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The Real Hetalia

Until today morning I didn't really know what Hetalia was so I looked it up on Yahoo!Answers and got what I wanted to know. And to be honest I was quite shocked.
Germany a Bishounen? HAHAHA dont make me laugh, the only stereotype of Germany I know are leatherpants-wearing, beer-drinking Bavarians! And what the heck is Ludwig? More like Heinz Peter Kunz or something like that. And Russia doesn't look like Russia at all. And I wonder... how can you actually tell one country from the other, they look all the same to me (OKAY except for the hairstyle and the clothes maybe. But imagine there was a chapter in which they're all bald an naked. I respect Bishounen-fangirls for being able to distinguish with such a certainty).
So, here is what I think Hetalia characters should look like.

It's just a joke you know, please, don't feel offended. ;)

Dra Chanasan mat dam Kantrabass~
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It’s funny indeed! But these stereotypes are a thing of the past. The times they are a changin’. What’s good about Hetalia is that it’s not the complete focus on the stereotypes, but the entire country as a whole from birth till now. The mindset and spirit of the people. The military power and overall prowess. It’s deeper than you think. Your version is a bit too one dimensional. But that’s what stereotypes are! So good job! Salute.
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this is beutiful
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The US is perfectly fit.
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Greece tho
He's like
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THanks for ruining my favorite anime, but this is still my homescreen!
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*sees Le England* Microft Holmes, get out of hetalia RIGHT. NOW. Don't make me call Sherlock!
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Hetalia uses both good and bad sides from each country's stereotype, and it mixes the more modern, traditional, and old stereotypes, with a bit of creativity. As for instance, America can be quite ignorant, but he isn't fat. And England is a bad cook and loves tea, but he doesn't have bad teeth and is a hard worker. ^-^
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I think u don't get it (don't imagine this in an annoyed but in a calm voice)
It's not about the perfect art hetalia has it's about so much I just can't really describe it
It's the about fandom about all the fan service ;) and about super hot looking hella gay guys you can love and dream off
I'm not offended i just wanted to explain
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Danm gurl~~

I personally found that England better...
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I like Hetalia the way it is, inaccurate stereotyping and all. Cool picture, though!
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what's the most funny, some Russians really look like this.
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This is awesome. Especially America and Italy.
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*sniffle sniffle*

so hurts.

My heart...I think, it just broke

/(x`x)\ *I died* DX

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France:a guy with a curly mustache a beret a red scarf and a black and white shirt also he has a poodle
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America looks like Bob from Tekken.
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Ludwig is old Germanian name (My friend is from Germany, so she said it to me ;P ), and yes - bavarians not ALL germans. Oh well, whatever, just wanted to say it :)
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so accurate it hurts
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Ахаха)) This is brilliant!))
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there not hot anymore O: but its so true xD
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Oh, you are amazing!!!!! I really love how all look! more real.
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I think this may be even more stereotyped than Hetalia is...
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