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Happy Easter

a child only a mother and father could love.
Happy late Easter :D
for the [link] jam
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anda jaja esta cañon... jajaaj soy conejo... jajaja... pues se de mutaciones extrañas... jajaja

la radioactividad puede ser genial en veces... jaja

esta bien chido maese!!!

un gran favo... ^^
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jejeje salio fellito el hijo,
pero sus papaitos lo quieren mucho

Gracias!! :)
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jaja de que maese... de que ^^
Hi! I'm one of the Editors from NewsErrado, a blog from Brazil.
I liked very much your work and posted it in a collection about the Easter Bunny, if it's ok to you.
If you would like to check the result you are welcome:[link]
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hey no problem at all!
thanks for the heads up and thanks
for the promotion on your page :)
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ROTFL! Adorable little offspring there. Reminds me of the reason why that bunny hides eggs in the first place(he doesn't want people to know that he's screwing a chicken!)
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yeahhh ahahahaha thats the reason why :D
hehehe thanks for the comment man
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hehe thats sweet and hilarious!
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glad you enjoyed it, Thanks!
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OH yes yes yes!.... Sorry I am so late in viewing but hell this is goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The look of pride in their offspring is just so well drawn. The kicking feet and all. Well observed on the behaviours of us human types... ah man this is what I live to draw. Ace work!
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hahaha your comments are
always the best man!
Thanks :)
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uorales, tu lado tierno jeje, ta chidillo, saludos!!!
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tambien tengo mi corazoncito
hahaha Gracias man!
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Dammned furries, first they took our cartoons, now they take our holidays...

(How did it breathe in that egg I wonder?)
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damn furries alright!
and for your question i guess it
used a crazy straw maybe? :D
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I don't see one anywhere...

My guess is compressed air.
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hmmm compressed air uh?
not bad i like it, but how long
could the compressed air long?
:D hahaha i kid
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Given average requirements, oooh, maybe three weeks?
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three weeks?
hmmm seems fair,
so there you go that "baby" breathed
compressed air for three weeks
i think thats why it turned out like that :D
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It looks better than most chickens.
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