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Airship Cutaway

By Monkey-Paw
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A cutaway illustration of a marauders airship from Isotx's Iron-Grip marauders game. There's space on board for pilots, crew, a workshop, library, training area and a battlestation!
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I always like pictures like this.
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Amazing detail, love it!
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I love cutaways!  Your details are amazing!
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Thanks very much - You can't beat a good cutaway!
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amazingly cool  :)
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beautiful work.
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It reminds me of the old Incredible Cross Sections books I used to read as a kid - the ones with the castles and the ships, etc. I actually have a hard time believing you managed to pack this much detail into a picture. It is so phenomenal. I love the added thought you put into it too, so that everything seems logical and well placed.
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Hey thanks very much, glad it helped trigger a few memories of the good old days! If you like that style you might be interested in a game that involves a lot of Victorian style mech cutaways which is on Kickstarter at the moment over at…. There are 4 cutaways that I did of giant robots manned by various crews. Sorry for the advert, but hey, we've all got to try and make a living!
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Haha, no worries, I keep plugging my book, Orishadaon: To the Ends of the Urth every chance I get, so I know what you mean about making a living. Granted mine has dinosaurs and prehistoric tribes, rather than airships and mecha, but hey, it's all good!
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Great art. What did you use to make this?
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This was done in an old version of  Paintshop Pro - a kind of poor mans photoshop.
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back when I was little I used PaintshopPro and thought it was the most powerful piece of artistic software in the universe. There's still some things I did with it that I just cant recreate in photoshop.
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Yes I think it's a great tool. These days I flit between Painter, Paintshop and Photoshop. I use Paintshop Pro 9 the version before Corel got their hands on it and (I think) ruined it.
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Yep, Corel ruined it. I've seen other Corel products and some of them make so little sense it's like monkeys programmed them.

I've never tried to do something like this in any program though. It's a rather intimidatingly detailed picture.
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It's there for you to enjoy if you like it - so don't be intimidated!
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This is so cool!  I always try to find hidden things happening in these pictures :)

Nice job on the guy in surgery!  actually good job on everything that looks very complicated
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This is insanely good. That much amount of details just kills me.
Very inspiring to me; this piece is going to stand on my shoulder for a long time, infusing its essence into my work as much as possible ^^
Thanks for sharing ;)
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I was trying to find reference to come up with an airship design for my story, but alas, this is more than perfect. xD Such an inspiring picture~
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Thanks, I hope the story turns out well!
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Thank you. ^^ I only recently started writing it, but I'm sure it'll turn out good. x3
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I would sell my soul to satan to be this good at creating art. So many ideas, such worthless fingers!!
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wow, sweet detail,
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This is absolutely wonderful!
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