, pink nose, and brown fur that acted as hair were still intact. Jam couldn't believe that he had ended up in this stupid alien bear's body again! Once was enough for Jam, he didn't need to go through these shenanigans all over again.

Jam then looked over at Botamo who seemed to be enjoying his new form a lot more! It was odd for the monkey to see such a fat head on a rather petite body. He was skinny and slender now, with a long prehensile tail and hands for feet! Botamo grinned as he gripped his feet into the grass, and then let go as he threw himself backwards. Botamo then grabbed the ground with his monkey paws and did a handstand, right before scratching his own armpit. "I love this body, I think I'll keep it!"

Jam frown and stomped his fat booted foot on the ground, causing the ground around the two to shake a little. "You can't, that's my body!" Botamo grinned and leaped onto Jam's back. The bear-headed monkey sat his hairless butt-cheeks on Jam's head and chuckled. "Hey, finders keepers! After all, you're the one who agreed to eat the honey with me."
"Hey, you can't call finders keepers on a body!" Jam exclaimed as he reached up to grab the monkey. Botamo did a flip off of Jam's head, and landed on the ground. The bear-headed monkey made chatting noises, as the monkey-headed bear glared at him. "You can call finders keepers on anything!" Jam gritted his teeth as he realized that the former bear was right. You can call dibs on just about anything in this society, even bodies! Jam hung his pudgy arms over his torso as he slumped his hefty back over.

It looked like Jam was going to be stuck as an obese alien bear forever! "However... I will give you your body back on one condition." Jam leaned in closer. "And that is?" Botamo smiled and whacked the bear's belly, causing it to vibrate once again. "That's if you promise to be my henchman for a whole week!" Jam's jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "H-H-H-Henchman?! That's ridiculous!" Botamo laughed in response, while flicking his long tail back and forth. "You can either take me up on my offer, or get used to taking up 2-3 seats on the bus! The choice is your, fatso!"

Jam sighed once more and stared at his chunky arms, right before eyeing up his own stomach and rotund physique. Jam didn't want to keep this new bear body, not one bit! "Alright, fine. I'm your henchman..." Botamo produced more chattering noises as he clapped his monkey paws together. Botamo scratched at his tiny brown nose, right before running towards the bear on all fours.

Botamo gripped Jam's hefty arm and scurried up it, then proceeded to sit on the bear's left shoulder. "Alright, get walking! We're going to your lab." Jam looked down at stubby legs, then back at his hefty weight. "Uh... I don't know if walking will be possible in this body." Botamo smirked and scratched his hairless chest. "Well, I guess you don't want to switch back after all..."

Jam took a deep breath and exhaled. "Fine, I'll do it!" Jam attempted to walk on his scrawny legs, but his immense flab got in his way. He inched slowly and slowly, managing to move a bit farther and faster with each step. It was an uphill struggle for the monkey, due to his out-of-shape body! The monkey-headed bear shuffled slowly towards his destination. After just moving a few feet, the bear began to sweat profusely and then collapse over himself.

Botamo leaped from his shoulders and reached into the pocket of his lab-coat. "Fine, I'll guess we'll just use the teleporter you invented then." Botamo pulled out a cylindrical device with a red button jutting out of the top of it. Botamo put his hand on Jam and then pressed the button. An immense blue light engulfed them, and within an instant the found themselves elsewhere.

Once the light faded, Jam and Botamo looked around and found that they were now in Jam's tree-lab. "Perfect!" Shouted Botamo as he flexed his new monkey muscles. "Next order of business, you shall give me a bath! This body smells terrible." Jam shuffled onto his boot-clad feet, as his fat body wobbled about. "Wash my own body?! That's years of fantastic monkey stench, why would I ever want to wash that away?" Asked the bear, who scratched his bulbous stomach very gently with his claws.

"Wash me, or honey will be the only thing on your diet in the future!" Jam grumbled as he waddled over to the bathroom. Jam was starting to get used to his fat body, at least to the point where he shuffle faster than he could before. Jam made it over to the washroom and waddled over to the tub. Jam turned on the tap as gently as he could, make sure not pull off any valves by mistake.

Jam waited in the washroom as the tap slowly filled up the tub. After a couple minutes, Botamo wandered into the room. "Time for my bath!" The bear-headed monkey then removed his lab-coat, leaving his body entire bare. Botamo scratched his armpit, delighting in the fact that he had his own henchman to do everything for him!

Botamo wandered over to the tub and slid his furry legs into the water. Jam watched in anticipation, hoping the bear wearing his body wouldn't complain about the temperature. Thankfully for Jam, Botamo found the water enticing! The warm water drifted through the fur follicles lining Botamo's body. The monkey-headed bear let out a screech of happiness as he wiggled his toe-fingers around.

"Alright, henchman, start soaping me up!" Jam frowned as he waddled towards the tub. Jam sighed as he grabbed a bar of soap and nearby wash-cloth and began the hairy monkey's back. This was an odd experience for Jam, definitely one of his weirder predicaments. The body-swapping simian was used to swapping bodies, but not washing his own body from the outside!

Jam continued to wash the monkey's back, while gripping the wash-cloth as tightly as he could with his meaty bear paws. "After this bath, you will massage my feet. Afterwards, you'll cook me dinner. The last thing you'll do is let me use your as a bean-bag chair, while I marathon all the recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super!" Jam grumbled as he continued to soap his own back.

"Anything else, your majesty?" Botamo kicked his feet up and rested them on the outside of the tub. "One last thing: Be sure to wash every part of this body!" Jam gulped. "E-E-Every part?!" Jam was used to washing those places when he was in his own body, but now he'd be doing that while someone else's form! Jam tried his best to hold in his tears as he washed his own body.

He was embarrassed, uncomfortable, and annoyed all at once! Botamo had tricked him using some magic honey so they can swap heads, and was now playing all his cards against the former monkey. Meanwhile, Jam had to play along and serve Botamo's every need in order to get his body back. Worse still, he had to keep up this charade for a whole week! Jam knew Botamo's requests would keep getting more and more absurd with each day. At least Jam had learned a valuable lesson from all this: Never take honey from strangers!
I'm surprised I decided to do a second part this, to be honest. :D This story takes place a few months after the last part. Between the 2 parts, Jam has changed back to normal after being turned into Botamo. Thinking he wouldn't have to deal with this again, Jam gets an invitation to a picnic by someone with the initial "B" as their name. This B turns out to be none other than Botamo, who tricks Jam and uses some magic honey to swap their heads! Will Jam get out of this predicament? Will Botamo give his body back? Will Jam be forced to shop at the Large & Tall store for the rest of his life? I dunno! I honestly don't plan on making a part 3, this was a spur of the moment thing.

Botamo is the property of Toei and Akira Toriyama, and is a character from Dragon Ball Super. I own nothing about the character. Also, one of the main reasons I did this story was to get hyped for Botamo's return in the Universal Survival Arc. I doubt he'll play that big of a part, and will most likely be taken out in round 1, but I still live this big Winnie The Pooh-looking fatso. :D
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