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A spirit of feral hunger that stalks the battlefield in order to slake its unending hunger for human flesh.

Another creature from the Darkson Designs Occult expansion book. Be sure to check it out! [link]
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Everybody uses this image and never gives you credit

Very true. If you see that image with zero accreditation or a 'taken from deviantart' link you'll know the person or company using it is quite happy to rip artists off to make themselves look good without spending any money. Please don't support them !

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I dont, it really annoying me tbh

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Wow, nice job fellow monke

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This image I remember was used in Lost Tapes in the episode that features this monster.

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I first learned of this creature from a TV show called lost tapes, and i really gotta say; This creature really is terrifying, It gives me chills every Time I think about it. Overall, it looks like a Deer transformed into a zombie. I sure wouldn't want to turn into one of these, because after all; I love my family & don't want anything bad to happen to them.

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I would love to purchase a full-sized print of this. My wife is fascinated by the Wendigo & I would love to be able to give her a framed print. Would you mind letting me know? Thanks.

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my absoulute favorite cryptid is the wendigo/deerman
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i wish a game would use this design for the wendigo
Can you create a shadow version of your Wendigo? And do you have a link where this could be bought?
Robert Kingery Creative Director of Darkson Designs recommended I contact you for this purpose.
I've written a story where the Wendigo stalks the Protagonist, and I thought it be really cool and scary to have it's shadow appear on the book cover.  I can send you the book cover and summary if you're interested.
Thank you for your response,
J. W. Zarek
fernandezmikejoshua's avatar
Hello J. W. Zarek
Am interested on your 
story where the Wendigo stalks the Protagonist
That all i want to say 
Joshua :happybounce: 
Hello, thanks for getting in touch with me about this. I'll send you a note with my contact details - if Robert is OK with you using the image I'm sure I can create some kind of shadow form of it for you for use on your cover.
Thanks Peter,
Your version of the Wendigo is fantastic and the most terrifying I've seen. It sends shivers down my spine.  You can reach me at, or, and let me know where to send you the book cover design. Thanks, Joe
May I reference your image in a novel where a Wendigo stalks the protagonist. I can cite your work and link in the description.
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CoooooOOOool. I can smell it from here!
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Nasty undead deer-man
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very cool, I just finished Pet Semetary by Stephen King, I'm so fascinated by the concept of the Wendigo
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Very cool! I remember fighting enemies like this in the game Untold Legends
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Every time I think of a wendigo, this is the first image to come to mind. This is truly the perfect depiction of a wendigo for me. :)
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this is so cool. I'll have nightmares from this though. 
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just so you know used your image in a "quiz" and claimed it was a skin walker.  kinda funny. just though id let you know.
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